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October 20, 2008 Meeting Minutes




The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. East Windsor Board of Education conference room.


        Present:  Chairman Cliff Nelson, Bill Grace, Jim Borrup, Elzear Rodrigue, Joseph Sauerhoefer, Steve Pilch, Joe Pellegrini, Skip Kement (7:04 p.m.).  Also present were Betsy Burns, Human Services, Town Engineer Len Norton, First Selectman Denise Menard (7:10 p.m.) John Aulisio, EDM, Superintendent Tim Howes and Recording Secretary Slate

        ABSENT:   Jim Thurz

1.      VI.  Register #13, $16,458.70 Central Mechanical Services, Inc., $680.00 Fuss & O’Neill EnviroScience   


Upon motion by Mr. Rodrigue, seconded by Mr. Sauerhoefer, it was unanimously

VOTED:  To approve the minutes of September 8, 2008

A.      East Windsor High School Boiler Replacement Project

Mr. John Aulisio reported that fireproofing materials were applied by the contractor were done without the proper patching beforehand.  Mr. Aulisio will communicate this to Central Mechanical along with any other items discussed at the inspections done by the town inspector and the Board of Education’s liability insurance carrier.  A discussion followed regarding the automatic changeover for the gas line.  The interruptible rate for gas service carries a monthly fee which, without the automatic fuel changeover unit, would be $350 per month versus $100 per month with the automatic changeover unit.  It is not possible to get a quote for the installation of the automatic fuel changeover package without the wiring diagrams and the wiring diagrams are not available without the purchase of the PowerFlame AC3-TR-PLC 3-burner automatic fuel changeover package.

Upon motion by Mr. Rodrigue, seconded by Mr. Pilch, it was unanimously

VOTED:  To approve the purchase of the automatic fuel changeover package from Commercial Heating Supply in the amount of $1,475.

Mr. Aulisio stated that an RFQ would be put out after receiving the wiring diagrams for the automatic fuel changeover package.  Mr. Aulisio discussed the remaining items on the punch list.  Mr. Aulisio recommended holding the current request for payment until items on the punch list including the seismic bracing of the water tank and the patching/fireproofing have been completed.  The Hartford Insurance will be performing an inspection on November 6, 2008.  Mr. Howes will contact the town building inspector, Rand Stanley, to perform an inspection on the boilers also.

        B.      East Windsor Town Hall Annex Storage/Offices
Selectman Menard gave the committee an update on the cleaning and organization of rooms at the Town Hall Annex.   A professional cleaning company took care of the pigeon droppings in the room with the broken window and the window has been repaired.  The Director of Human Services’ office has been cleaned and organized.  Shelving is needed to continue the organization of items the Human Services Department.  A discussion followed regarding possible places to get shelving.  Selectman Menard met with the VNA which uses about one third of the room for various pieces of equipment.  The Library Association has multiple piles of books that are to be sorted and put on shelves.

Upon motion by Mr. Rodrigue, seconded by Mr. Sauerhoefer it was unanimously

VOTED: to approve Register #12, $785.50, EDM Architecture Engineering Management.

Upon motion by Mr. Rodrigue, seconded by Mr. Borrup it was unanimously

VOTED: to hold the payment request from Central Mechanical in the amount of $16,458.70 as discussed.

Upon motion by Mr. Rodrigue, seconded by Mr. Pellegrini, it was unanimously

VOTED:  To approve Register #13, $680.00, Fuss & O’Neill EnviroScience


A.      Various Town Building Repairs

Chairman Nelson discussed estimates for repairs to items submitted by each town department.  Many items were maintenance items and not major repairs. Mr. Grace offered to review the items on the list and see if the cost estimates were appropriate.   A discussion followed regarding lighting in the Town Hall and heating issues in the Human Services area.

B.      Selectman Menard had Boutin & Son come out and give a price to add a few parking spaces.  Quotes $10,000 and more are eligible to be on the CIP list.  Selectman Menard awarded the bid for new windows and doors on the Town Hall to Duffy Glass.  Mr. Grace discussed the option of using prison labor to possibly do some of the re-glazing of the old windows in the Town Hall Annex.  

Upon motion by Mr. Sauerhoefer, seconded by Mr. Borrup, it was unanimously

VOTED:  To request Mr. Grace to get more information regarding prison labor along with costs for the committee to consider.




Upon motion by Mr. Sauerhoefer, seconded by Mr. Grace, it was unanimously

        VOTED:  To adjourn at 8:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Slate
Recording Secretary