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January 28, 2008 Meeting Minutes
11 Rye Street, P.O.Box 389, Broad Brook, CT 06016
(860) 623-8122 Fax: (860) 623-4798
January 28, 2008 Meeting Minutes

JANUARY 28,2008

Mark Simmons called the meeting to order on Monday, January 28,2008 at 6:00 p.m. at the Warehouse Point Library, 107 Main Street, East Windsor, CT 06088.
Discussion to change meeting day to accommodate committee members from Mondays to Thursday’s was agreed upon unanimously.

Lori Gabriel
Brenda Crockett 
Linda Ritter
Chris Arre      
Laura Harney
Mark Simmons
Nicole Hayes
Barbara Fitzsimonds
Lynn Stanley
We all introduced ourselves; committee members, new comers, and public. Mark Simmons checked to ensure we had a quorum for votes, which we did.
MOTION: To elect Lori Gabriel as Chairman. Made by Brenda Crockett, Seconded by Linda Ritter. ALL VOTING MEMBERS IN FAVOR. MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION: To elect Brenda Crockett as Co-Chairman. Made by Chris Arre, Seconded by Linda Ritter. ALL VOTING MEMBERS IN FAVOR. MOTION CARRIED.
MOTION: To elect Linda Ritter as Secretary. Made by Lori Gabriel, Seconded by Chris Arre. ALL VOTING MEMBERS IN FAVOR. MOTION CARRIED.

MOTION: To elect Chris Arre as Treasurer. Made by Linda Ritter, Seconded by Laura Harney.

Mark Simmons suggested that this time be limited to 15 minutes.


A.      Winter Festival, February 9th located at Osborn Park. 12-3 p.m.
Nicole Hayes volunteered to Sign Us Up for the Event. Discussion of Material to be present at Festival. Chris and Eve will have a lab top presentation of BMX/Skateboard Sports in Action. There will be pictures/information boards.
Sign Up Sheet: Volunteers are: Brenda Crockett 12-1,Peter Lanz 1-2, Matt Rabbett 1-2, Patty Donohue and Dillion Rajala 12-3, Sean Harrington 12-3, Lilliane Gaudet 12-3, Laura Harney 12-3, Linda Ritter and Valerie 12-3, Jake Prior 12-3, Chris, Eve & Mike Arre 12-3.
B.      East Windsor Community Day, May 10th 9 to 3 p.m.
We will use similar materials as used for the winter festival, as well as new materials. We will develop fundraiser items and ideas to be used for the event. Members will assist with preparation and set up.
Sign Up Sheet: Volunteers are: Brenda Crocket 9-11, Lori Gabriel 9-3, Peter Lanz 11-1, Mike Rabbit 11-1, Linda Ritter 9-3, Valerie Ritter 12-3, Jake Prior 12-3, Mike, Chris & Eve Arre 9-12, Lilliane Gaudet 9-12. Laura Harney 9-12.  
C.      Culligan Water Bottles.
Brenda Crockett called Mr. Enos at Culligan and will pick up 3 or more Bottles.

D.      Logos. Peter Lanz and Matt Rabbet (public youth) want to investigate information on logos. Chris Arre will investigate vinyl sticker with a relative.
Mrs. Lanz will contact Mr. Paradise and other art teachers to see if they can initiate an art project where the students will design the logos per our specs.  Using the imagination of the students will pull the youth in our town into our efforts and result in no cost to us.
       E.  Committee Charges.   
The charges of the Committee is to present the Board of Selectman with recommendations on:
     *Location of the Park with consideration of population and visibility. We discussed all sites suggested by Park and Recreation and one new site recommended by Laurie Whitten, the town planner. Reservoir Road. All present agreed this would be an ideal location. Lori Gabriel and Laura Harney will obtain further information on location and discuss with Town Engineer, Lenny Norton.
*Selection of Equipment: Chris Arre is our Vendor Contact and will establish a Sub-committee. Eve Arre and Brenda Crockett along with others, will narrow down vendor and configuration of preference.
* Configuration of equipment on the recommended parcel. Chris Arre will be the vendor contact and will establish a Sub-committee to assist him. Lori Gabriel will get assistance on configuration from Lenny Norton the Town Engineer.
*Enclosure requirements. Chris Arre and Eve Arre will research if enclosures are necessary.
*Method of Operation. We will contact other towns that have skateboard parks to determine what is the most successful method of operation.
*Concerns relating to town liability. Lori Gabriel has already researched this, along with Denise Menard, First Selectman, and the CERMA regulations. There is no more town liability for a park of this nature then there is for a local basketball facility or other such sports.
 *Cost and Funding for the Park. Chris Arre will be dealing with the vendors and researching approximate costs involved. Funding will be strictly through funds raised by the committee and by local businesses.
*Maintenance requirements. Chris Arre will establish a sub-committee to participate in what is required to maintain the park.  It is suggested that Children of the town will be appointed to a committee to maintain and protect their park. An adult committee of parents and town people will be appointed to watch over and  help it succeed. In case of vandalism, it will be taken care of immediately. Eve Arre to look into needed ways of correcting vandalism.

F.      Vendor List/Vendor Contact~: Information from the committee was given to Chris Arre who is the Chairman of the Vendor Sub-committee. He will acquire all necessary information and meet with all vendors at determined parcel.

G.      Concrete/Contact: Linda Ritter investigated some local companies for concrete. The cost is anywhere from $14,000 to $40,000. depending on depth, frost walls etc. A true amount can not be determined until the parcel is picked, and topographicals are examined. One company builds only concrete parks, on an average park the size of 5000 Sq.Ft. the cost would run $100.000. This will be too costly. It will now be investigated to determine cost of using asphalt .   
H.      Hopscotch Fundraiser: Committee members will all look into information on Hopscotch kit, home made BMX videos, caps, stickers, hats, bracelets etc. Will further investigate places such as Fat Tracks and Skate Lair to sell items for us when needed.

I.      Websites: Eve and Chris Arre have created a website for the BMX/Skateboard group. They are keeping it updated as appropriate.

J.      *Grants: Motion to Table, made by Linda Ritter and Seconded by Chris Arre.

K.      Wood Signs/Thermometer signs: Brenda Crockett will coordinate youth and materials  required to complete needed signs.

L.      Land Sites/Meeting with Town Planner: Lori Gabriel and Laura Harney are meeting with Town Engineer to determine parcel best suited for this project.  A park design will have to be formalized on determined parcel.

M.      Committee Rules and Responsibilities: Brenda Crockett will write up a document for review by the committee using input and guidance from the Ton Hawk Foundation guide she ordered online. Patty Donahue offered to copy and bind the end product for distribution to the committee.   

N.      Future Fundraisers: Brenda Crockett and Laura Harney will be responsible in selecting fundraisers most cost effective to the cause. They will delegate as necessary for each event.

VII.    ADJOURNMENT: Motion to Adjourn at 8:00 p.m., made by Lori Gabriel,      Seconded by Chris Arre. All Voting Members in Favor and  Motion Carried.

        Respectfully Submitted,
        Linda M. Ritter
        Recording Secretary
        January 31, 2008

        * Starred items will not be discussed, but will remain on agenda pending receipt of additional information.