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October 8, 2006 Meeting Agenda
Natural Resources Preservation Committee
A subcommittee of the Conservation Commission/Inland Wetlands Watercourse Agency

Agenda - Regular Meeting
November 8, 2006
Melrose Schoolhouse, Route 140

        I.      Attendance
        II.     Call to Order
        III.    Agenda Additions
        IV.     Approval of Minutes (9/13/06 and 10/11/06)
        V.      Continued Business
                        A.  Board of Finance agenda issues
                        B.  Open space referendum timeline                                      
                        C.  Charter Revision Update~ approval of charter revision fails

                        D.  Recruitment of Volunteers and New Members ~
                                Alice Shea will attend a future meeting. Nancy Rudeck, Assistant Town                                   Planner, passed on her information to the NRPC secretary and J. Warren                                  contacted her with more information. Ms. Shea is particularly interested in                                      the preservation of farmland and related agricultural interests.
        VI.     New Business
                        A.  Inventory of Open Space and Conservation Easements  
                        B.  Tsummi property grant and the impact on other possible open space
                        C.  Application for Agricultural Viability Grant due November 17, 2006
                                1.      Who, what, where, when and why.
                                2.      Residency questions arising from grant application process
        VI.     Adjournment