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November 17, 2005 Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall.

Members present:        Linda Roberts, First Selectman, Edward Filipone, Mary Szabo, Len Norton, Dave Tyler, Gil Hayes

The following agencies came before the Committee and made their presentations.

Kevin Leslie of the WPCA came before the Commission regarding the Prospect Hill Drive Sewer Extension request.   This project changes slightly as it runs hand in hand with potential construction on other projects in the area.  The $287,500 can be divided out.  The pump station condition is that it is running without excessive repairs and the spare parts are still available.  They would like to complete the projecting 2007, but it is okay to push out to 2008 – the worst case scenario would be 2009.  If a developer comes on site in the next year, the scenario for timeframe may change and WPCA may come back next year with a different scenario.


Lieutenant Diaz of the Hartford Fire Department came before the Committee and presented a lengthy, detailed power point and video presentation on Hartford’s state of the art GPS/GIS/AVL systems which assist the department in emergency response calls.  Back up paperwork was also provided to the Commission which further outlined the system and its success rate to date, as well as the interest it has attracted from fire departments across the country, including the New York City Fire Department.  The technological software and hardware portion of this plan was discussed at length.  The Hartford system also has a portion which has community safety information, which allows firefighters to have very specific household information , especially in unique situations such as disabilities, etc. to allow firefighters the ability to target the location and respond accordingly in the event of an emergency.  

The Hartford System was put in place with monies from federal grants.  It was stated that the Town could apply for grants as well, and that the contact at Hartford Fire who is familiar with this grant process would be of assistance to the Town regarding grant availability.  

The town’s current GIS system was explained to the presenter and the Fire Department personnel.  The current system with its street mapping could be used with this system, the fire department software would be added, as would the private portions of the network.   Surrounding towns will be approached as well in an effort for the technology to serve our town, as well as those who East Windsor provides mutual aide.  

The Committee was looking for additional information such as the maintenance costs, fees associated with the system, projected replacement costs, as well as if an IT person would be needed to maintain such a system.   The quote provided does not have the installation price.  
 The vulnerability factor to the town with privacy issues and fire walls was discussed.  It has to be determined how much security is necessary and if with that security in place if can still operate with the GIS systems the town is currently adopting.  It was also stated that Hartford’s GPS locator to locate fire hydrants can be used by the town, on loan, if the system is put in place in East Windsor.  

It was stated that Lieutenant Diaz may be asked to repeat his presentation to the Board of Finance at some point in the future if this system becomes a part of the Capital Improvement Plan.  

Chief Barton presented a power point presentation, including photos, outlining the reasons for the CIP request to replaced Engine 238.   This item has been requested for three years but no monies are currently in reserve.  This engine is 23 years old and needs to be replaced as it is not practical to repair.  Before a fire truck is purchased a committee is put together to do the search and the appropriate bid process is followed.  

Chief Barton also made a presentation regarding the replacement of SCBA Bottles. Ms. Roberts outlined that this is considered a normal equipment cost, not a CIP item. If the mandates change and as a result the town must purchase for a mandatory upgrade, then it qualifies as a capital improvement.  

Chief Myers and members Mr. Strempher and Mr. Madigan came before the Committee to make a detailed presentation regarding replacing the 1986 Rescue Vehicle.  The intent of the use of the truck on purchase and what it currently does as a part of the Broad Brook Fleet was outlined in specific detail.  The truck is inadequate for what the department uses it for and the continued maintenance is an issue.    The need for the Town to have two rescue vehicles was a concern for the Committee.   

It was also indicated that a tanker request will be made for 2009.  The Committee asked that this be incorporated into the plan now, as the intent of the plan is a five year forecast of needs.

The standard police car replacement request, as per the scheduled protocol, was submitted.  No formal presentation was necessary.

Mr. Norton went through the CIP requests in detail, some of which are standard requests, including the chip sealing, which has to be a part of the plan to qualify for LOCIP funding.  The HVAC request was increased to $13,500 and the need for these overhead units was explained   It was inquired if a waste oil furnace has ever been investigated for use at the town garage.  Mr. Norton also explained the request regarding the Broad Brook Pond Dam and the DEP concerns with the condition of the dam as it is now.  

MOTION:         To adjourn at 9:45 p.m.
                Made by Mr. Norton, seconded by Mr. Filipone

Respectfully submitted,


Cynthia D. Croxford
Recording Secretary