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November 09, 2005 Minutes
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Date:   November 9, 2005

Location:       Melrose School House, Route 140

I.      Attendance
A.      Members Present:  George Grant (Chairman), Mike Kovalcek, Doug Wilson, Albert Grant (arrived 8:20 PM), Jim O’Donnell
B.      Members Absent:  Linda Kehoe (Secretary), Barbara Smigiel (Program Coordinator)
C.      Guests:  None

II.     Call to Order
A.      G. Grant called the meeting to order at 7:33 PM

III.    Meeting Minutes
A.      Motion by J. O’Donnell:  To accept meeting minutes of as read.  Motion passed all in favor.

IV.     Unfinished Business
A.      Membership Recruitment
1.      G. Grant reported that L. Kehoe needs a formal request from the NRPC (written) to create two alternate positions on the NRPC.  D. Wilson to provide written request.
B.      Referendum on Bonding
1.      Discussion:  Informational package to BOF needs to include cost of community services.  G. Grant plans to use studies from other towns and environmental groups to compile costs.  Main cost is education, which can be figured from Town budget figures.  If the BOF needs more specific figures on the cost of community services, the NRPC can recommend that the BOF call for an individual study be completed for East Windsor.
C.      Marketing
1.      B. Smigiel absent – no report from Program Coordinator.
D.      Open Space Plan
1.      Discussion:  Criteria to be established, which can be applied to score a parcel of land.  The scores will need to be ranked (i.e. high, medium, or low priority open space parcel).  G. Grant has previous scoring criteria for farmland evaluation.  The purpose of the system is to illustrate to the BOS/BOF that a parcel is a high priority for purchase or purchase of development rights.  Alternately, the NRPC can score a property and make recommendations to the PZC on development proposals.  The open space map will serve as an illustration of currently protected open space.  Individual parcels that are not already protected will not be identified as priority open space parcels to eliminate concerns by owners that their land is targeted for open space acquisition.  A second map can be used to illustrate “mappable” criteria:  flood plains, prime farmland, river access/adjacency, aquifer protection zones, high yield aquifers, and proximity to protected open space.  D. Wilson to meet with G. Grant to work on criteria list, scoring and ranking.  Approach endorsed via General Consent.
E.      Revisions to P&Z Regulations
1.      Discussion:  The status of the revised P&Z regulations is not known.  The draft regulations are apparently not public at this point.  NRPC members to monitor through P&Z meeting minutes (esp. October 24 special meeting).
F.      Review of Development Proposals
1.      G. Grant reported that L. Kehoe needs to have the Open Space Plan and criteria/scoring/ranking complete prior to sending development proposals to the NRPC for review.  That way the opinions offered would be based on an objective system.  L. Kehoe would like some individual input on the proposed development on South Water Street at this time.

V.      New  Business

VI.     Close of Meeting
A.      M. Kovalcek made a motion to close the meeting, passed all in favor
B.      Meeting closed at 9:23 PM