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October 25, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Mr. Filipone called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall in  Broad Brook.



DALE NELSON (Scheduled)

Mr. Stempher of the Broad Brook Volunteer Fire Department provided the Committee with an updated plan for the two fire departments, as promised at the previous meeting.  A copy was distributed to all members.
Kevin Leslie came before the Committee and gave a presentation of his requests. His plan does not go out five years because until the legal for easements and design is done there is no way to project the cost, which often times is bonded for a project of that size.  He explained that the design will encompass the property across from Marsh Motorcycle up to the vicinity of Mullen Road. Again, specifics as to how far up Mullen cannot be given, until a design is done weighing the areas ground depth and gravity, etc.   The pump station study funds are going towards a final memorandum which provides a study and detail on all pump stations in town with the end goal, being able to possibly get higher on the DEP list of necessities if it a group effort, rather than project by project.  At best the DEP can help up to 20%, but there is the possibility of low interest loans through the DEP.

Carol Madore came before the Committee with this standard request.  The cost of reval is never fully known until a company can be hired.  Often the concept of doing this project in house is discussed, with the commercial part being outsourced.  It would require a full time person in house and ready for 2012.  Last year there were discussions of adding this item to the Assessor budget, but the BOF felt it belonged in the CIP, not as a line item to a department budget.

Mellissa Green, Parks and Recreation Director came before the Committee and gave a detailed presentation on the Smart Board – also providing hard copies of that presentation to everyone.   The software requested will enable the Department to be a part of a network for registering for programs.  It provides for on line registration, marketing and the ability to mass email participants of programs with potential changes/cancellations.  It will also have the ability to email recreation brochures.  There is a start up fee and then the users pay a fee to use the service.  The basic child care module is sought first and will be used for summer camp. There are different modules that can be added as well.  Currently the Department pays someone to do the league scheduling, this could be an expense cut out, as there is a computer module for that function as well.

There was a lot of discussion about the storage shed/office request.  The presentation was for a 3 season room, but after discussions took place, it was felt that the ultimate function and necessity would require a four season facility, as well as heat, electricity, flooring, bathroom facility, etc.  The ideal size of the building would be 50 x100.   Ms. Green explained the various storage sites of the Departments necessary items throughout town, as well as use of the town garage bay. This shed would provide one stop for all Recreation Department storage, as free up a bay at the Town Garage.  Ms. Green also detailed the requests for equipment, as well as the ideas for an aquatic facility study which will provide details on the various avenues the town could take regarding a town pool.  

Elizabeth Burns, Human Services Coordinator, came before the Committee and provided a brief presentation on the concept of putting money away in the anticipation of a new Senior Center.   The possibility of grant monies was discussed.  This is just the initial concept of saving monies with the intent toward a new or renovated Senior Center, but start saving while the concept develops.  She hypothesized that Towns have spent $3 to $6 million on Senior Centers, but that cost includes land purchase. The town has land to use.

Tim Howes, Superintendent of Schools, gave a presentation using the smart board, along with specific data back up in notebooks to the Board.  The requests were straightforward.  The Committee did inquire as to the request for monies for a Study – one is for a spec study for a new structure and the facilities study is for existing structures.   The spec studies and such need to be in place in order to go for the grant process through the state, as well the bonding needs to be approved before the state will go through the grant process too.  The State holds the town to the specs it receives as far as the parameters of the project.  If this is approved now, it is for monies for July 2008 – after that it will take three years to get the money in place and the ground breaking started – at the earliest.  The Committee briefly discussed concepts of what might be built and Mr. Howes explained what the current trends for education facilities are.  Mr. Howes did discuss in detail, and field inquiries, regarding the upgrade to the phone system.  This will bridge the town school communications together, providing voice mail and security – this cost does not include the town side, just the educational side.   Mr. Howes briefed the Committee on all requests for which back up was provided.

Len Norton, Director of Public Works, went through the standard CIP requests.  The landscaping request is a result of taxpayer complaints of the piles seen at the garage on Woolam Road.  The tree line will cover these piles.  When the garage was built, it was supposed to have appropriate landscaping – it did not occur at that time.  These prices are based on 6 to 7 foot trees – there will be 310 feet of tree line.  The cost includes the complete project.   The heating units at the garage are serviced regularly and are the units installed at the time the facility was built in 1962.  Regarding the sidewalk funds, this will be revisited in the future, as due to the current regulations for PZC just enacted, funding for sidewalks is to be provided or put aside by contractors – this may indeed replace this annual CIP request at some point in the future.  Drainage issues and road maintenance were discussed briefly. The East Road Bridge, its current poor state and its specific location were discussed at length.  The road is used by common traffic, although it could be considered a short cut, there are alternate routes to use if the road was closed. The existing bridge consists of telephone poles and it gets under water. There are residents on both ends of this part of the road.  Mr. Norton suggested if the town does not fund the bridge, that portion of the road be closed.  No school buses use that portion of the road.  It is used by maybe 0 to 6 people a day.  

Due to the late hour, Mr. Filipone will do the Town requests at the next meeting.

MOTION: To adjourn at 9:30 p.m.
                Made by Ms. Farmer, seconded by Mr. Hayes

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia D. Croxford
Recording Secretary.