KNOW YE THAT, [DEVELOPER/GRANTOR], of the Town of East Windsor, County of Hartford and State of Connecticut (“Grantor”) for valuable consideration received to my full satisfaction of the TOWN OF EAST WINDSOR, a municipal corporation having its territorial limits within the County of Hartford and State of Connecticut (“Grantee”), does hereby grant, bargain, sell and convey unto the said Grantee, its successors and assigns forever, the following perpetual easement for drainage of surface and storm water onto and through premises of Grantor, together with the right to discharge such water onto and over the land of the Grantor.

Said drainage easement is shown as Proposed 20’ Drainage Easement in Favor of the Town of East Windsor on a map or plan entitled [“Topographic Plan/Plot Plan 00 Something Road, Applicant:  John Smith, 00 Another Road, Anytown, CT 06000 Owner:  Sally Smith, Road Name Road, Sometown, CT 06000, Mr. Survey & Associates, 00 Engineer Road, Thattown, Connecticut 06000, Scale 1” = 20’ Date 1/17/00 Sheet 0 of 0] which is on file in the Town Clerk’s office of East Windsor.

Together with the right to construct, maintain, inspect, use and operate, repair and replace catch basins, culverts and drainage pipes and their appurtenances and to drain water on, through and across the parcel and to enter upon the parcel and to pass over the same, including the right to perform any work necessary or convenient for the construction, maintenance, inspection, use, operation, repair, replacement or protection of said catch basins, culverts and pipes and to promote the flow of water.

The Grantee agrees that any damage caused by construction or entry upon said lots will be corrected and restored to a condition substantially equal to that existing prior to such damage, commensurate, however, with the above-described uses of said land.

The Grantor herein reserves to himself, his heirs, successors and assigns, the right to continue to use the land within which the aforesaid easement has been granted for any uses and purposes which shall not interfere with the use thereof by the Grantee, its successors and assigns, in fulfilling the purposes for which this easement is granted.  In the exercise of his rights hereunder, Grantor will not, however, cause or permit any activities to be conducted or cause or permit any buildings or structures to erected or plant or cause to be planted any trees which will in any way interfere with the exercise by Grantee of any rights hereby granted.

TO HAVE AND TO HOLD the above granted and bargained premises with the appurtenances thereof, unto it the said Grantee, its successors and assigns, to it and its own proper use and benefit forever.  And I, do, hereby covenant with it the said Grantee, and its successors and assigns, that I have full power and authority, to grant and convey the above described premises in manner and form aforesaid, and for myself, my successors and assigns, do further covenant to warrant and defend the same to it, the said Grantee, its successors and assigns, against the claims of any person or persons whomsoever, claiming by, form or under me.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and seal this                  day of                             2003.

Signed, sealed and delivered

in the presence of:

______________________                 ________________________




State of Connecticut)     ss. East Windsor

County of Hartford)

Personally appeared, Developer/Grantor, as aforesaid, signer and sealer of the foregoing instrument and acknowledged to be his free act and deed, before me.


                                                              Notary Public