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Refuse & Recycling Routes
Refuse and Recycling Routes

** This list was created for informational purposes only and it should be noted that the roads/streets listed are not all Town-owned roadways.

Abbe Road
Blue Heron Way
Acorn Drive
Aspen Drive
Allen Drive
Borrup Road
Apothecaries Hall Road
Azalea Court
Cemetery Road
Bridge Street
Church Street
Barber Hill Road
Chasse Drive
Bridle Path
Dempsey Road
Broadbrook Road
Daniel Drive
Broadview Lane
Depot Street
Brook Wood Court
David Drive
Cricket Road
Elaine Drive
Chamberlain Road
Deerfield Drive
Dean Avenue
Emily Road
Clark Road
Eileen Drive
Gardner Street
Farms Road
Cobblestone Drive
Ellsworth Road
Grandview Terrace
Field Circle
East Road
First Street
Harrington Road
Harvest Drive
Eastwood Drive
Fourth Street
Holcomb Terrace
Hayfield Lane
Fieldstone Lane
Kevin Drive
Mahoney Road
Helena Drive
Graham Road
Mason's Brook Lane
Main Street - Warehouse Point
Highland Avenue
Grant Road
Meadowview Drive
Maple Street
Hillside Farms Drive
Griffin Road
Oakwood Drive
Melrose Road - (#1 - #53)
Holly Lane
Hemlock Drive
Old Barn Road
Mockingbird Lane
King's Court
Joseph Farm Road
Omelia Road
Mourning Dove Trail
Main Street - Broad Brook
Juniper Court
Petticoat Lane
Mullen Road
Maple Avenue
Kreyssig Road
Phelps Road
Newberry Road
Mill Street
Lindsay Lane
Pine Drive
North Main Street
Napoleon Drive
Margaret Drive
Scantic Road
North Road
Norton Road
Matthew Lane
Second Street
North Water Street
Old Ellington Road
Melrose Road - (#101 - #249)
Skyline View Road
Oak Street
Perri Lane
Middle Road
South Main Street - (#82 - #299)
Oak Street Extension
Pierce Lane
Miller Road
South Road
Old Wells Road
Plantation Road
Morris Road
Steeple Chase Road
Pleasant Street
Pond Street
Neiderwerfer Road
Stoughton Road
Prospect Hill Drive
Reservoir Avenue
Pease Road
Third Street
Prospect Hill Road
Ridge Road
Rockville Road
Tromley Road
Prospect Hill Terrace
Rye Street
Stepping Stone Drive
Winton Road
Red Fox Trail
Saxton Lane
Sullivan Farm Road
Woolam Road
Rice Road
Simone Drive
Sunview Drive
Rolocut Road
Skinner Road
Thrall Road
School Street
Stiles Road
Wapping Road
Scott Avenue
Treetop Lane
Westview Drive
Sharon Lane
Wesley Road
Wolfersdorf Road
South Main Street - (#2 - #71)
Windsorville Road
South Water Street
Condos (14 gallon Recycling)
Spring Street
Greenwoods Condos
Wagner Lane
Millbrook Condos
Wells Road
Scantic Glen Condos
Winkler Road
River Ridge Condos
Yosky Road
Wolcott Landing Condos
Norton Glen Condos