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March 21, 2007 Meeting Minutes
March 21, 2007

The Board of Finance meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall.

Members Present:                                        Others Present:
Paul Catino, Chairman                   Mary Szabo, Town Treasurer
Noreen Farmers, Secretary                       Ed Fillipone, First Selectman
Marie DeSousa                           Gil Hayes, Board of Selectman
William Dove
        Dale Nelson
        Tammy Sorensen-Duray
Jack Manette, Alternate

Members Absent:
        Leo Szymanski


No alternates needed, full board present.


Regular Meeting  - February 21, 2007

Motion:  To approve the minutes of the February 21, 2007 regular meeting.

Ms. Nelson / Ms. Farmer
        Vote: Unanimous

Joint Meeting with the Board of Selectman – February 21, 2007

Motion:  To approve the minutes of the February 21, 2007 joint meeting with the Board of Selectman.

Ms. Nelson / Ms. Farmer
        Vote: Unanimous

Budget Presentation – March 7, 2007

Motion:  To approve the March 7, 2007 budget presentation minutes.

Ms. Farmer / Ms. Nelson
        Vote: Unanimous


Review the communications provide, no formal discussions are necessary.


See a copy of the attached report marked as Exhibit A attached hereto and made a part hereof.  

The Chairman would like to see clarification on the Senior Center vehicles to be purchased through Grant money, etc. He is looking for the First Selectman and the department which the Senior Center Reports to, to put in writing the specifics on how the existing vehicles are being used, the East Windsor financial impact of the vehicle by way of gas, maintenance, driver expense, etc.  

Motion:  To approve the Treasurers report as presented.

        Ms. DeSousa / Ms. Sorenson-Duray
        Vote: Unanimous


Police Department Added Appropriation

This topic was tabled.  We will hold a special meeting to address this agenda item on Thursday, March 29, 2007 at the Town Hall at 7:30.  


A.      Fire Department(s) Budget Presentation

Warehouse Point Fire Department:  The presentation started off with a slide show on the laptops of the services, procedures and apparatus the fire department uses on a regular bases.  It showed what types of events that the fire department has to respond to, the tools and the gear used daily, how the equipment is used and some that is out dated.

The Pumper is currently 20 years old and is used for pumping the hydrants.  Different size hoses supply water in different fashions.  Hosed do wear down from being pulled over gravel, around corners and come in contact with sharp objects.  The gear is outdated and the gear now is lighter weight.  Power tools are used to gain access to crash victims.

SCBA bottles need to be updated, first aid equipment is needed because the ambulance is not always available or the first one to a scene.  Bottled water is used regularly to hydrate the firefighters during and after a call to avoid excess dehydration.  It is used as a rehabilitation after a fire due to the heavy equipment, etc that is used.

Gear gets contaminated and has to be decontaminated.  All firefighters have 2 sets of gear.  Over time the fibers get broken down and can no longer be used, the fire resistance is broken down.

Special saws and blades are used for auto accidents to cut through cars, some for plastic, some for metal, etc.  Blood contaminants are needed.  Traffic cones and temporary work areas are set up while on the road.  The cones currently being used are outdated.

The Duty vehicle is equipped to reduce response time.  They carry spare equipment, etc.

2155 – Warehouse Point Fire Dept. – Budget Line Items:

Insurance -  going up due to premiums.
Memberships – going up due to NFPA – outdated in 2001
Accounting – annual Audit – believes it is completed, will check on status for the Board.

Sewer – WPCA increase in fees
Utilities – up due to rise in cost
Snow Removal – contracted out
Breathing Apparatus – is the SCBA bottles

Protective clothing – they maintain status quo gear with the fire fighters, $3,600 will replace 5 sets per year.
NFPA – not regulatory but the requirements are adopted by OSHA.

Training – is the actual payment for doing the class, getting the instructor, etc.  

Incentive – Fire Incentive Committee, which Gil Hayes is part of, indicated that the incentive is the cost for the fire fighter to go to the training.

With regard to the incentive paid out for Warehouse Point vs. Broad Brook, is due to the number of calls because of the ambulance location, etc.

Fire Marshals – the Board asked why there are 2?  The response was due to the number of inspections on the Broad Brook side of town.   They inspect 3-family dwellings, new business, etc.

There were previous discussion of combining it and having 1 Fire Marshall.  It was stated that there is too much work.  Ken Crouch brought up that the inspections should be charged and could be a revenue producer.  The Chairman for the Board of Finance requested that the First Selectman look at what other towns are charging for inspections and put something together for the Board.  The fees would partially offset the cost.

Insurance Recovery for Auto Accidents – the Fire Dept has indicated that they have not received any money yet.  They submitted for 22-23 accidents and have heard nothing yet.  The submissions go through a third party administrator and they were advised that it may be up to 1 year before seeing any

The Chairman gave a Thank You to all of the fire fighters and the fact that the town still survives on volunteer fire fighters and they provide a professional type of services given the equipment that they have, they do a great job!

The goal is to always pursue a collaboration of the town.

The fire department responded that the two (2) fire departments are still working together to try to share as much apparatus as possible.

The Chairman gave the message to the Fire Department to try to help with getting the budget passed.  If the budgets get defeated, the pain will be spread.  He advised them to adopt the approach that we’re all in this together.  Each department of the town needs to get the message out that the increases are badly needed.

Broad Brook Fire Department:  Cal Meyers explained the increases are due to normal household increases such as utilities, gas, etc., which has caused costs to go up with buying everything else, such as tires, etc.  The cost for a tire is higher than it was 2 years ago.

2150 – Broad Brook Fire Dept. – Budget Line Items:

101- Signal 12 – water, food

102- Audit – The first one finally done, should now see them coming in quicker within a month or two.

204- Heating Oil – they are already in the negative with last year.  The budget is just a guess and really depends on what the Town ends up getting it for per gallon.  This budget is based on $2.40 a gallon and we are now at $2.18 a gallon.  

206- Refuse Removal – has gone up

301- Cell Phones – added a couple more.  They are a good communication.  They currently have 15-20.  There is 1 in each apparatus and each fire fighter has one.  They are all Nextel.  They are used when the power is out and can communicate with each other without tying up the radios.  

The board asked if the new communication system was handheld and provided an immediate connection?  The cell phones are needed for additional contact such as when they need to get the water company, etc.  All officers have the portable radios.
401- Fuel – which is gas and diesel, it is budgeted for $2.78-$2.80 per gallon and we are now paying $2.40.

There was an added appropriation for the repair of the Tanker and it is at the firehouse.  The new truck will arrive in approximately 8 months from the contract signing.

The current number for fire fighters on the roaster is 60.  10-12 are retired and there are approximately 25 active including 10 officers and there is a Junior Division.  

There were 480-490 calls last year.  The board also requested from the Broad Brook Fire Department to provide a list of calls and what they pertained to.

809-SCBA Cylinders – the life expectancy is gone in some and approximately 15-20 the life will expire.  They are trying to get to a rotation of a small number each year that will have to be replaced.

Auto Accidents – there were approximately 12 submitted and they were told the payment would probably come 1 year after submission.

The issue brought up at a previous meeting regarding the gas put into the diesel in error was raised by the Board and they inquired as to the status of the claim.  The fire department responded that the claim was put in and it was basically a wash because they paid for several of the repairs to the vehicles.

The donations received by the fire department are paying for the duty vehicle.  They took a bank loan on it to buy it.

There was mention from the Warehouse Point Fire Department about the ambulance no longer being based on the Broad Brook side of town and the Broad Brook Fire Department confirmed that it is no longer on that side of town.  The fire department is able to provide basic first aid before an ambulance gets there.  As of 3-4 weeks ago, the ambulance has no longer been stationed here due to the cost.

The Chairman addressed the Broad Brook Fire Department as well and gave a thank you to them for the value they add and give to the town compared to the cost they take out which in no way is equal.

Motion:  To adjourn meeting at 9:30pm.

        Ms. Nelson / Ms. Sorensen-Duray
        Vote:  Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Lori P. Holden
Recording Secretary