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April 19, 2006 Minutes
April 19, 2006

The Board of Finance meeting was called to order at 7:40 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall.

Members Present:  
Paul Catino, Chairman
Maria DeSousa
Tammy Sorensen-Duray
William Dove
Jack Manette
Noreen Farmers
Linda Roberts, First Selectman
Mary Szabo, Town Treasurer

Members Absent:
        Dale Nelson
        Leo Szymanski


MOTION:  To accept Jack Manette as a full time member replacing Dale Nelson for this evening.

        Ms. Sorensen-Duray / Ms. Farmers
                Vote:  Unanimous


Regular Meeting  - March 15, 2006

Motion:  To accept the minutes of the March 15, 2006 Regular Board Meeting.

        Ms. Sorensen-Duray / Ms. Farmers
                Vote:  Unanimous

        Discussion:  It was decided that since the prior minutes were provided only a couple of days ago due to the recording secretary being ill and then having a death in the family, that there was a lot of reading and we would defer it until the next meeting.

Motion:  To defer acceptance of the minutes for the March 15, 2006 Regular Board Meeting.

        Mr. Mannette / Ms. Farmers
                Vote:  Unanimous


Be sure to see the added appropriations request.  No other communications.


Mary Szabo presented the Treasurer’s Report, a copy of which is attached and marked Exhibit A.  

Motion:  To accept the Treasurer’s report dated April 19, 2006 as is.

        Ms. Farmers / Mr. Sorensen-Duray
Vote:  Unanimous


A.      Requests for added appropriations – further discussion to follow.

This was deferred to let the Warehouse Point Fire Department go first with their request for an added appropriation.

B.      Request from the Warehouse Point Fire District for an added appropriation of $5,700 for a Light Tower Replacement for Rescue 138.

A quote was provided showing the cost of the replacement light tower for the Rescue truck to be $5,700.

Motion:  Added appropriation of $5,700.00 from the contingency fund to account #1-01-15-2155-8-862 as requested by the Warehouse Point Fire District.

        Ms. Sorensen-Duray / Ms. Farmers
Vote:  Unanimous

A.       Continued with the First Selectman’s request for various added appropriations (See copy attached hereto and marked as Exhibit B):

First off, FEMA approved the Town for a total of money to be received of $6,963.00

1015- Town Council and Legal – the balance as of Monday was $11,678, not asking for any money this evening, waiting for the April billing.

1025 – Treasurer - $1,000.00 for Mary to cover overtime expenses.

        MOTION:  To add $945.19 from contingency to the overtime account #1-01-10-1025-1-102 and $54.81 to the longevity account #1-01-10-1025-1-106.

        Ms. Mannette / Ms Sorensen-Duray
                Vote:  Unanimous

        1085 – Town Property - $13,850.00

MOTION:  To add $11,500 from contingency to the heat account #1-01-10-1085-6-621 and $2,350 to the electricity account #1-01-10-1085-5-543.

        Ms. Farmers / Ms. Sorensen-Duray
                Vote:  1-opposed, 4–in favor and 2-obstentions

        1124 – Planning & Zoning - $5,890.00

MOTION:  To add $5,890 from contingency to the salary line account #1-01-10-1124-1-100.

        Ms. Sorensen-Duray / Ms. Farmers
                Vote:  Unanimous

        1125 – Building Department - $3,800 for professional services that were done by existing employee(s) in lieu of outside help.

MOTION:  To add $3,800 from contingency to the salary line account #1-01-10-1125-1-100.

        Mr. Mannette / Ms. Sorensen-Duray
                Vote:  Unanimous

        1130 – Senior Center - $10,085

MOTION:  To add from contingency $4,273.24 to the salary line account #1-01-10-1130-1-100; $2,240.00 to the vehicle repair account #1-01-10-1130-4-430; $430.00 to the advertising account #1-01-10-1130-5-540; $141.76 to the travel account #1-01-10-1130-5-580; and $3,000.00 to the gas/oil account #1-01-10-1130-6-620 for a total of $10,085.00.

        Ms. DeSousa / Ms. Farmers
                Vote:  Unanimous

        3180 – Highway Department – no appropriation requested at this time.

        3190 – Engineering - $1,260.00

MOTION:  To add from contingency $390.00 to the part-time salary line account #1-01-25-3190-1-101 and $870.00 to the communications line account #1-01-25-3190-5-542.

        Ms. Sorensen-Duray / Mr. Mannette

        Discussion :  There was a mistake made in the part-time salary budgeted last year on the hourly rate.

                Vote:  Unanimous

        5235 – Human Services - $10,439.00

MOTION:  To add $10,439.00 from contingency to the salary line account #1-01-20-5235-1-100.

        Ms. Farmers / Ms. Sorensen-Duray
                Vote:  Unanimous

        7345 – Insurance & Benefits – No added appropriations requested at this time.  Waiting for the April billing to determine appropriation needed.


Participation in Charter Revision - TABLED.

Department audits for Discussion – Fire and Cemetery – 3 Tier Audit Requirements and Final Structure of Fire Departments - TABLED

This item is tabled for future discussion.

There are two (2) major Board of Finance meetings coming up on 5/2 and 5/16.  The Police Department’s added appropriation is needed by 5/11 at the Board of Selectman Special Meeting.


Finalize the Budget.

The Board of Finance has issues with the unfunded Special Education dollars that we don’t receive from the State of CT.  It was asked that we request from the BOE that we receive on a monthly basis that their budget be put into our reports by line item to see what is going on.

When the Board of Finance requests information from different departments/areas of the Town and we don’t get it, its very bad and the requests from the Board of Finance should be taken seriously and action needs to be considered when requests are ignored.

Correction made – last night (4/18) current mill rate was incorrect and used last years mill rate and not this years.  The new proposed budget will reflect a .8 mill rate increase.  Bottom line, hit targets.

The message to send at the Public Hearing is that if this fails the first time, that someone is going home.  Offices will close and the Town will end up getting less for more.  Don’t think your favorite department will go untouched, cuts will be spread across all departments.  This budget has been pared down and a lot of work has been put into this.

A question arose on Police Contingency – every time a request is over $25,000 we will have to go to town meeting to make the transfer.

A Press Release should be done on the proposed budget.

Question on salary lines for remaining administrators that are NOT under contract with a Union.

        Treasurers office $1,000
        Town Clerk $1,000
        Tax Collector $1,000
        First Selectman $2,000
                For A Total of $5,000
The questions was raised as to whether or not we should put it into the budget and the Board decided that everyone else has received a salary increase and that these individuals should not be penalized because they are not part of a Union.  The $5,000 does not increase the new proposed mill rate for the budget.  In addition, it would cost the town more money if these individuals were part of a union.  Therefore, it was decided that it should be added.


MOTION:  To recommend to Town Meeting the Fiscal Year 2007 projected budget of $28,466,684 with a mill rate of 27.812 representing an increase to the mill rate of .815 and a 3% increase in taxes.

        Mr. Mannette / Mr. Dove
                Vote:  Unanimous

Public Hearing – 5/2 at the Middle School would like to have the Board of Education there (Tim, Mr. Gallucci and the Chairman of the BOE), Police Commission and Police Chief and the First Selectman – all of the Board of Selectman as a Panel to field questions from the public.

Proposed that we meet with Police and BOE on Tuesday, 4/25 at the Town Hall at 7:30 to go over what we are looking for them to do at the Public Hearing so that we are all on the same page.


Motion:  To adjourn at 10:15p.m.   

Ms. Sorenson-Duray / Ms. Farmers
Vote:  Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Lori P. Holden
Recording Secretary