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February 15, 2006 Minutes
February 15, 2006

The Board of Finance meeting was called to order at 7:41 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall.

Members Present:  
Paul Catino, Chairman
Dale Nelson
Maria DeSousa
Tammy Sorensen-Duray
William Dove
Jack Manette
Noreen Farmers
Linda Roberts, First Selectman
Mary Szabo, Town Treasurer

Members Absent:
Leo Szymanski

        First, there will be two (2) added agenda items.  1) New Business  - the election of officers and 2) Requests/Recommendations From the Board of Selectmen – add discussion of Public Safety/Communication Department budget.


Motion:  To accept Jack Manette as a full time member replacing Maria DeSousa for this evening.

        Ms. Nelson / Ms. Farmers/ Unanimous


Special Meeting  - January 17, 2006

Motion:  To accept the minutes of the January 17, 2006 Special Board Meeting.

        Ms. Nelson / Ms. Sorensen-Duray/ Unanimous


No Communications.


Mary Szabo presented the Treasurer’s Report, a copy of which is attached and marked Exhibit A.

There were discussions relating to keeping an account at Webster Bank that is used by the Parks & Recreation Department for depositing cash.  During the summer there are several cash deposits made and it is more convenient and safer for them to be made at Webster Bank as opposed to going across Town.  The Board decided to keep the account for the convenience.

Mary brought before the board a request for her staff to put in overtime in order to get the books together due to the holiday and timing of budget presentations.  She was not requesting additional money at this time to pay for the overtime, just the ok to authorize it.  The Board was okay with the request.

There were discussions on the reports and several departments being over 100% of their budget by line item, as well as using money from different line items to pay for expenses when over budget.  The point raised was that a message needed to get sent out by way of memo to advise on the expectations of the Board.  The Police Department was a significant concern.  It was suggested that the Police Commission be invited in to go through their expenditures.  Suggested to invite to the regular March 15th Board of Finance Meeting.

The Board was advised that a heater had to be replaced in the amount of $10,000.00.  

There were further discussions and questions on expenditures of budget line items and setting up of Purchase Orders against different line items.  The Board has requested a mechanism to monitor the line item over spends.  It was suggested that we add as an agenda item that the Board is looking for further discussion on a written report on budget line items that will be a problem or have substantial deviation.  This report should be provided mid-year and the First Selectman will provide it monthly.  

Motion:  To accept the Treasurer’s report dated February 15, 2006 as is.

        Ms. Nelson / Mr. Dove / Unanimous


A.      Public Safety/Communication Department Budget.

First Selectman presented to the Board that we add $3,500 to actual budget request and do line items independent of Police/Fire, etc.  That the budget would be strictly for communications (i.e.: Tolland County Dispatch).  Actual radio equipment maintenance is approximately $20,000.00.  Tolland County Dispatch will come out of the two (2) Fire Departments.  Requesting from that Board that it is okay to submit it this way, as a separate line item for Public Safety/Communication.
Board okay with it as long as they see it coming out of the other department’s budget requests.


Participation in Charter Revision.

Request a list of their items.  Ms. Farmers is on the committee and advised that Board that they are working on the request and have not gotten to the Board of Finance section yet.  It must be done by April 1st.  They will more than likely be requesting and extension.

Department audits for Discussion – Fire and Cemetery – 3 Tier Audit Requirements and Final Structure of Fire Departments.

This item is tabled for future discussion.


BOS/BOF discussion of responses to Auditor’s recommendation in annual Report for 2005.

This item was discussed previously at the joint BOS/BOF meeting.

Election of Officers


Motion to nominate Paul Catino as continuing Chairman.

Ms. Nelson / Ms. DeSousa/ Unanimous


Motion to nominate Noreen Farmers as Secretary.

        Ms. DeSousa / Ms. Nelson / Unanimous


Motion:  To adjourn at 9:01 p.m.   

Ms. Nelson / Mr. Catino / Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Lori P. Holden
Recording Secretary