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House Numbering (repeals 77-5)

The following ordinance was adopted at a Special Town Meeting duly warned and held on June 27, 2002. Said ordinance shall become effective fifteen (15) days from the publication thereof.

“House Numbering Ordinance”
A.      Repeal
The adoption of this ordinance shall repeal Town Ordinance 77-5 (House Numbering Ordinance).

B.      Street Numbering Authority
The Town Assessor shall be responsible for assigning addresses to all houses, apartments, trailers, condominiums, and places of business.

C. Display of street numbers required.
It is the intent and purpose of this section to establish an efficient and safe numbering system for the identification of specific locations in the Town. The owner of each residential, commercial or industrial building shall affix the street number to such building in the manner herein specified:
Such number shall be at least 3 inches in height, contrast in color to the building, and shall be visible from the street to which it relates.
The number shall be affixed either at the top or to the side of the main entrance of the building facing that street.  If the building is more than 100 feet from the road or if the number on the building is not clearly visible from the street, an additional like number or number shall be displayed on either a mailbox, post or fence, along the street line, clearly identifying the property, in a manner so as to be visible from either direction of travel on the street.
For apartments, condominiums, industrial and commercial buildings, each principal building shall bear the number assigned the frontage on which the front entrance is located.  In case a principal building is occupied by more than one business or family dwelling unit, each separate front entrance of such principal building shall bear a separate number or letter.

Penalties for offenses
Any person who violates this section shall be fined in an amount not to exceed twenty-five dollars for each violation, with each month to be considered a separate violation.  However, any violations cited within 60 days of the effective date of this chapter shall be given a warning only. The Town Planner or his/her designated agents shall be responsible for enforcing the provisions and carrying out the intent of this ordinance.
Ord. 02-02                                                                   
        Karen W. Gaudreau CCTC
        Town Clerk of East Windsor
Journal Inquirer
July 8, 2002