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June 23, 2008 Meeting Minutes
East Windsor Housing Authority
Regular Meeting – June 16, 2008


        The meeting was called to order at 6:45 p.m. Chairman Karen Boutin, Commissioners LaMay, Lamb, Legassie and Percoski were in attendance.


        There was one Added Agenda Item.

        Under New Business:


        Regular Meeting – May 19, 2008

        The minutes of the regular meeting of May 19, 20008 were reviewed by all Commissioners present.  A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner LaMay to accept the minutes of the regular meeting of May 19, 2008 as presented.

        Percoski/LaMay          Unanimous

        Annual Meeting – May 19, 2008

        The minutes of the Annual Meeting of May 19, 2008 were reviewed by all Commissioners present. A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner LaMay to accept the minutes of the annual meeting of May 19, 2008 as presented.

        Percoski/LaMay  Unanimous


        There were no Public Comments.

        Check Register – May 21 – June 11, 2008

        The check register for May 21 – June 11, 2008 was reviewed by all commissioners present and all questions answered.   A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner LaMay to accept the check register of May 21 – June 11, 2008 as presented.

        Percoski/LaMay                          Unanimous

Bank Reconciliation May, 2007

        The Bank Reconciliation of May, 2008 was reviewed by all commissioners present.


We currently have two apartments vacant.  Both are in different stages of rehabilitation.  We do have a large waiting list and will fill these apartments as soon as they are ready.


This past month we denied three applications, two for bad recommendations from other housing authorities, also extremely bad credit and one for drug related criminal conviction which they neglected to include in the application.

Roaming Juveniles

We had an incident of several roaming black and Hispanic juveniles walking through Park Hill.  They were confronted and stated first that they were visiting their grandmother at #32; they did not know they were talking with the Executive Director.   They recanted and stated that they were in the woods and got lost.  They subsequently came through the fence.

A check of the fence found that a gate on the third level had been removed from its hinges.   Apparently the gate had been previously altered to allow access of equipment and never repaired.  The gate was repaired and locked.  No further incidents have been reported.


I have spoken with CHFA regarding roof replacements.  They guaranteed a 6% 15 year loan for roof replacement.  According to their figures the quarterly management fees that we pay them would more than cover the loan payments subsequently costing us no more than we pay now.

We will be requesting bids for roof and gutter replacement on seven buildings within the next ten days.  We hope to have the roofs replaced by fall.


The windshield of a tenants vehicle was smashed by person or persons unknown using what appears to be a tire iron or something in that category.  Police were notified and are investigating.

Resident Services Coordinator

Since Darlene Kelly now does most of the functions of the RSC, she has asked and I have agreed that she can assume the balances of the RSC working an additional 6 to 10 hours per week.  We agreed she will keep track of her hours and that in no way will she accrue overtime.

There was a lengthy discussion concerning this matter among the Commissioners present and the Executive Director.   Three (3) of the commissioners present were opposed to the idea of Darlene taking the position of Resident Services Coordinator due to the fact that she is associated with Park Hill; and they felt that the position would better be served by employing an outside individual for this position.   The Executive Director replied to this by stating that he has had contact with the State and several other housing authorities in this area and there is no one interested in working this position on a strictly part-time basis.  The Executive Director also explained that many of the duties that are required of the Resident Services Coordinator are already being performed by Darlene and that as she is familiar with the residents and they are comfortable with her that she is a viable candidate for this position.  There was additional discussion among the commissioners and it was a consensus that Darlene would assume the duties of the Resident Services Coordinator for a period of three (3) months, at which time this issue would be revisited.   It was also a request of the Chairman that a written report on the Resident Services Coordinator be presented to the Commissioners on a monthly basis.

Miscellaneous Information

Our long time plumber, Marc Brennan has retired? (And gone to work for the East Windsor Water Pollution Control)

We have retained the services of George Hargraves who has agreed to the conditions that Brennan worked under including emergency call out and equipment maintenance.

Darrell has been keeping up with the maintenance of Park Hill, but we are looking for a part time person to power wash the buildings and spray the sidewalks and parking areas for weeds.  Eric Hargraves, the part timer we have used for the past two years has agreed to return to complete these tasks.

Upgrades – Northeast Utilities

Darlene and I had a meeting last week with Raymond Mack, a representative from Northeast Utilities wherein utility upgrades to Park Hill, i.e. refrigerators, air conditioning, lights and shower heads were discussed.   Mr. Mack did a walk about of the property with Darlene and was impressed with how nice Park Hill is; and what improvements could be made by Northeast Utilities with regards to the residents living here.   An e-mail has been received from Mr. Mack this date stating that he has been in contact with the contractor for Northeast Utilities and upgrades on the air conditioners should begin around the second week of July.


There is a tenant on the first level who has been served eviction papers by the Sheriff’s department.  The apartment is in a state of deplorable filth and is a definite health and fire hazard due to the accumulated trash and garbage.  An inspection of the apartment had been scheduled for today (June 16th) but due to the illness of the tenant involved, the inspection was postponed to Thursday, June 19th; when the inspection will occur irregardless of the wishes of the tenant.

There is a possible second eviction involving a tenant on the second level due to non payment of rent and failure to comply with the yearly re-certification process.  When additional information is available, it will be brought to the attention of the commissioners.

There were no Reports of Committees


A)      PILOT Payment

        There is nothing new to report on the PILOT payment.  The Executive Director will write a letter to the First Selectman requesting a meeting with the entire Board of Selectman.

B)      Resident Services Coordinator Program

         This was discussed during the Report of the Executive Director.

C)     Bus for the mentally challenged/disabled residents

        There is no additional information on this at the present time.   At the request of the Chairman, it has been tabled until the July, 2008 meeting.

D)      Residents Booklet

        At the request of the Chairman, this has been tabled until the July, 2008 meeting.


A)      Dogs

The Chairman stated that she had been up at Park Hill over the weekend and noticed that one of the tenants on the second level had a dog outside on a leash and questioned whether or not the office was aware of it.  Commissioner Legassie spoke up at this point and said that the tenant was dog-sitting for her daughter as the dog was being groomed in this area, that it was only for a couple of days and only happened twice a year.   There was no further discussion regarding this matter.


There were no new Policy and Procedures
A)      Personnel Matters

        A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner Lamb to go into Executive Session at 7:15 p.m. to include the Executive Director and Administrative Assistant as needed.

        Percoski/Lamb                                   Unanimous

        The Executive Session was closed at 7:30 p.m. with no action taken.


A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner Legassie to adjourn the regular meeting of the East Windsor Housing Authority at 7:34 p.m.

        Percoski/Legassie                                               Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Steven D. Knibloe
Executive Director

Darlene H. Kelly
Recording Secretary