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December 20, 2006 Meeting Minutes


Chairman Catino called the meeting to order at 7:37 p.m. in the Town Hall Conference Room.

Present:  Chairman Catino, Secretary Farmer and Members DeSousa, Dove, Nelson, Sourenson-Durey, Alternate Mannette, Treasurer Szabo and First Selectman Roberts.  Absent:  Symanski




        A.      Minutes of Regular Meeting of November 15, 2006

                        Ms. DeSousa moved, and Ms. Nelson seconded, a

                        MOTION:  To approve the minutes of November 15, 2006.

                        The Board took a moment to review the minutes.

                        Board members expressed concern with the minutes.

                        Upon motion by Ms. DeSousa, seconded by Ms. Nelson, it was unanimously

                        VOTED:  To table action on the minutes of November 15.


                        A.       Bill for October

Mr. Catino said that contacting the attorney is expensive and that the attorney seems to be called too often.   Mr. Mannette questioned a $175 charge for a telephone conference initiated by the police commissioner.  Ms. Roberts will follow up.

                        B.      Copy of Suit Filed against the Town




        A.      Monthly Report

                Ms. Szabo reported a current cash position of $7,469,113.96.  The tax collector has collected $12,569,637.  Four new businesses are moving to town--Rockville Bank, Quiznos, Taco Bell and Starbucks.  

                She reported that Anthem is projecting a health insurance increase of 18% to 21%.  She explained that Acting Superintendent of Schools Howes and she will try to negotiate a better rate.  

                Ms. Szabo is going to ask Auditor Joe Kask about options on how to budget for salary accruals.

        B.      Brief Explanation of Grant Money Accounts

                The Board discussed the COPS in Schools Grant and the Mill Pond Community Policing Grant.  Ms. Szabo stated that Mill Pond Limited Partnership was supposed to deposit with the town treasurer a quarter of the cost for the Town to hire, train, equip and compensate an officer for the first year of the three year period.  The following two years, the Mill Pond Limited Partnership was supposed to make two deposits--one on or before July 1 and January 1 of each year.  She reported that payments are behind schedule.  Mr. Catino asked Ms. Szabo to send a written request to the company if she does not receive payment by January 10, 2007.  

                In regard to the School Resource Officer, the Board discussed the fact that the town has not received full payment for the SRO.  The police department must send necessary information to the Justice Department in order to receive the money from the grant.  Ms. Szabo will follow up with the police.  

                Mr. Catino said that there seems to be a breakdown in communication between, the police, the Board of Finance and the treasurer.  

        Upon motion by Ms. Farmer, seconded by Ms. DeSousa, it was unanimously

        VOTED:  To approve the treasurer’s report.


        A.      Recommendation to Purchase Open Space - Tromley/Tschumi Property

                Upon motion by Ms. Farmer, seconded by Ms. Nelson, it was unanimously

                VOTED:  To purchase, outright, the Tromley/Tschumi Property in the amount of $600,000 and to subsequently apply for reimbursement from DEP based on the award letter of $390,000.


        A.      Annual Report

                Ms. DeSousa reported that the town report is done and at the printer.  She gave credit to Timothy Howes and Judith Rajala for their help.  Recommendations from the report will be discussed in January.  Ms. Roberts’ office will make copies for town hall.  

        B.      Police Commission - Discussion of YTD Expenses, Mill Pond and School Resource Officers.  Discussion regarding Protocol Relative to Police Department/Treasurer Communication

Police Commissioner Richard Sherman was present to answer questions
concerning a lack of communication regarding police expenditures.  Mr. Catino
said that a written request was sent to the police commission months ago and
nobody responded.  Mr. Catino emphasized that the police department and
commission must take interest and responsibility for keeping track of police grant
money and how it is used and that there must be continual communication and
cooperation with the town treasurer’s office.  He said the Board expects timely
responses to its queries.

Mr. Catino said that if the commission is aware of an employment ending or
starting, they must inform the treasurer’s office.  Ms. Szabo stated that the
treasurer’s office must be informed of termination dates for health insurance

In regards to overtime, Mr. Catino said that town departments must live within
their budget.  The Board indicated that it wants to see explicit overtime
documentation from its inception to payment.  The Board of Finance will meet
with the police to review police overtime.  Ms. Roberts recommended
having the town attorney attend that meeting.  Also, Mr. Sherman was reminded
that the police cannot transfer money between salary lines without Board of
Finance approval. Operational transfers must go through the treasurer’s office.
Mr. Mannette offered to develop a process for the police to follow.  

Mr. Sherman handed Mr. Catino a copy of the entire SRO grant.  

        B.      Discuss and Approve 2007 Meeting Schedule

                The November 21, 2007 meeting was moved to November 14, 2007.

                The Board, by consensus, approved the meeting dates.

The Boards of Finance and Selectmen will hold its joint meeting on January 17 to discuss CIP, parameters of the next budget, and address the auditor’s recommendations.  The All-Boards/Commissions meeting is January 25, 2007.

The town meeting is scheduled for December 28, 2006.



        Upon motion by Ms. DeSousa, seconded by Ms. Nelson, it was unanimously

        VOTED:  To adjourn at 10:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Nolan
Recording Secretary