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June 28, 2006 SPECIAL Meeting Minutes
Natural Resources Preservation Committee (NRPC)
Minutes of Special Meeting
June 28, 2006

Members present: George Grant, Albert Grant, James O’Donnell, Janice Warren
Members Absent: Barbara Smigiel, Michael Kovalcek, Doug Wilson
Guest: Linda Kehoe, Chairperson of Inland Wetlands Conservation Commission

Meeting called to order at 7:30 p.m.

Acceptance of Agenda for Special Meeting

L. Kehoe advises that to extend terms of service for members a letter from NRPC to the Board of Selectmen is needed. IWCC will also submit a letter requesting extension of terms.  It was determined that a letter to Charter Revision Committee members was needed to emphasize the need for the split of NRPC from IWCC as outlined in the 2004 Plan of Conservation and Development for East Windsor. L. Kehoe reinforces that IWCC believes the separation is imperative due to the workload of the IWCC and the need to insure that the town’s conservation goals are met.

The language of the letter to B.O.S. should request an extension of term “for 18 months or until such time as the IWCC agency and the NRPC are officially split into two agencies, with NRPC acting in advisory capacity for town commissions and boards with regard to conservation needs”.

J. Warren confirmed that we are on the agenda for the July 18 B.O.S. and July 19 B.O.F. meeting and that all materials for review must be submitted by July 13 for inclusion in the packet to go out to Selectmen. As of this date Linda can appear on the behalf of IWCC and as many members are as available will represent NRPC. It was noted that the Charter Revision has supported this separation in the past and we should contact them to insure that happens.

A discussion ensued regarding of the acquisition of the “Tschumi” (spelling question) property off Plantation Road and extending to the bank of the Scantic River. 65% of the monies came as a grant to the town based on the classification of being a “distressed town”. The remaining monies came from the Open Space Fund that is comprised of fees to developers.

Committee agreed that to be clear the bonding referendum should be presented as “a pre-qualification for a mortgage” and does not dictate that all the bonded money be spent on any one property at any one time. The money must be available to the Town so purchase of properties that meet the preservation criteria is available immediately as property and grants to supplement purchase of open space become available.

In review of all materials presented by A. Grant at the last meeting clarified the main message and supporting reference material for an extensive document to be submitted to Board of Finance or Board of Selectmen. J. Warren requested the creation of a second document that would be shorter and more dramatic in nature so that a sense of urgency is created in the town’s governing bodies.

There was discussion of information that should go to the general public to rally support and that the public education should begin well before the November referendum to insure the referendum’s inclusion on the 2006 ballot.

J. O’Donnell agreed to call all Doug Wilson regarding term renewal and to request that Doug Wilson return any materials and postage belonging to NRPC. J. Warren agreed to draft letters for signature at the next meeting. G. Grant will e-mail any document from his computer regarding NRPC so that J. Warren may utilize them for the finished reports/documents.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 p.m.

Minutes respectfully submitted by J. Warren 7/12/06