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September 19, 2007 Meeting Minutes

Town of East Windsor
Board of Finance Meeting
September 19, 2007

Time and Place of Meeting

The Board of Finance meeting was called to order by Noreen Farmer at 7:31 P.M. at the East Windsor Town Hall.

II            Attendance

                Noreen Farmer-Secretary
                Marie Desousa
                Jack Manette
                William Dove
                Robert Little-Alternate
                Mary Szabo-Treasurer

               Members Absent
                Paul Catino
                Dale Nelson
                Leo Szymanski-Alternate

Appointment of Alternates

Robert Little was appointed as a member due to the absence of Dale Nelson.
Motion by Marie Desousa, seconded by Jack Manette
Vote: Unanimous

Previous Minutes

Regular Meeting-August 15, 2007
Motion to approve minutes of August 15, 2007 Regular meeting as submitted.
Motion by Marie Desousa, seconded by Jack Manette
Vote: Unanimous


Communications were distributed and reviewed. There was a discussion on the need to review the July/August legal bills at the next meeting

Upon motion by Jack Manette, seconded by Robert Little it was unanimously
VOTED:  to include a review of Legal Bills under new business during the October Meeting.

Treasure’s Report

Mary Szabo-Treasure- Reported a current cash balance of 10,170.243 in various investment accounts and in the General Fund operating Town and Board of Education accounts.  Webster still pays a 5.20% rate of return on our 4.5 mil. Investment.  The total tax receipts including current and prior year is 11,821,054.15.  
We received 159,375.29 in state school construction grant. 25% or 1,312,772 or ECS grant should be in at the end of October.  Other State grants are all due at the end of September.  
Our expenses- all departments budgets are between 21% and 25% range, except the communications system (2147) 73% spent, and the employees benefit lines are over because pension contribution of $880,278 has been made.

Upon motion by Jack Mannette, seconded by Marie Desousa it was unanimously
VOTED: to accept the Treasurer report as presented.

Old Business

A.      School Resource Officer

The Board of Finance recieved and reviewed a response from the First Selectman and Chief of Police relative to concerns addressed at the August 15, 2007 meeting.  Based on the documentation received there were no additional comments or concerns.

B.      Senior Center-FY 06/07 Budget Surplus

This item was tabled to the October Board of Finance meeting to have further discussion with the First Selectman, Edward Filipone.

C.      Oil/Gas expenditures-Senior Center, Police Department, Public Works

The item was tabled to the October Board of Finance meeting to have further discussion with the First Selectman.

Motion by Jack Manette, seconded by William Dove
Vote: Unanimous

New Business

D.      Annual Report

Jack Manette volunteered to handle the Annual Report with the assistance of Marie Desousa and William Dove

E.      Police Chief Employment Contract

There was a long discussion regarding the recently signed employment agreement.  The Board of Finance addressed concerns relative to financial obligations and the validity of the authorization for the Police Commisson to enter into the employment agreement.  The Board will forward the concerns addressed in writing to the Board of Selectman prior to the next Board of Selectman meeting.

F.      Registrar of Voters Audit-Jack Manette

Jack Manette presented his audit of The Registrar of Voters. There was a lengthy discussion and it was the consensus of the Board members present that a recommendation be forwarded to the First Selectman regarding a review of the audit as well as a recommendation for the possible adoption of policies and procedures regarding purchasing.

Motion to Adjourn meeting at 9: 15 P.M.

                Jack Mannette/Marie Desousa
                Vote: Unanimous

                Respectively submitted,

                Lori Butenas
                Recording Secretary