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March 23, 2009 Meeting Minutes
REGULAR MEETING:  March 23, 2009 at 5:00pm
East Windsor Town Hall Meeting Room

Meeting Minutes of March 23, 2009:

  • Meeting called to order at 5:13pm, by Claire Badstubner, Chairman.  
  • Attendance:
Present Members:  Claire Badstubner (Chairman), Elizabeth Burns (Municipal Agent), Trevor Bray, Deb Donovan
Absent Member: Catherine Drouin (Co-Chairman), Madeleine Thompson   
Guests:  Dale Nelson (Selectwoman)      

  • Previous Minutes:
Regular Meeting 2/23/09:
MOTION made by Mr. Bray to accept the minutes, as presented.  SECONDED by Ms. Badstubner.  Ms. Donovan abstains from voting due to absence from 2/23/09 meeting.   ALL  VOTING IN FAVOR, MOTION CARRIED.
  • Cell Phones for Seniors:
Ms. Donovan commented that Ralph (Verizon Simply Wireless) currently has 18 cell phones that will be ready for distribution at the 4/2/09 presentation (Senior Center).  There are still more phones continuing to come in.  Ralph offered to attend the 4/2/09 meeting, if needed.  Some residents have stopped in to Simply Wireless with questions about their phones.  Ms. Nelson suggested that if no one else will be attending (4/2/09) from the commission, it may be a good idea to have that additional person there to answer questions.

Ms. Donovan will be inviting those who have already received phones and are part of the program to attend the 4/2/09 presentation.

Mr. Bray has prepared a three question survey which he will distribute on the tables at the Senior Center this Thursday.  There should be a good group of people there due to a scheduled activity on their calendar.  Mr. Bray will present his results at the next regular meeting.  Ms. Donovan also suggested to Mr. Bray that he remind people (this Thursday at the Senior Center) about the next cell phone/safety presentation on 4/2/09 (10:30-11:30).

  • Senior/Active Adult Survey:
A.  Ms. Donovan reports that the Leader/Captain recruitment and training has been put on hold because of town issues/money issues.  There has been no new leader/captain recruitment.  Surveys are still available and being presented at the Senior Center.  

Discussion followed among commission members that a timetable needs to be established for completing these surveys.  Also, more people are needed to take this project on.  Commission members agreed that Community Day, 2008 did not yield many surveys.  Members brainstormed on other avenues to get the surveys completed.  Some of those avenues  discussed were:  The Rockville Reminder, East Windsor Town Website, Rotary Clubs, Lion’s Club, Warehouse Point Library, EW High School students who need to do some sort of community involvement/project.  Ms. Burns will look into whether or not the town website is interactive.  Ms. Nelson commented that if the survey can not be answered that way, then perhaps residents can print it and there can be drop-off boxes set up at various locations.  Ms. Donovan volunteered to contact presidents/leaders of the Rotary Clubs, Lion Club and church groups.  

Ms. Burns suggested that a representative attend one of Park Hill’s scheduled parties (held monthly) and gather surveys during that time.  

  • Update on potential UCONN student help – no update at this time.
C.  Establish survey deadline - Commission members agreed to September 1, 2009 as a deadline for collecting surveys.  Results/update will be presented at the September regular meeting.  

  • Miscellaneous/New Business:
(Miscellaneous) Ms. Badstubner commented that Margaret Hale (ITN) contacted her looking for a volunteer driver for an East Windsor Resident who needs to go for a weekly medical appointment.  Ms. Hale also contacted Mr. Bray, who recommended someone for her to call for volunteering.  That person has contacted Ms. Burns and has an interest in volunteer driving for this individual in need.

Ms. Burns states there are currently (approximately) 30 residents utilizing ITN and that ITN is in need of volunteer drivers.  She stated that Ms. Hale does do some of the driving herself.

  • Adjournment:
MOTION made by Ms. Donovan to adjourn meeting at 5:48pm.  SECONDED BY Mr. Bray.

Respectfully Submitted,
Christine Pellegrini