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Ordinance Concerning Curb Cuts & Driveway Designs

The following ordinance was adopted at a Special Town Meeting duly warned and held on September 13, 2001.  Said ordinance shall become effective fifteen (15) days from the publication thereof.


A Curb Cut Permit is required for all curb cuts into a Town owned roads. Curb cuts shall be limited to one per property, unless otherwise approved by the Town Engineer, Town Planner and/or the Planning and Zoning Commission, and adequate sight lines shall be demonstrated.  
On corner lots, driveways shall be located as far as possible from the intersection, as is practical. Driveways shall not be more than 30 feet wide at the street line and perpendicular to the street line, unless approved by the Town Engineer and/or Town Planner. A curbed island may be required for channeling traffic if a driveway wider than 30-feet is approved or required.  All curb cuts on State Roads shall require State approvals.

Permit Required
All curb cuts, except those approved as part of a site plan, subdivision, and/or zoning permit, shall require a “Curb Cut Permit” issued by the Planning and Zoning Department. The application shall be submitted a minimum of 72 hours prior to any work being performed and shall include the following:
A map identifying the location of the proposed curb cut.
A $400 cash bond for installation of a driveway apron. (The apron shall be defined as the portion of the driveway that is within the public right-of-way.)

Ord. 01-02
                                                Attest:  Karen W. Gaudreau CCTC                                                                                                       Town Clerk of East Windsor
Journal Inquirer
October 17, 2001