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June 16, 2008 SPECIAL Meeting Minutes
June 16, 2008
Minutes of the special meeting of the Board of Finance (BOF)

The meeting was call to order by acting chairperson Marie DeSousa at 9pm.  Present were Marie DeSousa(Marie), Bob Little(Bob), Jason Bowsza(Jason), Al Floyd(Al) and alternate Kathy Pippin(Kathy).

Motion by Bob, second by Jason to make Kathy a voting member. Passed unanimously.  Marie opened by saying that she was glad to see representation at the Town meeting by representatives from both sides of the referendum issue.  She wanted to clarify the police grant status.  It was determined that we could not go below the current staffing level or the Police grant might have to be repaid.  Marie tried to poll business owners to try to find out where they stood on the budget via the chamber of commerce.  Many business owners said that we need to grow the town to grow the revenue.  Enfield has a block on their tax form where individuals can donate more and designate where they want it to go.  Marie to explore further.

Bob Little said people want the bottom line cut.  Cathy Hearn who spoke during the town meeting said that some miscellaneous increases show on the budget without backup so the increase is not understood.  It was also noted that the Paper had conflicting dates and times and places for the town meeting.

Marie made a motion to reduce the Police salary line by $27,000 seconded by Jason due to an officer overseas who would not return before year end.  Motion passed unanimously.

Bob Little thought that our cuts were too small and offered up a cut sheet that had been prepared by Jack Mannette.  Some cuts were deemed unsatisfactory.  The BOF went back to a cut sheet that had been prepared by Jason.

Motion made by Jason, seconded by Kathy to reduce senior center line 1130-8-813 by $1,000.  passed unanimously

Motion made by Jason to reduce Broad Brook Fire line 2150-8-861 by $8,669. and Warehouse Point Fire line 2155-8-862 by $10,493, seconded by Kathy.  passed unanimously.

Motion by Jason, second by Kathy to reduce line 3180-6-651street signs by $13,500.  passed unanimously.

Motion by Jason to revise CIP 9445:
-0375 remove hywy truck $16,000 and spread over next four years
-0582 Park and Rec equipment reduce $10,500 and move to FY2010
-0745 town clerk vault dehumidifier reduce $11,000 and move to FY2010
Motion seconded by Al. passed unanimously.

Motion by Jason, second by Kathy to reduce IT line 8425-3-325 conf and training by $3,000 and line 8425-3-390 IT purchases reduce by $12,000. passed unanimously.  

Motion by Jason, second by Kathy to remove part time position fron Park and Rec and remove $15,000.  passed unanimously.

There was a short discussion about how the State has cut all training.

Jack Mannette’s cut sheet was discussed and the following two cuts were made:
Motion by Al, seconded by Kathy to reduce office equipment 7-700-1085 by $500. passed unanimously.
Motion by Jason, seconded by Kathy to reduce 8-800-1085 town property by $3,000.  passed unanimously.

We discussed public input again noting that the NO’s wanted contracts and benefits reduced – things that BOF cannot touch.  

JoAnn joined the meeting at 10:34 pm

Motion by Jason to remove conf and training for BOF 1135-3-325 for a reduction of $1,500.  Seconded by Al.  passed unanimously..

The BOF thumbed through the entire budget and could not find any other areas to cut.  Trash disposal is being looked at by the first selectperson and will in all likelihood only go up.

There was some discussion about what would happen if this budget did not pass.

Motion by Jason to send a budget of $32,185,820 to referendum on June 24, 2008 with a mill rate of 21.01 mills.  Seconded by Kathy.  passed unanimously.

Marie appealed to everyone to support the budget and do what you can to get it passed.

Motion by Al second by Jason to adjourn at 11:30.  passed unanimously and meeting adjourned.