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November 1, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Mr. Filipone called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall in  Broad Brook.




Also present:
Chrissy Rocco Caruolo – Webster Bank Representative

Mr. Filipone presented the Town Government presentations via the back up provided the Committee and the use of the Smart Board.

He outlined the Broad Brook Fire Department Energy Conservation measures in an effort to be more cost effective with HVAC and heating situations.  This would put energy conservations measures throughout the whole building. Mr. Filipone also discussed the Boiler at the annex and what the heating situation currently and the measures to conserve in energy and heating.  Including relocation of the relatively new boiler from the Annex in the Broad Brook Fire Department, costs for installing the Boiler were built into the five year plan for the BBFD EMS measures.  The timing of the boiler replacement to BBFD is important as the boiler can sit, but not for a long duration.   The Annex project also has costs for asbestos abatement.  Once the boiler and the asbestos are removed, it frees up more space for storage or potential offices.   The Boiler request for the BBFD fire department was not made by the BBFD representatives, as this is a town building; therefore, it falls to the Selectmen in Town Building requests.    

Mr. Filipone presented plans and quotes regarding a temporary storage facility. He presented pictures and anecdotes as the space constraints and unorganized file storage which pose potential fire hazards.  The facility would be 2/3 offices; 1/3 storage.  The facility would be in the back of town hall and it would house the offices for the planning department and building department.  The life of the building would be 20-40 years. This would also allow for the Treasurer’s office to return to the Town Hall.  

Mr. Filipone presented a proposal for staff vehicles for the ZEO, Building Inspector and Parks and Recreation Director.  Discussion took place regarding the low mileage these cars put on and the savings by use of town gas and not reimbursement for mileage to employees, which is at a higher rate.  There was discussion regarding the Parks and Recreation Director current practices as they pertain to transportation of youth employees or rides home to participants.  This is an item to address with CIRMA so the Town can have policies and procedures in place to curtail town liabilities.  There was discussion about looking at the police department fleet and using a vehicle from there. Specifically Mr. Filipone was going to investigate use of the unassigned Dodge Intrepid.

Mr. Filipone presented a proposal for Town Hall Window Replacement.  These are the same windows when the building was built in 1962 and there are energy conservation rewards with replacement of the windows.  The plan is also to make the back door more handicapped accessible.  He also presented a plan for zoned heating at the Town Hall.  There would be energy conservation in that if the Town Hall is open for a meeting, just the meeting room can be heated, as opposed to the entire building.  

Mr. Filipone also presented a plan for future Town Hall Boiler Replacement and asbestos abatement monies to be put aside.  Currently the boiler is in good shape and it has been maintained well.   He also presented a proposal for the Town Clerk’s Vault dehumidification.  He showed pictures and the status of the vault was discussed.  There are signs of possible damage to records – but they have not lost anything yet.  Mr. Filipone also presented a plan to upgrade the Parks and Recreation Department – similar to the retrofitting that was done to other town hall offices.   Within his request Mr. Filipone requests monies be set aside for Town Hall, Annex and Senior Center Repairs.  He provided completed projects to date, as well as cost estimates for the various projects.  

Another proposal was for the Town Offices facility study, this would be for the Town Buildings, not the Fire Departments or the Education side.  The amount was determined based on what Suffield recently paid for a similar study.  The Town needs a good plan of what it needs and where it is going – and it will work in conjunction with other studies requested by other agencies – to give a picture of where we are and where we need to be.

General Discussion

After Mr. Filipone completed his presentations for Town Government, conversation turned to the budget referendum history and problems with passing a minimal increase.  Ms. Farmer pointed out that as it stands the requests for 2009 stand at 3 mills.  She expressed concern and wanted to put all of the requests in perspective while considering the Town Budget voting trends.   Discussion on the repayment of bonds passed last year and how they affect this year’s tax. Also discussed was funding the pension liability, as well as the possible increases in items such as heat, fuel, insurance and contracts.   Mr. Filipone countered that he felt it was important for the voters to be educated as to the growing needs of the town.  The voters need to be aware of what the Town has tried to do.  

The procedure for the Capital Improvement Planning Committee is to present their CIP plan to the Board of Selectmen, who then in turn presents it to the Board of Finance. The Board of Finance will take the Plan and make adjustments where necessary – in the efforts to present a reasonable budget that the voters will consider.   Ms. Farmer stressed that is why the Finance Board needs as much information regarding these requests as possible – so at crunch time, the priority of these needs can be set forth and used in the Board of Finance’s budget strategy.  There was extensive discussion on this subject – including that it was felt important to present what the Town Departments and Agencies feel the need as a whole request – so their needs are on record.  The CIP Committee decided to add a column to their excel spreadsheet for in-house use that would set a ranking of necessity 1 to 3, with 3 being the lowest. This gives the Board of Finance a vehicle to use when determining where the requests fit in the Town picture as it pertains to the budget.   Betsy Burns, Human Services Coordinator, was in the audience and contributed to the conversation by giving insight as to the current state of many residences finances and it is not an enlightening picture, many people are struggling, from many different salary categories.

Regarding the East Road Bridge situation, Mr. Filipone will be discussing this with the public safety agencies to see if this road is needed or if it can be closed due to the current state of the bridge.   Discussion took place regarding the aquatic study – it is a study if we need a pool, not how to revamp the existing recreation pond to a pool.  It was also felt that this sort of study had already been done in the past.   Regarding the Parks and Recreation request for a building, the possibility of doing this in two steps was discussed – the first year cold storage, the next year adding the necessary amenities to make it a four season facility.  Ms. Green will be asked for an updated quote in this regard as well, to include all the specs for a four season room.

Attached to these minutes is the latest draft schedule of CIP Project requests – incorporating all of this Committee’s changes and adjustments to date. This was created and updated by Ms Caruolo of Webster Bank.  

MOTION: To adjourn at 9:45 p.m.
                Made by Mr. Hayes seconded by Ms. Nelson

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia D. Croxford
Recording Secretary

**Please be advised, the attachment to these minutes can be located in the East Windsor Town Clerk’s File.  The website does not have the attachment as it is not compatible with the Town website system.