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March 9, 2009 Meeting Minutes




The meeting began at 7:00 p.m. East Windsor Board of Education conference room.


        Present:  Chairman Cliff Nelson, Steve Pilch, Jim Borrup, Bill Grace, Jim Thurz, Joseph Sauerhoefer, Al Rodrigue and Joe Pellegrini.  Also present were First Selectman Denise Menard, Selectman Dale Nelson and Recording Secretary Slate

        ABSENT:   Skip Kement, Len Norton


  VI.  B.  Register #20, $4,350.00, Central Mechanical Services, Inc.
           VII. B.  Animal Control Facility


Upon motion by Mr. Pilch seconded by Mr. Thurz, it was unanimously

VOTED:  To approve the minutes of February 9, 2009

A.      East Windsor High School Boiler Replacement Project

Mr. Rodrigue attended a meeting with Superintendent Howes, Facilities Manager Baker and Mr. Murdy, Central Mechanical Services Inc. on Friday, March 6, 2009 to discuss the outstanding issue of the cutting/patching and fireproofing of the beam in the boiler room.  After a walk-through, Mr. Murdy agreed as to the lack of neatness of the patching done by the sub-contractor.  An area was tested to see what the appropriate procedure will be to smooth the patching material.  The discussion also included the roof penetrations.  They will be taken care of to the best of Central Mechanical’s ability.  Some of the areas are difficult to reach.  Mr. Rodrigue read a letter from Central Mechanical Services outlining the items agreed to at Friday’s meeting.  Mr. Rodrigue felt it was appropriate to release all funds with the exception of the $2,500 until the items discussed are taken care of.  Mr. Rodrigue also explained the delay with the PowerFlame auto switchover unit.  There are circuit boards on order.  Mr. Murdy felt that they can complete the installation with minimal additional cost.  The invoice from Central Mechanical Services, Inc. for the installation should not be paid until the installation is complete.

        B.      East Windsor Town Hall Annex Storage/Offices
First Selectman Menard had nothing to report at this time.
Upon motion by Mr. Rodrigue, seconded by Mr. Grace, it was unanimously
VOTED:  Table Register #19 in the amount of $2,952.00 to Central Mechanical Services, Inc. until installation is complete.
Upon motion by Mr. Rodrigue, seconded by Mr. Borrup, it was unanimously
VOTED:  Pay Register #20 in the amount of $4,350.00 to Central Mechanical Services, Inc.        


A.      Facilities Maintenance

First Selectman Menard discussed the list of Facilities Maintenance that was distributed to the committee.  Some items will be reviewed by Facilities Manager Baker to decide if it is a major repair or just routine maintenance.  Items will be prioritized.  There are funds in CIP to take are of the heating/ac issues.  Town Engineer Norton is in the process of getting quotes for that project.  Mr. Grace checked the Human Services Dept. hot water issue.  Mr. Grace recommends a point of use hot water unit.  Mr. Pilch will look into the hot water issue for the men’s/women’s locker room.  If there are any funds available, First Selectman Menard would like to purchase shelving to organize items in the Town Hall/Annex rooms.

B.      Animal Control Facility

First Selectman Menard is working on a deal with Windsor Locks to handle our dogs.  There may be funds available to do a shared/cooperative program.  There would be a $15 per dog per day fee to Windsor Locks.  First Selectman Menard asked the Building Committee for options for the East Windsor Animal Control Facility.  First Selectman Menard would prefer not to have a vacant building.

Chairman Nelson would like a sub-committee, Mr. Rodrigue, Mr. Grace and Mr. Sauerhoefer, to check out the dog pound building.  The part time animal control officer would like a dumpster to clean out the area.  An option may be for the Broad Brook Fire Department to get a couple roll-offs to store the carnival equipment to free up space at the Town Garage.  The sub-committee will report back at the next Building Committee meeting.  Mr. Grace will get a key for the building.  First Selectman Menard would also like to see the building when the subcommittee goes to check it out.  First Selectman Menard also asked for a quote to demo the building.  Mr. Sauerhoefer will provide a quote.






Upon motion by Mr. Sauerhoefer, seconded by Mr. Grace, it was unanimously

        VOTED:  To adjourn at 7:50 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Slate
Recording Secretary