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January 26, 2006 Minutes
Charter Revision Commission
January 26, 2006

I.      Call Meeting to Order

Mr. Leborious called the meeting to order at 7:48 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall, 11 Rye Street, Broad Brook, CT

II.     Attendance

Present:  Richard Leborious, Chairman, Peter Nevers, Noreen Farmer, Edward Filipone, Kathy Bilodeau, Ralph Saunders, John Parda, Cliff Nelson
Unable to attend: Edward Filipone(excused); Joe Roberts

III.    Added Agenda Items – None.

IV.     Public Participation
Robert Lyke, 80 Rye Street – Mr. Lyke attended a meeting several months ago and heard the presentation on the Town Manager.  He has thought about the town manager scenario and is concerned that the Charter is supposed to balance power, not sure the Town Manager would provide a balance of power.  He thought maybe the thought of pursuing a person in charge of the purse strings, i.e., a full time Director of Finance may be a good option.  Also with the overwhelming development, to the point of a moratorium on building, the PZC is a thankless position and he empathizes with its members, he as a citizen will do his part to help rewrite the zoning regulations.  With those thoughts in place, it is felt by some developers that it might help to have the PZC elected rather than appointed.   The Commission discussed Mr. Lyke’s comments and ideas for a Director of Finance and also outlined the Town Manager position as an at will employee and not a political appointment.  Mr. Lyke outlined that a Director of Finance might be a more palatable change for East Windsor – someone to answer to the Boards of Selectmen and Finance.  

V.      Written Communications
·       C. Croxford Email dated January 25, 2006
Discussion ensued and it was felt limiting how many boards/commission one can serve on is not a charter driven change, but an administrative function to determine who many boards/commissions a person can serve on.  

VI.     Extension of February, 2006 Deadline – Request to Board of Selectmen

Discussions regarding potential for additional work shops to complete the work to date was discussed.  

MOTION: To request an extension of time from the Board of Selectmen to April 1, 2004 for the Commission to submit the Charter Revisions recommendations.
                Made by Mr. Nelson, seconded by Ms. Bilodeau

VII.    Continued Review of existing Charter and potential revision(s), specifically focusing on the following Chapter(s) and related section(s):

The Commission continued to revise the Charter, specifically the Chapters regarding Town Departments.  Extensive discussion ensued, similar to that in the past regarding whether to incorporate all of the administrative departments, or some as is currently.  There was concern expressed that if some, not all, departments are incorporated there will be a feeling among the employees that some are more important than others.  Ms. Farmer was adamant that this is something she would not like to see, it is an all or nothing situation in her opinion.  The organization chart concept is something the Town Manager would develop, not something that the Charter Revision Commission is to draft, but it has been expressed that a clarity of who reports to whom is necessary for future operations.  

The Enfield Charter with the Department set up was discussed and this will be incorporated into the next draft for consideration.

***The next meeting will start at 6:00 p.m.

VIII.   Adjournment

MOTION: To adjourn at 9:30 p.m.
                Made by Ms. Farmer, seconded by Mr. Bishop

Respectfully submitted,


Cynthia D. Croxford
Recording Secretary