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03/15/04 Regular Meeting
East Windsor Housing Authority
Regular  Meeting –  March 15, 2004



The meeting was called to order at 7:02 by Vice-Chairman Beverly Percoski.  Commissioners LaMay and Legassie were in attendance.  Chairman Boutin and Commissioner Kneeland were not in attendance.


        There were no added agenda items


        Regular Meeting –  February 17, 2004

        The minutes of the regular meeting of February 17, 2004 were reviewed by all commissioners present.   A motion was made by Commissioner LaMay, seconded by Commissioner Legassie to accept the minutes as presented.

        LaMayi/Legassie                                 Unanimous


        Albina Wallen, Apt. 10, spoke to the Commissioners present regarding her high electric bill and the fact that her pipes had frozen this winter.   She asked if something couldn’t be done to alleviate this problem.   The Executive Director responded to her comments by stating that we were looking into replacing the roofs on Level 1 and that that should alleviate the problem of the frozen pipes and high electric bills.


        Check Register – February 18 - March 10, 2004

        The check register of February 18 – March 10, 2004 was reviewed by all Commissioners present and all questions answered.  A motion was made by Commissioner Legassie, seconded by Commissioner LaMay to accept the check register as presented.

        Legassie/LaMay                                  Unanimous

Bank Reconciliation Statement – February, 2004

        The bank reconciliation statement for February, 2004 was reviewed by all commissioners present.   No action necessary.


        Over the weekend of March 5, we experienced some problems with supplying water to the complex.   It seems that a box inside the holding tank which switches the well pumps on when the water level gets low filled with water and shorted out.   When the water level in the holding tank dropped, no water was supplied to the complex.   Normally we would have had to call a water tanker  to fill the tank until repairs could be made BUT, anticipating the cleaning of the holding tank this year we installed a by-pass where the well pumps directly to the pressure tanks and continually supply the complex.    The only drawback is that the well pumps run almost constantly.

        The control box that caused the problem has been repaired and will be replaced as soon as possible.  We believe that this was the cause of our E-coli problem.   Everything is back online at this time.


        In the process of replacing stoves, we found that we could get larger stoves with more conveniences on them for a lower price than the stoves we have been buying.   The approximate savings is $50.00.  These stoves are purchased from GE.   Although the larger stoves are only applicable to the one bedroom apartments at this time, we will be on the lookout for comparable replacements for the single apartments.   Replacements will only be made when the current stoves cannot be repaired for a reasonable cost.


        Gary attended a one-day seminar in Farmington on the upgrade by Home Security and local wells.  So far we are in compliance or have scheduled upgrade repairs to bring us in compliance.

        Darlene is still attending accounting classes at Asnuntuck College.  Although she has only attended 12 classes she has been able to upgrade and streamline our accounting system.   I’m sure that this will continue.


        Although we have only one vacancy which should be occupied by the end of the month, we have just received notice that another tenant, Marie Miller, will be moving in with her daughter by the end of the month.   We just can’t quite make that 100% mark.


        There is nothing new to report at this time.

        South Road (Phelps Road Extension)

        Still in process.   I have asked our attorney to check into creating a nom-profit spin-off of the Housing Authority to handle all these outside ventures so the State or CHFA cannot get involved.

        Community Hall Expansion

        The grant has been approved and the monies are ready to be dispersed.  The hold-up has to do with existing grant projects.   Spring Village Elderly Housing, although privately owned, received a grant over a year ago and still has not gone out to bid on it and the town received a grant for improvements to the Warehouse Point section of town and has not gone to bid.   I am told that until these two grants show some activity, we will not receive any monies.

        Shower Installation

        The arrangements have been made to install a walk-in shower in Apt. 6.  This installation is scheduled to begin around March 20th and should be completed around the 2nd or 3rd of April.   The tenant has made arrangements to live elsewhere while this installation is taking place.


        The tractor currently being used by Gary and Darrell for snow removal and various other activities is 19 years old and in desperate need of a complete overhaul.   Currently there is no back or stop working.   We are estimating that it would cost approximately $8,000 to purchase a new one.   At this time, due to the financial constraints, I feel that it would behoove us to have the tractor over-hauled at a cost of approximately $2,000 to $2,500 thus prolonging the life of the tractor.   We will continue to look into the possibility of replacing the tractor if one can be found for a decent price.

        2004-2005 Budget

        As rent recertifications are scheduled to be completed within the next couple of weeks a preliminary 2004-2005 budget should be ready for presentation to the Commission at the April meeting.

        Two things which need to be discussed during the budget process are as follows:

1)      salary increases for the employees of the East Windsor Housing Authority
2)      Pagers – currently we are paying $101.55 a quarter for the use of three (3) pagers.   These pagers have not been used in at least 7 months as we now have the two-way radios in the office (which are used constantly) and every employee has their own personal cell phone.   I am proposing that we discontinue the use of the pagers and as Gary and Darrell have to pay for incoming calls, a stipend of $5.00/month be given to them to cover the cost of the incoming calls.   Every weekend either Gary or Darrell is on call and this stipend would help to defray the cost of their cell phones.   The savings would be approximately $280.00/year.   

A motion was made by Commissioner LaMay, seconded by Commissioner Legassie to give both Gary and Darrell a $5.00/month stipend for the use of their personal cell phones.

        LaMay/Legassie                  Unanimous


        There were no reports of committees


A)      Community Hall/Office Expansion

This was covered in the Report(s) of the Executive Director

B)      Millbrook Complex

This was covered in the Report of the Executive Director.

C)      Policy and Procedures Update

Due to time constraints, any additional Policies and Procedures are not available at this time.   As soon as time and manpower allows, any additional Policies and Procedures will be brought to the attention of the Commissioners.


A)      Report on Legislative Hearing

Commissioner Legassie gave a report on the Legislative Hearing concerning the placement of younger “mentally challenged” individuals in Elderly Housing.   She felt that the hearing went very well, but that the bill proposed by Senator LeBeau to reduce the percentage to 15 was defeated.   Ms. Legassie stated that although the original bill was defeated, Sen. LeBeau’s office is still working on it and when and if anything new comes about she will bring it to the attention of the Commission.

B)      Resignation of Commissioner Gloria Kneeland

Due to continuing ill health, Commissioner Kneeland has written a letter of resignation from the East Windsor Housing Authority, Board of Commissioners effective immediately.

        A motion was made by Commissioner LaMay, seconded by Commissioner Legassie to accept Ms. Kneeland’s letter of resignation and to forward it to the Board of Selectman without recommendation.

        LaMay/Legassie                                  Unanimous


        There was no Executive Session


A motion was made by Commissioner LaMay , seconded by Commissioner Legassie to adjourn the regular meeting of the East Windsor Housing Authority board of Commissioners at 7:35 p.m.

LaMay/Legassie                          Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Steven D. Knibloe
Executive Director

Darlene H, Kelly
Recording Secretary