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November 20, 2006 Minutes
Town of East Windsor
Economic Development Commission
11 Rye Street, P.O. Box 389
Broad Brook, CT 06016
Regular Meeting Minutes
November 20, 2006

Chairman Moffett called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. at the Town Hall Annex, 25 School Street, Warehouse Point, CT.


Members Present:        Chairman Eric F. Moffett, Richard Covill, Jim Richards, Josh Kapelner

Members unable  Matt Crossen, Michael Maloney, Sharon Aprea
to attend:

Also in attendance:     Tim Howes, Acting Superintendent of East Windsor Public
        Laurie Whitten, Town Planner
        Ed Filipone, Selectman


         Economic Development Issues

Mr. Ed Filipone, representing the Board of Selectmen, is here in cooperation to see what the BOS can do to assist the Economic Development Commission.

Mr. Tim Howes reported developments of the school board, who is still searching for a superintendent of schools. They held a public gathering to discuss what qualifications are important, i.e., leadership qualities, focusing on test scores and the curriculum.  In addition, they have put together a strategic plan for the year.  The Board of Education budget will start setting up workshops in January 2007 to finalize the proposed budget, which is due to the Board of Finance on February 15, 2007.  EDC member Richard Covill questioned the status of the proposal for municipal facilities.  Mr. Filipone replied that there were discussions regarding hiring a professional to determine the needs assessment.

Chairman Eric Moffett reiterated the prior discussions regarding the need for a new school, questioning the status of that matter. Mr. Tim Howes explained that for the present time, they are maintaining existing facilities.  Discussion continued noting that 56.02% is reimbursed from the State to build new schools. Approximations noted that a 150,000 sq. ft. building would cost about $41-42 million in today's economics.  Chairman Moffett questioned the remaining 44%--if funded by the town, what would be the tax ramifications?  Mr. Howes stated that the remaining cost would have to be financed by the town.  It can be bonded out for 10, 20 or so years.  An expense of this size would result in twice the amount of the current budget.  Town Officials have talked about a campus-type municipal complex such as the one depicted in the Plan of Conservation and Development.

Chairman Moffett cited a recent conference attended by himself and Richard Covill.  One of the particulars of the seminar was how to sell your town, specifically to site selection experts who focus on municipal websites for property and town information. Mr. Moffett questioned whether the website needed improvements.  He also commented on the possibility of changing the EDC's current name (Economic Development Commission) to ECDC (Economic Community Development Commission).  This would underscore the EDC's  objective at being community-minded.  Mr. Covill stated that the commission should focus on one thing at a time:  improving the website, or focusing on the name change.  Chairman Moffett discussed using sponsors to attract people to the website, along with a campaign to raise funds. Mr. Covill discussed the possibility of researching options with Google to bring more hits to the EDC's website.  Town Planner Laurie Whitten noted that the town uses 'Virtual Town Hall' for changes to the website.  She can look further into this matter to see what options there are for enhancing the web page.

Mr. Jim Richards discussed ways of identifying Broad Brook center.  He has spoken to some business owners who are agreeable to holding a block party.  This led to the subject of other possible events that could be held relating to auto industry since it is the prominent business along the Route 5 corridor, such as an auto weekend or car show. The Rotary and Lions Clubs could get involved with selling food. There was discussion of talking to Mr. Larry Tribble, owner of Southern Auto, as a core sponsor for an event to promote the Route 5 auto industry.  Consequently, this would support the other businesses.

The commission discussed the upcoming budget season, noting that they would become more involved, presenting their budget to the Board of Finance.  Additional funding would be needed to support economic and community functions.

Chairman Moffett questioned whether there was any feedback from the New and Expanded business event held in October.  Jim Richards responded that the Journal Inquirer was supposed to call for a follow-up article.  It was noted that the Hartford Courant is no longer publishing local town news.  Mr. Richards noted the Chamber of Commerce's support for some of the costs of that event:  appetizers and frames for the plaques.  He is continuing to distribute the award plaques to the business owners.  Mr. Moffett commented on continuing this event as an annual meet and greet theme for business owners.

Chairman Moffett recommended that the commission members come up with ideas for the next meeting to promote public relations:  Mr. Covill suggested planning events for the upcoming calendar year. In summary, Chairman Moffett cited the following events to be considered for future planning:

A block party for Broad Brook center, possibly in early June.
Route 5 auto promotion event.

 2007 Meeting Schedule

MOTION:  To approve the meeting schedule for 2007, as submitted.


MOTION: To approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of October 16, 2006.                                                                                                                  Richards/Kapelner-Unanimous


MOTION:  To adjourn the meeting at 8:17 p.m. -         Covill/Richards-Unanimous

        Respectfully submitted,

        Nancy J. Rudek,
Recording Secretary