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June 5, 2008 SPECIAL Meeting Minutes

Town of East Windsor
Board of Finance Special Meeting
June 5, 2008

The Board of Finance meeting was called to order at 8:55PM. at the East Windsor Middle School in Broad Brook.

Members Present:                        Others Present:

           Marie Desousa                       Kim Scavotto-Assistant Treasurer
        Jason Bowsza                    Mary Szabo, Town Treasurer
        Albert Floyd                    Denise Menard, First Selectman
        Joanne Kubick                           Gil Hayes, Deputy First Selectman
        Jack Mannette                   Dale Nelson, Board of Selectman
        Robert Little                   Edward Farrell, Board of Selectman
               Kathy Pippin-Alternate  
Members Absent:
        Leo Szymanski-alternate

Marie Desousa made a small speech summarizing what the Board of Finance had heard at the Public Meeting that evening.  She said there seems to be the same question about personal property taxes, unfortunaly personal property taxes is all this Board of Finance has to work with for the local revenue.  .  Three people spoke tonight about the Board of Education budget and the   Police Department budget.  Marie Desousa had concern about the Police Department budget and the potential of violation of the federal grant based on how many officers we have. She didn’t have the documentation to confirm or not confirm if this is true. However with the public statement that was made by the police chief tonight she had concerns that we will be in violation if we reduce the number of officers we currently have. Without the salary dollars we can’t pay an officer so we might consider reinstating that into the budget.  We also had some people concerned about the Board of Education reduction.  We also had one individual speak about reduction in the sidewalk and drainage dollars.

Albert Floyd asked about reducing the pension fund liability line by $250,000. He wanted to know if it would make a big difference, Mary Szabo explained that we will be receiving funds coming from the Board of Education and WPCA; that would be added to the pension fund and she felt it would be enough.  Albert Floyd recommended splitting the $250,000 between the Board of Education and Police Department by restoring $175.000 toward the Board of Finance and $75,000 toward the Police Department.  

Motion: To reduce the Pension Fund Liability Line by $250,000 and restore $175, 000 to education and $75,000 to Police Department.
Motion by Albert Floyd seconded by Jason Bowsza

Jason Bowsza wanted to have a discussion to clarify how to split the funds to more accurately reflect which line items need the funds. There was a small discussion between the group.  Jason recommended another amount to satisfy the Police Grant. There was discussion with the group including Mary Szabo on how much should be put into each line.  $88,402 was put back into the Police Department Budget and $161,598 into the Educational Budget.  Jack Mannette wanted to make sure that this decision was not made based on the possible violation of the grant.  Marie Desousa asked Albert Floyd and Jason Bowsza had they made this motion based on the Grant, both individuals said no.

Motion: To Reduce the Pension Fund Liability by $250,000 and restore $88,402 into the Police Department Budget and $161,598 into the Board of Education Budget.
Motion by Albert Floyd seconded by Jason Bowsza
Vote: Marie Desousa, Jason Bowsza, Albert Floyd and Joanne Burnham-Kubick voted yes, Robert Little and Jack Mannette voted No.  Motion Carried by a 4 to 2 vote.

There was a small discussion about how the motions would change the bottom line.  There was also a discussion to allow Mary Szabo Treasurer to make the necessary changes in the budget for the $88,402 to the officers’ salary, the officer’s longevity, to Social Security and Medicare line. Assuming that it was a family, we would need to cover the health care cost which was another $17,598 that had been deducted from the health and life insurance line.  Do we need to reinstate that $17,598 or can we live without restoring it was a question a member had for Mary Szabo. Mary Szabo recommended that the $17,598 be restore to the Health and Life insurance line.

Motion: Was made to restore the $17,598 to the Health and Life Insurance Line.
Motion by Joanne Kubick seconded by Jason Bowsza
Vote: Unanimously

There was a small discussion to find out where the Board of Finance stands with all the changes.  They wanted to find out the status of the bottom line.  Mary Szabo and Kim Scavatto worked on that together to give accurate numbers to the Board of Finance.  The new bottom line is $32,318.982 which is 5.73% compared to the 5.67%.With the new mill rate of proposal of 21.144

Motion to recommend a new budget of $32,318,982 for the referendum on June 10, 2008 motion with a mill rate of 21.144
Motion made by Jason Bowsza and seconded by Robert Little
Vote: Unamously

There was another small discussion with the Town Clerk could additional information be present in the voting booths.  Marie Desousa verified with the Town Clerk that additional information cannot be present in the voting booths, however information may be located where the sample voting chart is posted in the hallway.  She also recommended putting the new rates on the Town website.

Upon Motion by Marie Desousa seconded by Alfred Floyd
Vote: to Adjourn at 9:25PM


Lori Butenas