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10/17/05 EWHA Meeting Minutes
East Windsor Housing Authority
Regular Meeting - October 17 , 2005


        The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Karen Boutin.  Commissioners LaMay, Legassie and Mezzetti were in attendance.  Commissioner Percoski was absent.


        There were no Added Agenda items.


        Regular Meeting September 19, 2005

        The minutes of the regular meeting of September 19, 2005 were reviewed by all commissioners present.   A motion was made by Commissioner LaMay, seconded by Commissioner Mezzetti  to accept the minutes of the regular meeting of September 19, 2005 as presented.

        LaMay/Mezzetti                  Unanimous


        There were no public comments.


        Check Register - September 21 - October 12, 2005

        The check register of September 21 - October 12, 2005 was reviewed by all commissioners present and all questions answered.   A motion was made by
Commissioner Legassie seconded by Commissioner LaMay to accept the check register of September 21 - October 12, 2005 as presented.

        Legassie/LaMay                                  Unanimous

Bank Reconciliation September, 2005

        The Bank Reconciliation of September, 2005 was reviewed by all Commissioners present.   No action necessary as this is informational only.



        We suffered some water damage to the offices during the recent storm.  The water came over the drain pipe and into the building.  Darlene’s office suffered the most with the carpet being totally saturated and unable to use the computer until the components had dried out.  We are in the process of drying out the carpeting with fans and heat and our computer person was able to dry out the components on the computer so the computer is once again working.  Hopefully within the next day or so the carpet will be dried out.

        Darlene is once again taking applications for the Energy Assistance Program for our residents here and will be starting this process in mid-November.

        We experienced water problems on the 3rd level also.  The rain was coming down so hard that one of the vents on the roof filled up and spilled over into the residents apartment filling up their stove with water.  Hopefully, within the next two to three years we are looking to put a new roof on level 3 and once this is completed start over again with Level 1.

        We sent around a notice to all our residents regarding a recent telephone scam where the caller tells the person answering the phone that their account at the bank has been closed and then proceeds to ask for their account number and subsequently can clean the person’s account out.  Two of our residents have been victims of the scam, one of whom slammed the phone down on the caller and notified the office.  The other resident gave out their account information  and after receiving the notice, notified the office, called their bank and had their accounts changed and also notified the East Windsor Police Department.


        There were no Reports of Committees


A)      Community Hall/Office Expansion

There was a pre-bid walk-through at the Community Hall on October 13th with 6 companies, Slam and Wagner Associates represented.  All six companies have paid the fee and picked up the plans and specification.  The bid opening should be sometime towards the end of October - beginning of November - at the Town Hall.  Once the bids are opened there is a 7 day turn around for background and previous work checks before the contract(s) is awarded.

We hope to have foundation poured by the middle of November and start the renovations on the Community Hall shortly thereafter.

We have received the approval from Planning and Zoning, Water Pollution Control Authority and Inlands/Wetlands.  The necessary permit applications are at the Building Department and once we get the approval of the Building Department and the Fire Marshall we will be good to go.


        A)      Tenant Grievance - Ruth Medeiros.

        Ms. Medeiros and her lawyer, Michelle Fica from the Greater Hartford Legal Aid, spoke to the Commission members present regarding the Notice to Quit and other problems that have occurred since Ms. Medeiros has been a resident at Park Hill.

        Ms. Fica spoke to the Commission members regarding the financial difficulties that Ms. Medeiros is facing and that these financial difficulties are preventing her from paying her rent in a timely manner with a check that has funds to cover it.  Ms. Fica told the Commission members present that the IRS has attached a portion of Ms. Medeiros’ Social Security check which is making it difficult for her to pay all of her bills.  

        At this point, the Executive Director, Steven Knibloe, interjected and stated to Ms. Fica that Park Hill is an independent entity and that we do not receive any outside subsidies and that we exist solely on the rents collected.
Mr. Knibloe also told Ms. Medeiros that if she had come to him and explained the difficulties she was having we would have been able to make arrangements for payment of her rent.

        Ms. Fica then went on to explain that Ms. Medeiros is suffering from a depressive disorder and that that is one of the reasons she acts the way that she does.

        Ms. Fica also explained that because of a tax problem in 1995 the IRS has attached Ms. Medeiros’ social security check and although Ms. Medeiros has sought assistance through the UConn Tax Law Clinic, the problem has yet to be resolved and until it is resolved, the attachment of her check will continue.

        The Commission members present then questioned Ms. Medeiros and Ms. Fica regarding the electricity being shut off, the loud parties that had the East Windsor Police Department out here to investigate, the long-term guests and why DCF was called in regards to the infant that was staying in her apartment.

        Ms. Fica stated that the problem with the electric bill was due to the fact that a person Ms. Medeiros knew used her social security number to secure electric service and then neglected to pay the bill.  Ms. Fica also informed the Commission members present that they were now working with C.L. & P. to clear up the arreages and due to Ms. Medeiros’ physical condition, the power will not be turned off.

        As to the loud parties, the long-term guests and DCF being called to investigate Ms. Medeiros stated that there never had been any loud parties - the  people involved were just talking on the front lawn, that there were no longer any long-term guests in her apartment and that DCF had investigated the complaint regarding the infant and found nothing that warranted going any further than an “unofficial visit”.

        Ms. Fica also stated that Ms Medeiros would be willing to sign a stipulation to the fact that her rent would be paid by a certain date and that if the rent was not paid the eviction procedures would be reopened due to non-compliance.  Ms. Fica also said that along with the payment of the rent Ms. Medeiros would be willing to pay a certain amount each month to cover the legal fees which have been expended to date.

        At this point, Chairman Boutin thanked Ms. Fica and Ms. Medeiros for coming to the meeting to discuss the matter and that the Commission would go into Executive Session to reach a decision on the matter.


        05-0032 - Satellite Dish Policy

        As Commissioner LaMay was not present at the last stated meeting when this policy was accepted, she had a question for the Executive Director on this policy.  Ms. LaMay questioned the Executive Director on the removal of the satellite dish and/or platform holding said dish.  She stated that she felt that it should be included in the policy that the removal of same should be taken care of by East Windsor Housing Authority personnel only.  Mr. Knibloe said that he would write an addendum to the Policy regarding same.

        A motion was made by Commissioner Mezzetti, seconded by Commissioner Legassie to go into Executive Session at 7:30 pm. to include the Executive Director for the purposes of discussing the possible eviction of Ruth Medeiros.

        Mezzetti/Legassie                                       Unanimous

        A motion was made by Commissioner Mezzetti, seconded by Commissioner Legassie to come out of Executive Session at 7:40 p.m.

        Mezzetti/Legassie                                       Unanimous

ACTION TAKEN:  A motion was made by Commissioner LaMay, seconded by Commissioner Legassie that the following stipulations regarding Ms. Medeiros would go into effect immediately:

        1)      Ms. Medeiros is to have a stipulation drawn up, to be signed by all parties concerned, that her rent of $285.00  plus an additional $20.00 to cover legal expenditures will be paid electronically on a specific date.

        2)      Under no circumstances is the power to be turned off again,

        3)      If Ms. Medeiros is to have overnight guests for more than three (3) nights the Executive Director is to be notified.

        4)      If at anytime in the future any of the above are not followed, eviction proceedings for non-compliance would be picked up.

        LaMay/Legassie                                  Unanimous


        A motion was made by Commissioner Mezzetti , seconded by Commissioner Legassie to adjourn the regular meeting of the East Windsor Housing Authority at 7:50 p.m.

        Mezzetti/Legassie                                       Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Steven D. Knibloe
Executive Director

Darlene H. Kelly
Recording Secretary