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April 12, 2006 Minutes
Natural Resources Preservation Committee (NRPC)
Minutes of Meeting
April 12, 2006

Members present: George Grant, Albert Grant, James O’Donnell, Janice Warren
Members Absent: Barbara Smigiel, Michael Kovalcek, Doug Wilson

Meeting convened at 7:35 p.m.

G. Grant reported meeting with Linda Roberts, First Selectwoman. Research has been done to create equations. She opposes conservation easements and purchasing development rights. On town-owned land there should be a transfer of easement to party who can maintain the property.

G. Grant spoke of leveraging town monies with grants. D. Wilson has information for NRPC inventory of property and how we are establishing the values with a new set of criteria.

Searching for people who would serve as alternates and recruiting new volunteers was discussed. Current members will seek out new members with a preference toward experienced conservationists or professionals in occupations that compliment committee needs.

Charter Revision is still 6 months into the future and discussion regarding committee review of revised Planning and Zoning regulations. D. Wilson has a draft of a public education plan to be used to educate the public about the need for an Open Space referendum or to gather signatures for a petition for the November ballot. Bonding issue has been before Board of Finance, referred to Board of Selectmen and then back to Board of Finance and they are aware of committee’s desire to be on November ballot.

G. Grant stressed that a town meeting would be required in August to get a referendum on ballot in time. Linda Roberts reviewed a formula showing how much a bond for Open Space would impact the mill rate in percentage points.

Committee reviewed potential Preservation Criteria from 2/8/06. Selected for scoring:
Public Water
Passive Recreation
Multiple Value Criteria
General Criteria

Committee discussed proposed Farmland Protection Criteria from 5/02/2003 received by the Town Clerk, the East Windsor Conservation Easement Purchase Proposal submitted previously by G. Grant as well as the Sequence of Events for Conservation Easement Purchases.

A discussion ensued regarding an open space plan presented as an alternative to population growth and an increase in self-sustaining open space with regard to the Planning and Zoning regulations.
Page 2- minutes NRPC 4/12/06

J. O’Donnell asked for criteria developed by other towns and if North Central Connecticut Land Trust utilizes that data. G. Grant will assign numerical values to the preservation criteria for May meeting, will contact D. Wilson and gather previously created lists. The Land Trust meeting has been postponed.

Mr. A.Grant reported the activities of American River Heritage Foundation and the establishment of previous shad run data for the Scantic River. The Foundation is also searching for data that may support how far up, if at all, salmon may have run in the past.

J. Warren will present typed minutes and work with G. Grant to create an agenda to be mailed out to the membership just prior to the next meeting, May 10, 2006. Mailing will serve as a reminder of the meeting date but committee may resume practice of contacting members by phone to determine attendance.

Meeting adjourned at 8:27 p.m.
Submitted by Janice Warren, secretary to NRPC