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February 26, 2007 Meeting MInutes
REGULAR MEETING:  February 26, 2007 at 11:30 am
East Windsor Town Hall

Meeting Minutes of February 26, 2007:

I.      Meeting called to order at 11:39am, by Claire Badstubner, Chairman.  

II.     Attendance:
Present Members:  Claire Badstubner (Chairman), Elizabeth Burns (Municipal Agent), Madeleine Thompson, M. Trevor Bray, Catherine Drouin, Ken Crouch, EW First Selectman (interim).
Absent Members:  Karen Boutin

III.    Previous Minutes:
A)  Regular Meeting 1/22/07:
Motion made by Ms. Drouin to accept the minutes as presented.  
Seconded by Ms. Thompson.  All in favor, Motion carried.

IV.     Members Update:
Ms. Burns informed the commission that Ms. Boutin has verbally stated her resignation of the Elderly Commission.  Ms. Boutin will be submitting an official letter of resignation to the Town Clerk as well as to Ms. Badstubner, Chairman.

Ms. Drouin stated that she knows of someone (resident) who may be interested in joining the commission and believes that she is unaffiliated.  Ms. Drouin will give her an application.

V.      Transportation Services to Adult Daycare – Information/Data:

Update:  Ms. Clynch has collected data and is in the process of organizing it for the commission’s use.

Ms. Burns informed the commission that the survey is due to the town no later than 3/12/07 as that is the deadline for submitting to the town newsletter.

Ms. Burns handed out the first draft of the survey to all members.  After reviewing it, members added comments/changes:
-       Ms. Drouin asked if locations should be listed for participants to choose.  Ms. Burns responded that it would be better not to “direct” a person’s answers, but keep the question “open” and let the participant list locations.
-       Mr. Bray suggested adding the words “if required” after the question regarding sharing transportation costs.
-       Claire commented that the previous meeting’s minutes did state that the survey would add in “AM and/or PM”.  After a brief discussion, Ms. Burns agreed that the survey should more specifically include “One Way – AM or PM or Both Ways”.
-       After a brief discussion, members agreed that the survey should include the wording of “mobility assistance item used (if any)” after the question regarding bodily infirmity or dementia.
-       Regarding the terms “Bodily infirmity or dementia” – commission members discussed if this phrase should be changed/reworded.  Members decided to leave it as is.
-       Members agreed that, along with the option of mailing in the survey, participants can “drop off the survey at the First Selectman’s office”.  This will be added at the end of the survey, near the mailing address.

Members discussed what time frame should be allotted for returning the survey.  It was agreed, through discussion, that a two-week turnaround is an appropriate amount of time.  (Two weeks from date of press)   

Ms. Burns added that, besides including the survey in the town newsletter, she will distribute some to the following locations as well:  
-       EW Senior Center
-       Town Hall
-       Human Services
-       Spring Village
-       Park Hill

Motion made by Mr. Bray to submit the survey, with changes as discussed, to the First Selectman’s office for inclusion in the upcoming town newsletter.  Seconded by Ms. Thompson.  All in favor, Motion carried.

Ms. Burns updated the commission on the estimate she received back from Fran at Allied Transportation.  Allied estimated (based on five addresses to Enfield facilities) a cost of $140.00/day to transport.  Ms. Thompson reminded the members that this cost doesn’t include an aide on the bus, if one was needed.  Ms. Badstubner further added that the commission is now not just limiting its (potential) transportation to Enfield only.  Mr. Crouch informed the group that Allied’s estimate comes out to $35,000.00/year to transport 5 people to Enfield.  Mr. Crouch reminded the commission that the BOS will be interested in such costs.  

Ms. Burns updated the commission in regards to the South Windsor Facility that was slated to open in the near future.  Ms. Burns stated that, due to its investors, the SW facility will not be opening any time in the near future.  Ms. Burns was informed by the lead nurse for the facility that she is still very hopeful that it will go forth and plans to contact Ms. Burns when things proceed.

Mr. Crouch reminded the commission that there is “no pressure or deadline” to get transportation information to the BOS.  Mr. Crouch stressed that the commission should take its time to gather all the necessary facts and figures and can present to the BOS in April (or later, if necessary).

Ms. Badstubner asked Mr. Crouch what the BOS will be looking to receive from the Elderly Commission regarding the transportation issue.  Mr. Crouch stated that the bottom line is “need and cost”.

Ms. Burns will contact the Selectman’s office to move the commission’s presentation to their April agenda.  Ms. Burns reminded the commission that, if the town decides to do nothing regarding transportation to Adult Day Centers, than at the very least the commission can create a flyer/brochure listing transportation options for the residents.  

Ms. Burns also plans to continue to look for grants that may become available in the future.

Ms. Burns will be able to let the commission know what the survey “deadline” is at the next regular meeting.  

Ms. Burns will also gather more information from Pam Brown (Enfield Senior Services) regarding costs to utilize their Dial-A-Ride services.  Ms. Burns will have this information to share with the commission at the next regular meeting.

In conclusion, the question of what is considered “local” for Dial-A-Ride was brought up.  Mr. Bray suggested that a map with pinpoints of where Dial-A-Ride goes would be helpful.  Ms. Burns will ask Ms Clynch to furnish points of travel for the commission.

VI.     Adjournment:

Regular Meeting adjourned at 12:28pm.
Motion made by Ms. Drouin.  Seconded by Mr. Bray.  All in favor, Motion carried.


Respectfully Submitted,

Christine Pellegrini