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05/17/04 EWHA Meeting Minutes



. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Karen Boutin. Commissioners Percoski, LaMay, Legassie and Wichniewicz were present. Chairman Boutin welcomed the newest commissioner Carolyn Wichniewicz who has been appointed to our Board by the Board of Selectman.


There were no Added Agenda Items


Regular Meeting - April 19, 2004

The minutes of the regular meeting of April 19, 2004 were reviewed by all commissioners present. A motion was made by Commissioner LaMay, seconded by Commissioner Legassie to accept the minutes of the regular meeting of April 19, 2004 as presented.




Harriet Goss, Apt. # 12, thanked the office for sending around a notice regarding the cats and the feeding of same.


Check Register - April 21- May 12, 2004

The check register of April 21- May 12, 2004 was reviewed by all commissioners present and all questions answered. A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner Legassie to accept the check register of April 21- May 12, 2004 as presented.


Darlene has completed her second semester at Asnuntuck Community College. She took Financial Accounting and completed the course with an A.

We have started stripping the parking lot on levels 2 and 3. There are 2 apartments vacant which are in the process of being reconditioned and when the reconditioning is completed, we have people ready to go into them.

The well head extension has been completed and as soon as the well has settled in we will start the process of back-filling. The main well will be cleaned and inspected sometime this month.   .

A notice was sent around to all the residents regarding the feeding of the stray animals, cats and so forth at the complex.

The question was put forth as to what was being done about the two cats that are still roaming the complex. Our newest commissioner, Carolyn Wichniewicz, stated that she is putting food in a cage hoping to catch the cats as they supposedly have homes to go to. Commissioner Barbara LaMay responded to this statement by stating that there will be no feeding of any animals and if any resident feeds the animals they will be asked to leave. There followed a discussion concerning the cats and it was suggested that the person (Ms. Wichniewicz) contact Channel 3 news for the name of the person who will help in adopting the cats, or a cat society for their assistance.

There have been reports of ticks on the second and third level and the question was raised as to what could be done to eliminate them. In reality, ticks are very difficult to get rid of and the best advice is to spray around the individual patios with some type of yard guard and when outside wear long sleeves and long pants and use some type of insect repellent. The only protection against ticks (that can be used and will not affect our wells) is a garlic derivative which costs approximately $90.00/gallon (1 gallon will cover approximately 2 - 3 acres) and only last until the next rain.

The executive director, Steve Knibloe, brought to the attention of the commissioners and the residents in attendance an E-Mail that had been sent to him and the First Selectman, Linda Roberts by Carol Wichniewicz on May 11, 2004 (see attached copy) regarding the covering up of crimes with regards to ongoing felonies and the cover-up of same by the administration.

The Executive Director questioned several of the statements made by Ms. Wichniewicz in her e-mail one in particular which was "you have now convinced me that it is necessary to return to the field I know best with 18 years in the

legal field since this is the best way I can help others." She was questioned as to what this statement meant and what exactly did she do in the legal field and was she a lawyer. Ms. Wichniewicz responded to this question by stating that no she was not a lawyer and had in fact only worked as a legal secretary.

Chairman Boutin then stated that she had spoken with Ms. Wichniewicz regarding this last letter and that she had informed Ms. Wichniewicz that no more letters will be mailed and that she will continue to support Steve and the staff at Park Hill. Ms. Boutin also stated that she was upset that Steve Knibloe has been accused of covering up crimes at the East Windsor Housing Authority.

Commissioner LaMay then spoke to the fact that the financial information of all residents are reviewed at least once a year and that as far as she is concerned Steve and Darlene are doing the job they were hired for. She also stated that, in her opinion, it is not the concern of the board or other residents as to the state of a resident's financial situation and if anything wrong is discovered by either Steve or Darlene it will be brought to the attention of the board.

Commissioner Legassie, Apt. #15, responded to the issue of the barking dog in her apartment and the statement that "he ran out of apt. 15 as if he was going to bite me and kept barking and I was really afraid of being bitten". Ms. Legassie responded to this by showing pictures of the dog (a very small dog) and by stating that the dog never parked. Steve Knibloe then responded by saying that he had given permission for Ms. Legassie to "dog sit" for the dog for approximately a week and he had given others in the past the same permission; and has also denied the request to dog sit of other residents due to the size of the dog in question. A neighbor of Ms. Legassie's spoke to these statements regarding the dog by saying that she never once heard the dog bark and that it was a very small dog.

The next item to be discussed was the statement on page 3 "One other thing, there are a few very new and extremely nice people here that don't like it here already because of all that is going on especially those that are paying very large amounts for their single apartments". At this time, Mr. Knibloe referenced a letter that had been received from a tenant this very afternoon refuting what Ms. Wichniewicz had put in her e-mail. Mr. Knibloe then questioned Ms. Wichniewicz as to the identity of the people she was referring to so that the statement could be corroborated and Ms. Wichniewicz refused to give Mr. Knibloe the names of the residents she was referring to because she did not want them to be "harassed in the same way that she was being harassed".

Commissioner LaMay then had the following comments to make:

"One should look into one's own front door and should not concern themselves with
others unless they are causing damage to property here at Park Hill or causing bodily harm.

We are not here to stop people from being people, i.e. snobs, anti-social, people staying to themselves. We should respect their privacy.

We have an open door forum once a month for anyone to come and speak their feelings or advise us of things they feel we should address as a board.

Mr. Knibloe, Darlene, Gary and Darrell are doing a terrific job and we, the members of the board, are aware of the goings on as he advises us. The people that work here are hard working people with the best interest of the residents at hand for safety and for their needs.

We, the members of the board, supply our names, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses for anyone to contact us at anytime.

If residents do not abide by the regulations at Park Hill I suggest they leave. We will continue to monitor anyway we want the goings on with animal control. We will notify any resident that does comply with our safety regulations.

No one here is exempt and we show no favoritism. Our safety rules apply to all as does Steve to notify anyone abusing them.

No keys are in other people's hand except for Steve, Darlene or Gary. Other than emergency personnel no homes are entered unless notified and only then with permission of the resident. Our people do not steal.

How others act to others is not our concern. We will not always be liked by everyone, not this board's problem.

Unless the person said to be prowling is being nosy, unless they are causing harm it is not a concern of this board.

It is not a concern of ours what people were (i.e. vagabonds) before they came to Park Hill. If they pay their rent and live with others comfortably, it is not a concern of the board.

A big thank you to Bob (Robert Caye, #66) for getting the breads. He does this on his own and he can give to whomever. In fact, he shares with the board and we thank him for helping to save pennies for our residents.

We will not tolerate young mentally challenged individuals causing disturbances or problems to our residents. Rules have been, and will continue to be, followed under our direction. We treat all equal.

The recreation hall serves a big purpose to increase - more office, more space for residents to entertain and have private meeting rooms. This is a much needed expansion and not a concern of the residents.

Bids and proposals are always gotten and approved by the board. We will decide who performs any jobs here and this is not a concern of the residents.

We are sorry for all illnesses our residents may have and will do our best to make the necessary adjustments to make them comfortable while they are here. We show no favoritism.

If anyone feels that Steve and his staff are not doing their best by them, they need to notify us and we as a board will address the issue. I do not want Steve threatened in any way. All things can be addressed, corrected and life will be wonderful for all."

Helen Calos, #40, spoke and said that she has been here 7 V2 years and if she ever has a complaint she goes directly to Steve and that as far as she is concerned he has always had an open door policy.

Theresa Rivers, #16, spoke at this time and said she had been here almost 30 years and when she has ever requested anything or had a problem of any kind the people here (the office and maintenance staff) have been very friendly and supportive of her including not asking her to move to a single unit upon the death of her husband; and that as far as she is concerned everyone that works here is working for the good of the residents.

Bob Caye spoke about the fact that he goes and gets breads and pastries once a week for the benefit of the residents here and he does in fact make special deliveries to the residents who cannot get down to the community hall; he also said that everyone is treated fairly and no favoritism has ever been shown.

Steve Knibloe then welcomed Ms. Wichniewicz to the board and reiterated that he has an open door policy.

Commissioner LaMay also welcomed Ms. Wichniewicz to the board and said she looked forward to her being on the board and working together for the greater good of the residents at Park Hill.


There were no reports of committees.



Community Hall/Office Expansion

Everything is status quo with the proposed expansion. The bid proposals are ready to go out and soon as notification is received that the monies for the expansion have been released.


There was no new business


There were no new policy and procedures to review.


There was no executive session.


A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner LaMay to adjourn the regular meeting of the East Windsor Housing Authority at 7:45 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,

Steven D. Knibloe Executive Director

Darlene H. Kelly Recording Secretary


Attachment “A”

Dated at East Windsor, CT: May 11, 2004

To: Steven D. Knibloe, Executive Director       
East Windsor Housing Authority

Copies to be Hand Delivered to all Commission Members, Chief Ed DeMarco and delivery to all Current Residents at EWHA at the next May 17, 2004 meeting

Subject: Covering up of Crimes at EWHA and the "Housing of cats and feeding of stray animals"

I am aware of the ambush you are planning on this upcoming meeting with Police Chief Ed DeMarco. I am prepared for what's coming up. Since this upcoming meeting is regarding SECURITY TO ALL RESIDENTS at Park Hill, the following information is imperative to protect all rights of current residents EQUALLY. I take my Oath seriously "to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God". I do not and will not tolerate threats and harassment and I welcome the opportunity to speak out in the next meeting, especially in front of Police Chief Ed DeMarco, regarding several items of interest with ongoing felonies being committed by specific individuals and the cover-up by the Administration at EWHA.

I was just beginning to believe that since I, for the last several years with no cure and no treatment for this terribly painful disease, that I would be able to get back to work and make a decent salary to cover my expenses. You have now convinced me that it is necessary to return to the field I know best with 18 years in the legal field since this is the best way I can help others. I will no longer be getting the placebo as a specimen medical treatment for my rheumatoid arthritis that I will be starting with the new USDA approved treatment for this crippling disease and how much this is going to help all rheumatoid arthritis suffers for the future.

I have a complaint about a small dog in #15 that is barking all the time and while I was walking passed #15, which I have to do to get to my apartment he ran out as if .he was going to bite me and kept barking and I was really afraid of getting bitten. It is against the rules and regulations for dogs to be allowed on the premises for just this reason. They disturb neighbors by the loud barking and they are unsafe for anyone walking by. This is the same dog that has been barking for almost a full week now to include during the night when most residents are trying to sleep. I do not understand why you go after the crippled, mentally challenged and the innocent defenseless cats when they keep away snakes and lots of bugs and most of all warn you when a larger animal is near. Yon allow some residents to come into EWHA Board Meetings telling lies and the truth you don't want to hear and you intentionally leave off the final minutes of the EWHA Board of Directors Minutes. "Special privileges for some for not for all."


1. 1 have a witness that brought me to your office when I came in with my application because I was unable to do it by myself and he heard you, Steve, make the statement to both of us in your office, and say "we allow cats but we do not allow dogs". You did not say "we allow one (1) cat and no dogs". My witness does not like cats either but he is willing to testify in court or in front of anyone and everyone necessary so the truth be told even though he was disappointed that I was able to bring my two cats. He even spoke about it when we were walking out and he said: "I guess this means YQU will be taking your cats." My response to him was: "I guess?" I will now be bringing my witness to the next meeting on May 17, 2004, or the meeting to follow since he has no reason to lie. I will also bring my witnesses that you told others that have 2 cats that "it isn't a problem?" Why are you picking on me?

2. For the record, I have NOT fed any of the outside cats since the last East Windsor Housing Association Meeting. I have been abiding by this since 1 attended the meeting on April 19, 2004 regarding cats, cats, cats. The reasons for feeding these specific cats were because we have homes ready for them. Dave in #14, his mother wants them and that's why this has been happening because we chose to keep them alive and not have them killed and that is why I brought this up about "other avenues to follow" which never got into the recent Minutes EWHA Board of Directors for the public viewing, accident, no intentional. We were trying to catch them before you get them to save their lives.

3. How many pictures did you take of others feeding same cats? You will need to bring them to the next East Windsor Housing Authority Meeting on May 17, 2004 and show how many others were feeding strays at the same time or are you just being prejudiced in singling me out since you now want me out of here along with all the other handicapped/disabled persons? Pauline Legassie has fed animals down here over the fence also, so I guess she is exempt from any and all rules.

4. I found also that the two items I brought up were intentionally omitted from the EWHA Board of Directors Meeting on April 17th. The two suggestions that 1 made were: "I couldn't understand why the staff at EWHA couldn't get at lease a 2% raise since all of us seniors just received a 2% increase anyway". The second one Omitted was: "I couldn't understand why we couldn't find other ways of getting rid of the stray cats instead of the methods being used presently". Why were these omitted? A mistake or intentionally omitted?

5. Just for your records, I will be submitting my veterinarian's bill, under separate cover to the whole Board of Directors, showing that I no longer have two (2) cats anymore. Kaspir was a very old cat but I am sure you and Pauline will be very happy about the fact that he is no longer with me, his ashes have been spread at my mothers 28 acres in Enfield.

6. Why was our Director of EWHA cleaning out cartons of papers from his office at twilight the night before the State of Connecticut's Audit by Noreen Farmer? He was seen by at least three (3) different individuals. This may answer some of Noreen Farmer's questions and will be very happy to hear this. That was not a good time to be cleaning house. You, Steve, asked the question yourself at one of the past meeting that "you didn't understand why more records were requested by the State of Connecticut".

I have done nothing wrong since I came into EWHA except try and make the elderly and some handicapped individuals that do not get out very often, enjoy good company and good food at my own costs. I have heard the rumors set forth that I did this with an ulterior motive. This had to come from someone with a particular person that does not believe that we are all created equal and have their own selfish agenda. This was far from the truth and you know this to be untrue. I truly believe that each and every person deserves to be treated humanely because no one ever knows when or if one of our own family members whether our own sons or daughters, grandchildren, sister or brothers, parents, and even aunts and uncles may suddenly become handicapped or old.

You have been harassing me for some time now because I brought serious problems to your attention. Yon chose to ignore this. I had brought to your attention that John Boice in Apartment #1 was and has been working for quite a few years, the whole time he has been living here at EWHA and you have been covering for him. He is not paying Federal taxes, State of Connecticut taxes and not paying his fair and correct rent to EWHA as the rules apply to the rest of us. This makes him a double felon according to law. You are responsible for aiding and abetting the Federal and State Statutes that requires you to have informed them long ago. You told me at that same time "that nothing can be done because it cannot be proven". Well the Federal Government doesn't agree with you. Now you will find out that as far as this felon is concerned and since you continue to persecute and threaten innocent people and animals, I have contacted the Federal Government and they will be handling this investigation. You have been protecting violators and felons but nice caring people that try to help other's and do good things with them to improve their quality of life here, you like to harass.

One other thing, there are a few very new and extremely nice people here that don't like it here already because of all that is going on especially those that are paying very large amounts for their single apartments.

Carolyn N. Wichniewicz Apt. #18