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November 14, 2005 Minutes
Charter Revision Commission
November 14, 2005

I.      Call Meeting to Order

Mr. Leborious called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall, 11 Rye Street, Broad Brook, CT

II.     Attendance

Present:  Richard Leborious, Chairman, Peter Nevers, Noreen Farmer, John Parda, Edward Filipone, Kathy Bilodeau and for a portion of the meeting Cliff Nelson
Unable to attend (scheduled) Joe Roberts, Ralph  Saunders

III.    Added Agenda Items – None.

IV.     Public Participation – None.

V.      Written Communications

The following items were distributed to the Commission:
·       May 23, 2005 Memo from Dr. Joseph Gallucci, East Windsor Public Schools;
·       October 31, 2005 Memo to the Board of Finance from the Charter Revision Commission; and
·       October 31, 2005 Memo to the Board of Selectmen from the Charter Revision  Commission;

VI.     Previous Minutes – October 27, 2005

MOTION: To accept the regular meeting minutes of October 27, 2005 as submitted.
                Made by Ms. Bilodeau, seconded by Mr.  Filipone

VII.    Continued Review of existing Charter and potential revision(s), specifically focusing on the following Chapter(s) and related section(s):
·       East Windsor Charter Chapter Six

The Chapter currently named “appointed officials” is renamed and will now be titled, “Town Departments and Offices”.

As the Commission is drafting a Charter to incorporate a Professional Manager, many of the revisions that took place were editorial in nature or formatting by putting existing sections in the appropriate location drafted so far.  Existing sections 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and  6.4 will be moved to the Chapter regarding “Boards, Authorities, Commissions and Associations” – this will be done at the next regular meeting.

Extensive discussion took place regarding 6.6 Town Engineer, 6.7 Town Treasurer, 6.8 Tax Collector, 6.9 Assessor, 6.10 Town Clerk, and 6.11 Other appointed officials.  In the end it was concluded that a neat, straight forward document is necessary and there was no need to enumerate the departments.   The Charter as drafted will provide direction for the Town Manager while allowing for day to day operations.  The pros and cons of this action were discussed in detail.  The Commission reserved its right to change its mind and re-incorporate these sections if necessary at the time they review the draft.  If those sections are reinserted, the language incorporating a Professional Administrator will be inserted at that time and it will also be discussed if all town departments should be present in the Chapter as opposed to select departments.  The Professional Manager will also be responsible for an organizational chart and job descriptions which also eliminate the need for specifics in the Charter.    As such sections 6.6 Town Engineer, 6.7 Town Treasurer, 6.8 Tax Collector, 6.9 Assessor, 6.10 Town Clerk, 6.11 Other appointed officials were eliminated.

The Town Counsel section 6.5 was moved to the Preliminary Chapter Four (4-6).

Attachment A represents Preliminary Chapter Six as drafted at this meeting

VIII.   Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn at 9:15 p.m.
                Made by Mr. Filipone, seconded by Ms. Bilodeau

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia D. Croxford
Recording Secretary



Preliminary 6-1 Creation of Departments
The Board of Selectmen may establish town departments, offices, or agencies in addition to those created by this Charter and may prescribe the functions of all departments, offices and agencies.  No function assigned by this Charter to a particular department, office or agency may be discontinued or, unless this Charter specifically provides, assigned to any other.

Preliminary 6-2 Direction by Town Administrator
All departments, offices, and agencies under the direction and supervision of the Town  Administrator shall be administered by an officer appointed by and subject to the direction and supervision of the Town Administrator.  With the consent of the Board of Selectmen, the Town Administrator may serve as the head of one or more such departments, offices or agencies or may appoint one person as the head of two or more of them.