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March 26, 2007 Meeting Minutes
REGULAR MEETING:  March 26, 2007 at 11:30 am
East Windsor Town Hall

Meeting Minutes of March 26, 2007:

I.      Meeting called to order at 11:40am, by Claire Badstubner, Chairman.  
*Note:  Meeting was held although there was no quorum.  No voting permitted.

II.     Attendance:
Present Members:  Claire Badstubner (Chairman), Elizabeth Burns (Municipal Agent), M. Trevor Bray,
Absent Members:  Madeleine Thompson, Catherine Drouin, Karen Boutin
Invited Guests:  Laura Clynch (EW Director, Senior Services)

III.    Previous Minutes:
A)  Regular Meeting  2/26/07:
                        No discussion of meeting or acceptance of minutes due to lack of quorum.

IV.     Members Update:
Although it was verbally stated at the 2/26/07 meeting, Ms. Boutin’s official letter of resignation has not yet been received by the Town Clerk.

V.      Transportation Services to Adult Daycare – Information/Data:

Transportation Survey has been distributed – deadline is April 13, 2007

Ms. Clynch opened the meeting with a presentation of a “daily trip sheet” based on the five (5) residents currently utilizing adult day care centers in Enfield.  Based on the addresses, Ms. Clynch put a driver on the route to determine that (one-way), the route would take 40 minutes to complete.  However, Ms. Clynch clearly stated that the 40-minutes does not include time that would be needed to assist those clients with physical and/or mental disabilities.  Ms. Clynch recommended that the commission consider an additional 8-12 minutes for those clients who may need special assistance.  Ms. Clynch further added that the “40-minute” route time also does not include any “pre-trip” time (i.e. prepping the vehicle, inspections, etc.) nor does it include refueling of the vehicle at the end of the day.

Mr. Bray recommended that the commission consider a “worse case scenario”, in other words, calculate the costs and times of transportation based on all clients needing the extra 12 minutes of assistance, although this most likely wouldn’t be the case.

Ms. Clynch agreed that would be beneficial for the commission in determining potential costs.  Ms. Clynch informed the commission that the driver’s wage would be $ 13.88/hr and reminded the members that if an aide needed, those costs would need to be determined.

Ms. Clynch distributed a “service area” map to the members.  Ms. Clynch spent a few minutes explaining the service area and that budgets and costs play a factor in determining the service area.

Mr. Bray added that once the surveys are returned, the commission and Ms. Clynch may want to consider plotting a map of the actual pick up locations of all those interested.

Ms. Clynch inquired if the Elderly Commission has received any information from Felician Sisters yet in regards to previous requests of the number of (EW) inquiries.  The commission has requested the information, but not yet received anything.

Ms. Burns added that Pam Brown (Enfield) has stated that once Enfield determines if they will even “entertain” the idea of transporting EW residents, then at that time she will provide the commission with an analysis.

Ms. Clynch recommended that once a cost analysis is complete for the Enfield locations, the commission may want to compare to other locations beyond Enfield.  Ms. Badstubner replied that the commission has recently decided to consider all areas.

Ms. Clynch and Ms. Burns reviewed the wording of the charge that was made to the Elderly Commission with the members.  A brief discussion followed including the fact that there is transportation to three local facilities (those facilities provide the transportation).  Commission discussed if EW needs to provide its own transportation to other facilities.

Mr. Bray and Ms. Clynch reiterated that there is no “eagerness” for Enfield or Felician Sisters to help with transportation, but yet they are looking to welcome EW clients to their facilities.

Ms. Burns reviewed Sister Patricia’s letter to the BOS, as well as Holly Vannucci’s letter.    

Ms. Clynch took a moment to explain the history of the senior center and transportation in terms of budgets and financial strains over the past five years.  Ms. Clynch stated that the transportation program has decreased over the past five years.  

Ms. Clynch and Ms. Burns both stated that they have not received any requests for transportation in the last six months.  

Ms. Clynch concluded that the surveys should result in a certain level of interest in transportation to adult day care centers, but when residents are informed that they may need to contribute to the costs, that could change their level of interest/needs.

Ms. Clynch is bringing surveys back to the Senior Center for distribution.

VI.     Adjournment:

Chairman adjourned meeting at 12:24pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Christine Pellegrini