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March 19, 2008 Meeting Minutes

MINUTES OF March 19, 2008

Ms. Farmer called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m in room the Town Hall Conference Room.

Present:  Board of Finance Members Jason Bowsza, Marie DeSousa, Noreen Farmer, JoAnn Kubick, Robert Little, Jack Mannette, Kathy Pippin, First Selectman Menard, Selectmen Nelson and Farrell and Treasurer Mary Szabo.

I.      Appointment of Alternates



        A.      Regular Minutes of February 20, 2008

                Mr. Little said he was at the meeting.

                Upon motion by Ms. DeSousa, seconded by Ms. Kubick, it was unanimously

                VOTED:  To approve the minutes as amended.

        B.      Minutes of Budget Workshop of February 27, 2008

                Upon motion by Ms. DeSousa, seconded by Ms. Kubick, it was unanimously

                VOTED:  To approve the minutes of February 27, 2008.

        C.      Upon motion by Ms. Kubick, seconded by Mr. Mannette, it was unanimously

                VOTED:  To approve the minutes of February 27, 2008.


        A.      Revised Budget Schedule

                A new version was distributed.

        B.      Legal Bills


        C.      Conveyance Tax Correspondence

                Memo distributed for information

        D.      Thank you from the Superintendent of Schools


        E.      Annual Audited Financial Report - Broad Brook Fire Department

                Goes with their budget presentation.


        Mary Szabo reported on the financial status of the town.  The Town's cash position is   at $11,236,506.  The tax collector has collected $21,474,625.36.  The Town received     $496,443 in special education money from the state.

        Ms. Szabo will e-mail her treasurer's report to Ms. Farmer.


        A.      Annual Budget Appropriations, Added Appropriations and Transfers

                Ms. Farmer has a concern about departments waiting until June to make                   internal transfers and ask for added appropriations.  This is a topic for                       discussion at a future meeting.  Policy and procedure that refers to all                        departments must be established.  This conversation will continue at the next           meeting.  Ms. Menard and Ms. Farmer presented letters regarding getting                 budgeting procedures implemented.

                Ms. Farmer said that any appropriation that needs to be transferred for anything                other than what it was meant for must be approved by the Board of Finance.

                Ms. Farmer commented that the charter is flawed.


        A.      2007 Grand List

                The grand list has reached $1.067 billion, an increase of almost 36.5%

                Ms. Madore reported that there are many reval appeals.  The appeals could be            done by the end of April or there could be an extension.

                Ms. Farmer said she had heard that there were petitions being passed around             to negate the reval.  She said that as they get closer to having a budget, they                 might want to have a conversation about a phase in.

        B.      Board of Finance E-mail

                Ms. Farmer has asked the IT department to make e-mail addresses through the             Town for Board members.  These addresses are for town business only.


        C.      High school Boiler Project Update

                Superintendent of Schools Tim Howes explained that the work bid came in with            $256.87 to spare.  He said we should bear in mind that $256 won't cover all             expenses that could come up.

                The Board, by consensus, agreed to budget $3,000 to $4,000 for incidentals              over the $256.87.
                The work will begin after school is out.

        D.      Budget Presentations

                a.      Broad Brook Library

                        Beverly Perkosky requested $13,500, $1,500 more than the current                        year.

                b.      Warehouse Point Library

                        Vincent Bologna and Elyse Spielberg requested $242,908, $14,945 over                    the current budget.  They are asking for a part-time person, $8,000 for                         maintenance of the building, money to increase collection development,                  carpeting and air handlers.

                c.      Cemetery Association

                        Craig Arnold and Dan Burnham presented their request for $30,000, the                   same as the current year.  A lengthy discussion followed concerning a                   large cash balance.  The Board would like a copy of the by-laws.

                d.      Broad Brook Fire Department

                        Gerald Bancroft, James Bancroft, and Steve Long presented a budget                      request for $239,525, an increase of $39,575.

                e.      Visiting Nurse Association

                        Claire Badstubner came in with a request that is less than the current                  budget.

                f.      Historical Commission

                        Barbara Smiegel requested $4,500.  There are numerous grants                            available, but they cannot be applied for without specifications.  She                  said that the commission paid $1,000 toward a contract for a consultant                         to develop specs in June 2007.

                        Ms. Farmer stated that a commission should not make                                     a commitment of town funds without it going through the                                         Board of Selectmen.


        Upon motion by Mr. Little, seconded by Ms. DeSousa, it was unanimously

        VOTED:  To adjourn at 11:00 p.m.

        Respectfully submitted,

        Linda Nolan
        Recording Secretary