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March 7, 2007 Budget Presentation Meeting Minutes
First Selectman and Agencies
Budget Presentation
March 7, 2007

The Board of Finance budget presentation meeting was called to order at 7:32 p.m. at the East Windsor High School.

Board of Finance Members Present:               Board of Selectman Present:
Noreen Farmers, Secretary                       Gilbert Hayes
Maria DeSousa                           Tom Sinsigallo
William Dove                                    Ed Fillipone
        Dale Nelson                                     Ken Crouch
Jack Manette, Alternate

Mary Szabo, Treasurer

Board of Finance Members Absent:
Paul Catino, Chairman
        Tammy Sorensen-Duray
        Leo Szymanski, Alternate


Motion:  To recognize Jack Manette as a member for this meeting in place of Tammy Sorensen-Duray.

Ms. Nelson / Ms. DeSousa   
        Vote: Unanimous


Budget Presentation Minutes – February 28, 2007

Motion:  To accept the budget presentation minutes of February 28, 2007.

Ms. Nelson / Ms. DeSousa   
        Vote: Unanimous

Discussion:  None.

Board of Selectman Budget:  Presented by Ken Crouch

1010 Selectman – the salary is for everyone

Legal – there is still the Police and the Kement situation in court.  Put in an extra $40,000 because we fell short this year.  Will either need the extra money or will return it if not needed.  Doubts that either matter will be done this year.  The Kement matter is 2/3 of the way done.

Police Legal – 1 of the pensions going to 2010 and there is a question if the contract opens for negotiations over the winter, we need to put money in for it.  Need to look at the last one for the last contract negotiation.

Probate Court – Status quo, based on estimate from Probate Court.

Printing – Status quo.

Town Property – Utilities based on the electric company telling us what the increase is going to be.  Salary is for Hector the Janitor at the Town Hall, increase didn’t get picked up last year.  Other Purchases is for any emergency expenses, filing cabinets, repairs for Scout Hall or Town Hall, Annex, Senior Center has had large repairs.  The Sewer Users fees are for Park Hill, the Town Hall and the Annex.  Had to increase because it was under budgeted for last year.  Park Hill is part of the original agreement.  We provide snow removal and sewer.  We get a pilot back.

Miscellaneous Government – Is for Housing Education Resource Center – it assists with landlord and tenant issues.  Services we buy from them – assist community, 4-Town Fair – stopped asking for money.  They have an association now and they handle it all.

Hearing Officer – First Selectman appointed.

2147 Communications – To keep up with portable radios, antennas, etc. for mutual aid dispatching.  The Board of Finance would like more detail on what is being paid.  Ed Indy handles.  Need information by the 21st meeting with the Fire Dept.

2160 Fire Protection – Hydrants, bill for it , no say in the matter, based on the number of hydrants.

2185 Fire Benefits – Incentive committee.  The Board asked if it is audited by anyone in the Town.  Gil Hayes sits on it and mentioned that they do quarterly reports of what is paid to each fireman, training and $10 per man per call.  It is under budget, they are now splitting out the fire and medical calls so that they don’t have to pay for calls attended when a fireman not needed.

3185 Street Lights – Is based on what the company charges.  A survey was done and there are 56 streetlights out in ¼ of the Town.  Streetlights are fixed by CL&P.  If the lights are out, we are not paying for the electric.
4205 Landfill – We have an excellent contract.

WPCA Sinking Fund – We keep money in it for breakdowns.  WPCA matches.

5210 Misc Health – North Central Health – evacuation material available if there is an emergency such as the Bird Flu, etc.

5222 Water Purification – expecting an issue, its pending.  $10,000 from last year, money moved in to protect it.

5245 Medical - status quo.  Paid on a cycle – average cost.

6310 Community Events –

7345 Insurance and Benefits – Heart & Hypertension.  Within the last 6 months there have been 3 more claims, it police related.

8425 Information Technology – Our part of the shared services.  The Board would like an accounting for what is under professional services and the vendors each department deals with.

Assessors Budget:  Presented by Carol Madore.  There was a change in personnel.  The aid position was vacated and left the position unfilled.  Realigned with a new position with less pay for a savings in the budget.  The union position was not filled, left vacant, but staffed back to original staff number of 2.

3.7+ growth in the grand list due to audits (38), gained 200,000-250,000.  The revaluation is 50% done.  Not all were interior inspected.  

1045 Assessment Appeals Board – Based on an estimate of appeals, approximately 250 with the revaluation.  November of 2007 will get notice of new assessment deadline for appeal is March 2008.  Appeals should be done by May.  Assessor starts saving now for the next revaluation.  The last 2002 appeal is with Burlington Coat Factory.  

1050 Registrars – presented by Linda Sinsigallo.  As of November 2007, we can no longer use the large machines.  New voting machines must be used.  The printing is a low-ball estimate, the state has not provided good figures.  The state will pay for printing the ballots for Federal and State elections, but won’t pay for local or referendums.

Legislature is contemplating same day registration, which will require a laptop.  Will need to register immediately into state computer.  Everyone has to be trained on the new voting machines.

The question arose if the referendums are part of contingency and if some money should be put in registrars budget.

We can still use the old voting machines prior to the November election for referendums, but after November they are gone.

Salaries – the Board of Finance would like to know what makes up those salaries.  Temporary salaries are for people who work the poles.  The Part-time salaries are canvassing.

There was discussion that the added appropriations are for referendums and pole people and the budget is for known elections, not the unknowns.  There is supposed to be 5 stations in each district.

The Board would like the detail on the Full-time and part-time salaries by the end of the month.

1125 Building Department – Requesting $131,912 for the budget, which is a decrease in the budget.  The workload has dropped off dramatically.  

Salaries – full-time are for the Building Official and the Assistant to the Building Official.
Part-time person got a raise and increased the hours last year – the hours will not increase but could decrease depending on the volume of work.  

It is not foreseen that we will make the revenues for this year, believe 2007-2008 revenues will be met.  

6315 Parks & Recreation – There was a change in the longevity, Keith reached the 15 year mark and received $150 increase.   Budget reflects contractual increases and utilities (gas, propane) to operate the facilities.  The propane is for the snack bar.  Purchased services is up almost $3,200.  

Vehicle Maintenance is low now, but is unknown, they have a new truck that the got last year.  The mower maintenance comes out of ground equipment.

Umpire fees increased by $1 a game.

Revenues – there are a lot more programs planned for this year.  The pavilion is already booked for all of June and ½ of July.

1130 Senior Center – Status quo budget.  Salaries reflect contractual obligations.  Vehicle Maintenance is up by $2,000, the actual cost was a little over $7,000 at the end of the year.  They applied for 2 vehicle grants, one from Greater Hartford Transit.  The life span on a vehicle is 5 years, which is determined by age or miles.

Funding just came available under the 5310 program under the Department of Transportation.  We were awarded with a vehicle.  Getting it in August.  It is a cash grant valued up to $40,000, we would pay the difference for the new vehicle which was already put into the Capital Improvement Fund.

Travel is all mileage.  Continuing with the volunteer meals on wheels for no cost to the Town.  Longevity reflects 1 who left and 1 who went to Carol in the Assessors office.

There was more discussion on the money in the Capital Improvement budget to cover the vehicles for the Senior Center.  The money for the vehicles is in there in the amount of $15,000, this will cover the amount needed after grants to pay the difference for 2 vehicles.

3180 Highway Department – presented by Len Norton.  Purchased services has increased, which they are out of money now.  Mainly used on facilities, the boiler, plumbing, etc.

Highway signs – bigger signs are mandated to be done within 4 years.  He has started to purchase some a little at a time.  There are additional signs to be replaced $26,250.

A new hire request – they lost a high paid person and want to replace with a lower entry level person.  It would be a Union position.  The savings would be approximately $20,000 the first year to offset the additional $65,000 for the new hire.

3183 Road Improvements – status quo.  Tree cutting come out of this area.

3190 Engineering – Looking for a part-time person to become full-time.  Other misc is for supplies.  Len’s salary is in Engineering.

5235 Human Services – presented by Betsy.  Communications is the phone cost.  There are 4 lines and a cell phone.  Office Supplies - ran out of actual supplies and Viking gave a large donation which Betsy gave some to the Town.  Travel is mileage which she takes 2 times a year and doesn’t put in for all of it.  Printing is going up to replenish the stationary.

5236 General Assistance - $5,000 is shifting from Community renewal team.  Leaving some money in there to cover administration costs for the lunch program.  Need an Elderly and Disabled assistant person, would like a part-time person.

Motion:  To adjourn the meeting at 10:42 p.m.

        Ms. Nelson / Ms. DeSousa
        Vote: Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Lori P. Holden
Recording Secretary