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February 27, 2006 Minutes
February 27, 2006 at 11:30 am
East Windsor Town Hall

Meeting Minutes of February 27, 2006:

I.      Meeting called to order at 11:45am.  Although there was no quorum for today, the chairman and those present, decided to hold an informal discussion of non-critical issues as related to the Elderly Commission.

II.     Previous Minutes (October 24, 2005, November 28, 2005, January 9, 2006):  No motion made to accept minutes due to lack of quorum.  

III.    Attendance:  
Present Members:  Claire Badstubner (Chairman), Cathy Drouin (Vice-Chairman), Elizabeth Burns (Municipal Agent)
Absent Members:  Karen Boutin, Cheryl Littlefield, H. Stuart Woodard

IV.     Elderly Commission:

Ms. Burns presented information regarding future projects that the commission may want to consider taking on.  Ms. Burns presented a packet of information to each member (she will mail the packets to absent members).  The information included correspondence from other towns regarding their elderly programs, sample brochures for the elderly community (“benefit guide”) and web information from the National Council of Aging regarding grants.  Ms. Burns supplied this information to the group to use as a tool when deciding what the commission’s next “project” may be.

The members briefly discussed a cell phone program for the elderly.  Ms. Burns office has been handing out cell phones, however, she relayed to the members that someone would need to assist in the advertising, collecting and ensuring that the donated phones work in order to successfully run such a program for the entire elderly community.  Ms. Burns commented that a program like this would need a commitment (from the commission) of at least one year in order to fully develop prior to putting it into action.

Ms. Burns also presented the idea of an “Elderly Friendly Community”.  Information on building an elderly friendly environment is included in the packet of information Ms. Burns provided.  It includes a brochure, from a North Carolina community, that the town of Coventry is currently using to implement their program.  Ms. Burns again emphasized that a project like this would entail a 1-2 year commitment from the commission in order to successfully establish such a program.  Ms. Burns states that numerous sources would need to be utilized in order to establish any type of brochure for the elderly community.  This would need to be a combined effort with the High School, Tax Assessor, Town Planner, Park & Rec Department and the Senior Center.  The brochure would introduce/highlight what the community has to offer to the elderly citizens (i.e. discounts at local businesses/restaurants, senior transportation).  The Ridgefield “Gold Card” brochure (in packet) is an example that the commission may want to model.  Ms. Burns reminds the group of the many aspects that would need to be considered when doing such a project – including advertising the brochure, card, etc. so that the community is well informed.

Ms. Burns briefly informed the group about grants that can be looked at.  This information comes to her via the National Council of Aging and Ms. Burns told the group that any grant information that comes across her desk, she will pass along to the commission for consideration.  Ms. Burns mentioned that this is another direction that the group can consider taking.

Miscellaneous:  Regarding the issue of whether the current day and time of scheduled meetings is agreeable, the present attendees agreed that the fourth (4th) Monday of the month is a good day, however they would prefer to meet in the afternoon.  The group’s first preference is to meet at 3:00pm, second preference is 4:00pm.  Ms. Badstubner will contact absent attendees to get feedback regarding which time is best for them.  The group also agreed that there will be no March or May meeting due to lack of attendees and no pending project deadlines.  Ms. Chairman will contact all members prior to the April meeting to let them know the time.  Ms. Burns mentioned that at the June meeting, the commission should have a better idea of the budget at that point and can decide on the next fiscal year’s meeting schedule.  Recording secretary will inform the Town Clerk’s office of these meeting changes.  Ms. Burns will have her assistant, Jane, make friendly reminder calls to all members on the Thursday or Friday prior to meetings.  

V.      Local Tax Credit/Deferral:

Ms. Burns informed the group that there is nothing new to report at this time and that this issue is still an open item on the Board of Selectmen’s Agenda.  Ms. Roberts is in the process of establishing bullet points from the Local Tax Credit/Deferral Committee’s Report to present to the Board of Selectmen as well as to the town’s attorney.  Ms. Badstubner suggested that this issue remain on the Elderly Commission’s Agenda while it remains an open item with the BOS.

VI.     Adjournment:
12:20 pm, adjourned by Chairman.

Respectfully Submitted,

Christine Pellegrini