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March 16, 2009 Meeting Minutes
East Windsor Housing Authority
Regular Meeting – March 16, 2009


        The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman Boutin.  Commissioners LaMay, Lamb, and Percoski were present.  Commissioner Legassie was not present


There were two items added to the Agenda:

Under New Business
  • Federal Posters
  • Copy Machine
A motion was made by Commissioner LaMay, seconded by Commissioner Lamb to go out of order to Executive Session when the First Selectman, Denise Menard and the Housing Authority Attorney, Ralph Alexander arrive.

        LaMay/Lamb                                      Unanimous

Regular Meeting – February 17, 2009

        The minutes of the regular meeting of February 17. 2009 were reviewed by all Commissioners present.   A motion was made by Commissioner LaMay, seconded by Commissioner Percoski to accept the minutes of February 17, 2009 as presented.

        LaMay/Percoski  Unanimous


Check Register – February 18 – March 11, 2009

        The check register for February 18 – March 11, 2009 was reviewed by all commissioners present and all questions answered.   A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner LaMay to accept the check register of February 18 – March 11, 2009 as presented

        Percoski/LaMay                                  Unanimous

Bank Reconciliation February, 2009

        The Bank Reconciliation of January, 2009 was reviewed by all commissioners present.


        Karen Nasuta, #73 inquired as to whether or not a notice could be sent with regards to people minding their own business.  The Chairman, Karen Boutin responded to this by stating that she had included a poem in her last newsletter and in the next one would be reiterating about rumors and people getting along with their neighbors and minding their own business.

Nancy Spencer, #79 spoke to the fact that people were getting excited about the prospect of a Tag sale and that the plans for the tag sale were coming along nicely.   She also reported to the Board that Nancy Fortin, #76 had cut down a maple tree in her front yard.


Through the generous donation from USA Hauling, we were able to purchase a WII for the community hall.  There will be an instruction class for anyone interested and we’re hoping to start up a couple of WII leagues – either bowling or darts.

There was a St. Patrick’s Day social on Friday, March 13th and we were entertained by 1 on Achord out of Ellington.  Although the attendance was not the best, everyone that did come had a good time and really enjoyed the music.

On May 16th there will be a tag sale in front of tenant’s apts.  We will use the “back 40” to park cars and people will be able to walk from one end to the other of the complex.   The Community Hall will not be open on that day.

We have started a new program this week; it’s called Beanies for Baghdad.  The goal of the program is to collect beanie babies, stuffed animals, match box cars, knitted hats, gloves, scarves, etc.   The items collected will be sent to our soldiers in Baghdad, Kosovo and Afghanistan for distribution to the children in those countries.  Two of our residents have volunteered to be in charge of this project and we are hoping to get other organizations from the Town of East Windsor involved.

There are two (2) apartments currently available and we anticipate two more becoming available in April and May.  The available apartments are in the process of being refurbished and as soon as they are completed, they will be rented.

We have purchased two (2) refrigerators and one (1) stove from Lowe’s at a substantial savings over what we were paying to get the same appliances through GE direct.

Alice Samson, Apt. 4, is planning on starting Bingo during the day for the residents at Park Hill.  When more information is available it will be brought to the attention of the commissioners.

We are in the process of inspecting apartments.   We are inspecting doors, alarms, windows, plumbing and electrical – this has not been done in three (3) years and should be done twice a year.

Three (3) grants have been applied for – 1 for the year 2010, we have put a grant request into United Way for $8400 to help our residents defray the cost of their electric bills, and through CHFA (with the help of Darlene) for monies to repair the roofs on seven (7) buildings.   When any additional information is forthcoming, it will be brought to the attention of the Commissioners.

Darlene and I are working together on possibly have a food competition and have each entry judged.   We are thinking that maybe the first one could be appetizers.   When the plans are finalized, we will be notifying everyone.


As the energy season is winding, there were still several residents that requested assistance with filling out the energy applications.  

The other applications where assistance was requested was the new ConnPace application and the annual redetermination for the State of Connecticut, Department of Social Services.

Rent letters have been typed for several residents to aid them in their redetermination with the State of Connecticut.

There were other issues which involved tenants on a personal level and this will be discussed in closed session.


The report on the lock boxes and the representative from the Broad Brook Fire Department has been postponed until our April meeting.


  • Scam notification from Monroe Housing Authority
We received an e-mail from the Monroe Housing Authority that a scam has been going around targeting their elderly residents.   They have been getting phone calls telling them that their granddaughter or a family member is in distress and that they need to take a certain amount of money to the local Wal-Mart to help their family members out.  The Monroe police have been notified and they were able to stop one elderly lady from giving away her money.   This is for informational purposes as a warning to our elderly not to get pulled in to this scam, and if they should receive this type of phone call to immediately notify the Police and the office of the Housing Authority.


  • Federal Posters
In order to be in compliance with all the Federal and State laws regarding the posting of all regulations regarding employment and employment issues, it will be necessary for us to purchase the Federal Posters.  After a lengthy discussion among the commissioners present, a motion was made by Commissioner LaMay, seconded by Commissioner Lamb to purchase the Federal posters.

        LaMay/Lamb                                      Unanimous

  • Copy Machine
Our existing copy machine is wearing out – we have been leasing it since 2005 and have made a total to date of over 87,000 copies – and have recently had to have it repaired and the repairman told us it wouldn’t last much longer.   Darlene has been working with a couple of companies in the area to get quotes for a new machine.   When the quotes have been received it will be brought to the attention of the commissioners.


There were no Policy and Procedures


  • Personnel matters
  • Pending Legal Issues
A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner Lamb to go into Executive Session at 7:25 p.m. for the purpose of discussing personnel matters and pending legal issues, to include the First Selectman Denise Menard, the Housing Authority Attorney Ralph Alexander and Darlene Kelly as needed.

        Percoski/Lamb                   Unanimous

A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner LaMay to come out of Executive Session at 8:55 p.m.

        Percoski/LaMay                          Unanimous

A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner Lamb to authorize Sharon Grace to move from apt. 31 to apt. 81.   The reason for the move is her extreme allergy to carpeting which apt 81 does not have.

        Percoski/Lamb                           Lamb – Aye
                                                        LaMay – Nay
                                                        Percoski – Aye

The motion was carried.


A motion was made by Commissioner Percoski, seconded by Commissioner LaMay to adjourn the regular meeting of the East Windsor Housing Authority at 8:56 p.m.

        Percoski/LaMay                                  Unanimous

Respectfully submitted,

Darlene H. Kelly
Recording Secretary