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May 8, 2007 Special Minutes

Mr. Filipone called the meeting to order on Tuesday, May 8, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall


Edward Filipone, First Selectman  
Kenneth Crouch, Deputy First Selectman
Thomas Sinsigallo, Selectman  
Gil Hayes, Selectman
Mark Simmons, Selectman


MOTION: To add to Section 8, Item C:  Application to be considered:  Edward Endee, Police Commission
                Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Mr. Sinsigallo


A.      Regular Meeting Minutes of April 17, 2007

MOTION: To accept the regular meeting minutes of April 17, 2007, with the following correction:  Section IV, Item B.  “Special Meeting Minutes of April 3, 2007 held Jointly with Board of Finance.  Motion made by Mr. Crouch, seconded by Mr. Hayes”.
                Made by Mr. Sinsigallo, seconded by Mr. Simmons.


Jack Manette, ___________________
Mr. Manette read a detailed letter, which was presented to the Board of Selectmen members.  Mr. Manette expressed concern regarding the May 9, 2007 Police Commission agenda item, under new business, contract renewal for Chief.   Mr. Manette felt the employment contract with the Chief, and the one to be set with the Captain, needed to be reviewed by other members of Town or agencies instead of solely the Police Commission.  He expressed concern with the terms and 10 year extension, when most municipal jobs usually last three years.  He is concerned with a slated eight year extension prior to the expiration of the current contract.  Mr. Manette stated that the salary and fringe benefits exceed $2 million through 2015.  He was not aware of any public meeting to discuss this and he questioned the legality.   He requested that the Board of Selectmen step in before the Police Commission signs this agreement.  There has been no reference of prior review of the agreement by the Board of Selectmen, the Town Attorney or any other Board.  As a taxpayer he feels there needs to be checks and balances in place. He trusted the Board of Selectmen will do what is best for the town.

Mr. Filipone did provide comment, in that he spoke with the Town Attorney and, while there is not an answer in writing, Mr. Filipone is 99% sure the Police Commission has the authority to agree to the terms.  It is his impression it is within that Commissions auspice, but this can be reviewed again.  Mr. Filipone has been trying to coordinate a meeting with the Police Commission and the Board of Finance, but has not received a response to date.   Mr. Hayes indicated that the copy of the new Captain and Chief contracts are on file in the Town Clerk’s office.  It was also stated that longer contracts are sometimes good for negotiations.

VI.     COMMUNICATIONS – These items were for the Board’s information.

A.      May 1, 2007 Public Hearing Minutes
B.      Board and Commission Assignment Update
C.      Community Day, May 12, 2007
D.      Connecticut Labor Force Data, March 2007
E.      CCM, Impact on East Windsor
F.      Correspondence from the Visiting Nurse & Health Services of Connecticut
G.      Correspondence from Governor M. Jodi Rell
H.      Mill Pond Village re: Community Resource Officer              

*Brief discussion on this item took place with the Board and input was received from Chief Edward DeMarco.  Chief DeMarco indicated the EWPD was interested in continuing the program, but there is a failure by Winn Management  to be able to financially support the position.  As of June 30 the position will be vacated due to lack of funding.  The various ideas to support the position, and the problems it creates within EWPD as to regular scheduling and overtime ramifications was discussed at length, as well as the vacancy it would create on the patrol force.  It was indicated this position can be accomplished as a private duty job – including the officer and vehicle, at private duty rates.  Currently the ball is within Winn Management’s court.  


A.      Edward Filipone, First Selectman

Board of Finance:  The Board has recommended to send the budget, as proposed - with no changes, to Town Meeting.

B.      Kenneth Crouch, Deputy First Selectman  - No report.
C.      Thomas Sinsigallo, Selectman – No report.

D.      Gilbert Hayes, Selectman

The banquet for the Boys Basketball Team was a great success.  Melissa Green, Director of Parks and Recreation, was acknowledged for her efforts in this regard.

E.      Mark Simmons, Selectman

PZC and WPCA – The latest Planning and Zoning Commission meeting applications and proposals was discussed briefly.  Mr. Simmons was impressed with the land use Boards and the thoughts put into aesthetics, future use and potential negative effects.  He was impressed with the volunteers on these Boards.


A.      Resignation:
Tammy Sorensen-Duray, Board of Finance, Pension Board and Warehouse Point Ad Hoc Committee

MOTION: To accept, with regret, the resignation of Tammy Sorensen-Duray from the Board of Finance, Pension Board and Warehouse Point Ad Hoc Committee.
                Made by Mr. Sinsigallo, seconded by Mr. Crouch
B.      Re-Appointment:
Veterans Commission Grave Committee
·       Ron Hwalek, George Butenkoff, David Malo, two-year term expiring June 1, 2009

MOTION: To reappoint to the Veterans Commission Grave Committee for a two year term to expire June 1, 2009 the following:  Ron Hwalek, George Butenkoff and David Malo.
                Made by Mr. Sinsigallo, seconded by Mr. Simmons.

C.      New Appointments, Applications to be considered:
Steven D. Knibloe, Police Commission, term to expire 11/20/2007
                Edward Endee, Police Commission, term to expire 11/20/2007

Extensive discussion took place regarding these two applications.  Mr. Knibloe was nominated by the Republican Town Committee and Mr. Endee was nominated by the Nominating Committee of the Republican Town Committee.   Mr. Hayes inquired as to how there are two recommendations.   Mr. Crouch indicated that the nominating committee provided a nomination, Mr. Endee, and then a nomination came off the floor at the meeting.  The vote at the meeting presented Mr. Knibloe as the nominee for the Republican Town Committee.  Mr. Sinsigallo provided detail as to Mr. Endee’s resume and knowledge in the public safety arena.  All members provided input as to their knowledge of the experience of both candidates.

MOTION:  To appoint Steven Knibloe to the Police Commission for a term to expire 11/20/2007.
                Made by Mr. Crouch, seconded by Mr. Simmons
In favor:  Simmons, Crouch, Filipone
Abstained:  Hayes, Sinsigallo

MOTION: To appoint Edward Endee to the Police Commission for a term to expire 11/20/07.
                Made by Mr. Sinsigallo, seconded by Mr. Hayes
In favor:  Sinsigallo, Hayes
Opposed: Filipone
Abstained:  Simmons, Crouch

              D.        Vacancies:      Attachment


A.      *Scantic River Land Acquisition
B.      *Northeast Utilities re: Notice of intent to sell two (2+) acres of land owned by    Norconn Properties                 
C.      *Ordinance Regulating “The Use of Recreational Vehicles”
D.      *Adult Day Care Transportation (Report back to Board in June 2007)
Mr. Hayes indicated that there is a meeting in Enfield on May 9, 2007 to discuss an idea that has been successful in Portland, Maine.  He will report back to the Board of Selectmen.
E.      *Scott Thomas re: Request to pass Ordinance to permit a property tax exemption for Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems on Private Homes


A.      Police Commission/Police Dept. Request for Year End Transfers

Chief Edward DeMarco came before the Board.  Also present was Mr. Richard Sherman, Chairman of the Police Commission.  Mr. Filipone referred to the April 10 memo from Chief DeMarco which details the added appropriation and requests for transfer.  This was given to the Board of Finance, but it was returned to the Selectmen for a recommendation.   Chief DeMarco outlined the need for monies for a pay out due to the retirement of Sergeant Laurence Johnson.  This item could not be budgeted, a retirement cannot be projected or foreseen.  This is an accrual of benefit situation, which has to paid out to any employee that retires.  Chief DeMarco went over his memo in detail.  It was expressed that if the $29,040, which constitutes the accrual pay out, could be pulled from a difference source there would be no need for the added appropriation, the budget would be on track.  The Board discussed with Chief DeMarco the specifics of the transfers and monies needed.  Discussion turned to the private duty monies that have accrued, but it is unclear where the monies earned are spent and the perception that this is a general “slush fund”, while some indicated it should be police monies.  The Board discussed that if the private duty monies could be accessed it would eliminate the need to request an added appropriation.  Regarding the transfers, Chief DeMarco indicated that training will be effected, but it does not impact certifications.  

MOTION: To recommend to the Board of Finance the following transfers:  
·       The transfer of $4,757 from account 100, Chief and Captain, to account 103, Variable Overtime;
·       The transfer of $1,500 from account 106, Longevity, to account 123, Dispatchers;
·       The transfer of $28,000 from account 125, Officers, to account 103 Variable Overtime;
·       The transfer of $10,000 from account 325, Training, to account 620, Gas & Oil;
·       The transfer of $9,500 from account 325, Training, to account 800, Other;
·       The transfer of $500 from account 325, Training, to account 435, Communications & Maintenance;
·       The transfer of $2,700 from account 325, Training, to account 630, Uniforms & Equipment;
·       The transfer of $1,000 from account 390, Purchased Services, to account 630, Uniforms & Equipment
Made by Mr. Sinsigallo, seconded by Mr. Hayes

MOTION: To recommend $24,200 be placed in the following accounts respectively:
·       $10,600 in account 102, Fixed Overtime;
·       $9,800 in account 103, Variable Overtime;
·       $3,800 in account 430, Vehicle Maintenance;
monies transferred from the Private Duty Funds account or any other account the Board of Finance recommends.
Made by Mr. Crouch, seconded by Mr. Simmons

B.      Memo from Town Attorney Steven Penny and Legal Fees

Mr. Filipone read the Town Attorneys memo dated May 4, 2007, a copy of which all Board members received.

The Board discussed the status of legal fees anticipated from Pullman and Comley and the Town Attorney.  These projections had been provided to the Board of Finance previously, but only some of the funds had been appropriated.  Cirma has reviewed the legal bills and will share 50% in the cost.   The Board discussed the anticipated cost of legal through the end of the year and that any monies which are not spent – are not spent.  If there is extra money at the end of the year, it will go back in the budget.  

MOTION: To recommend to the Board of Finance an added appropriation of $16,500 to the legal fee account for fees thru the end of the year.
                Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Mr. Sinsigallo

DISCUSSION:  Approximately $12,000 of this money will be for Pullman and Comley and the remainder for the Town Attorney


C.      Tax Refunds

MOTION: To approve the tax refunds in the amount of $1,493.43 as recommended by the Tax Collector.
Made by Mr. Sinsigallo, seconded by Mr. Simmons


MOTION: To adjourn at 8:45 p.m.
                Made by Mr. Sinsigallo, seconded by Mr. Hayes

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia D. Croxford
Recording Secretary

*Starred items will not be discussed, but will remain on agenda pending receipt of additional information