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October 16, 2007 Meeting Minutes


Mr. Filipone called the meeting to order on Tuesday, October 16, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall


Edward Filipone, First Selectman  
Kenneth Crouch, Deputy First Selectman
Thomas Sinsigallo, Selectman  
Gil Hayes, Selectman
Mark Simmons, Selectman



MOTION: To accept the Regular Meeting Minutes of October 2, 2007 as submitted.
                Made by Mr. Sinsigallo, seconded by Mr. Hayes


VI.     COMMUNICATIONS – For the Board’s information

A.      State of Connecticut/2008-09 Education Cost Sharing Grant
B.      AARP Certificate of Appreciation to Senior Services
C.      North Central Conservation District Certificate of Appreciation
to Town of East Windsor


A.      Edward Filipone, First Selectman

·       The Building Department reports that C.O.’s are at 69, which are down from the previous year.
·       Holly Hensel contacted the Town regarding the Route 140 property and she wants to wait until next year due to tax reasons. This is a dead issue.
·       The CIP booklets will be ready tomorrow and the initial requests total 1.9 million.
·       There was a recent segment on Senior Transportation regarding services that are not available in town – this will be addressed in the future.  

B.      Kenneth Crouch, Deputy First Selectman  - No report.

C.      Thomas Sinsigallo, Selectman
Police Department – Mr. Sinsigallo outlined the recent retirements, resignations and worker compensation injuries from the department.  The Department is also interviewing for a possible lateral transfer from another town to fill a position currently open.

D.      Gilbert Hayes, Selectman

·       The Ribbon cutting for Rockville Bank is Tuesday at 10:00 a.m.  The bank will be presenting checks to various local agencies for sizable amounts.  
·       Author Michael C. White, an East Windsor High alumni will hold a benefit dinner on October 22 at 7:00 p.m. at Pasco’s.
·       The East Windsor Housing Authority will be coming in to discuss a pilot program.

E.      Mark Simmons, Selectman

·       PZC - Capital Region Council of Governments discussed model regulations for the future regarding farming communities and towns working together in this initiative.
·       Park and Recreation – There are fundraisers set to raise money for the ice rink, currently there is a fundraiser at Friendly’s on October 23 and at the Scout Hall on October 19.  The Park and Recreation Department has tickets.


A.      Resignation: None
B.      Re-Appointment: None
C.      New Appointments, Applications to be considered:  None
D.      Vacancies:      Attachment


A.      Melissa Green Director of Parks and Recreation/Re:  Signage Funding

Ms. Green came before the Board in her own capacity, not as the Director of Parks and Recreation.  She detailed the history of her research for this sign project which would announce the recent Boys Basketball Class S State Championship.  She provided the Board with the quotes she received and the specifics regarding the materials used to make the sign.  It does not look like there needs to be permission to add this sign to the existing sign.  She is seeking complete funding from the Town.  They raised money independently for the basketball player rings and plaque to thank those who donated the rings; the school purchased banners for their property and now she is looking for a contribution from the Town.  

The selectmen had discussion regarding if it was appropriate for the Town to set aside monies for this sign initiative.  Mr. Crouch felt it could open a Pandora’s Box of requests if granted and everyone will have a pet project they will be asking money for.   Mr. Hayes felt it was good for Town pride and asking for donations was successful the last time, but is tapped out now.  The sign proposed is a good bargain and it is for town pride.  Mr. Simmons agreed that it is a great honor and you see similar signs throughout the state showing recognition for events such as this.  Mr. Sinsigallo agreed with Mr. Crouch and thought it appropriate to ask the school first to see if they have funding or try to raise the funds through a fundraiser, which has been successful in the past.   Mr Crouch emphasized he felt this was a great cause, it was just inappropriate to ask the taxpayers to fund it.  

MOTION: To recommend to the Board of Finance funding of $1,220 for the East Windsor High School Boys Basketball Class S State Championship sign.
                Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Mr. Simmons

Discussion:  Mr. Simmons felt the rings were personal for each player and appropriate for fundraising, but a sign is for the public to see and even nonresidents to benefit from. Therefore, he recommended it be sent to the Board of Finance.  Mr. Hayes felt it was positive for the Town and community enhancement.  Mr. Filipone agreed with the community aspect and that the school does a lot for the town.  

VOTE:   In favor:  Filipone, Hayes, Simmons
                Opposed:  Sinsigallo, Crouch

B.      *Adult Day Care Transportation


A.      Police Contracts

Mr. Filipone discussed back up provided to the Selectmen regarding this issue as a citizens letter had been received with questions on the contract.  In the late afternoon of the day of the meeting Mr. Filipone received a letter via e-mail from the Town Attorney, which was provided to the Board of Selectmen and was sent to the Board of Finance.  The Chief of Police will be a the next Selectmen’s meeting with his attorney.  Mr. Filipone stated he was going to speak briefly on this issue and cautioned the Selectmen to comment discreetly as there is pending litigation.    The Town Attorney’s letter addresses procedures, but nothing specific to the contract. There is no case history on the situation in the State of Connecticut.  Mr. Crouch indicated that maybe the Attorney General could provide some input on conflicting state statutes.  The Town Attorney need not be present for the Selectmen meeting.  It was unknown if this would be held in  Executive Session of public session, that would be up to the Police Chief.  Mr. Filipone stated the Town Attorney drafted the original – but did not do the first revision nor the last one.   General discussions regarding the contract and the terms took place.   

B.      Fire Department Flag Issue

Mr. Filipone indicated he spoke with the President of the Cemetery Association who is willing to talk with the Town on this issue.   The Cemetery Association agreed to allow the flags and holders to be up now and it can be worked out between now and the Spring as mowing for this season is complete.   The Selectmen held more discussion on this issue generally regarding the recent onset of this problem versus the history of the practice regarding the flags.  It was indicated that the Cemetery Association has one annual meeting a year and the firefighters needed to be present at that meeting.  The Board of Selectmen has no power as these regulations have been in place for years and the Association chose to enforce them.   It was reiterated that the firefighters can put up their flags temporarily and between now and Spring guidelines can be worked out.  Mr. Lockwood of the BBFD spoke briefly stating that this was not a new practice for the firefighters to put up flags and plaques, it has been going on for years.  He also mentioned he has no idea where the plaques are and that maybe the Association knows.   Mr. Balf of the Warehouse Point Fire Department also mentioned that the flags were removed from upright stones as well – and those are not in the way of mowing.  It comes down to seven flat stones which are at issue in Springdale.  

Mr. Filipone stated that Mr. Burnham had a prior commitment and could not make the Selectmen’s meeting and that brought a negative response from the audience members who stated that there have been meetings with Mr. Burnham in attendance where he will not talk.   Chief Barton of the WHPFD indicated that the Board of Selectmen told the fire department to write a letter to the Cemetery Association – they did and Mr. Burnham denied a meeting – that’s why they are before the Selectmen again.   This could have been dealt with in one meeting – the Association gets money from the Town – the Town can tell them what to do.  The Department should not have to come back in the Spring to renew the fight.   Mr. Filipone stated the Board has not authority between the Fire Department and the Cemetery Association, but the Board can act as a mediator.  It was suggested that the Board of Selectmen host a meeting with members of the Cemetery Association and the Fire Departments to resolve the flag issue.  Mr. Simmons and Mr. Sinsigallo agreed to be the Selectmen representatives for this meeting.  Both Departments were present and they were to give a name of a representative and dates of availability for this meeting.

MOTION: To authorize the first selectmen to set up a meeting between Selectmen Simmons and Sinsigallo and a representative from BBFD and WHPFD and the President of the Cemetery Association, date to be determined in the future.~
Made by Sinsigallo, seconded by Hayes
All members in favor. Motion carried.

C.      Town Property Right-of-Ways

Maps were distributed and this item was discussed.  Mr. William Butler is interested in this property.  The neighbor is not interested, but he stated that thirty years ago he saw a sewer line go in on that right of way.  Kevin Leslie of WPCA has no record of that, but it was stated that usually if a long time neighbor recalls such an event, often times it is true.   The Assessor valued the property at $1,000.  The current use of Mr. Butlers property as it pertains to extra vehicles was discussed briefly and the possible use of the right of way to get to the back yard.  Mr. Filipone stated there have been no recorded complaints regarding the cars on the property.   The Warehouse Point Fire Department is not interested in the property.  The Town needs to touch base with the abutters.

MOTION: That if the remaining abutter, USA Hauling or owners thereof, are not interested in purchasing the right of way, this motion authorizes the First Selectman to offer the right of way to Mr. William Butler for $2,000.  If accepted, potential sale will go to Town Meeting.  In the event USA Hauling is interested, the First Selectmen will accept sealed bids from interested parties with minimum bid of $2,000.
Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Mr. Crouch

D.      Zoning Enforcement Official Position Update (11/5/07)

A new ZEO has been hired, K. Bednaz and she will start on November 5.  Her education and experience were briefly discussed.  She will take the appropriate CASIO courses in the future.

E.      Tax Refunds

MOTION: To approve the tax refunds in the amount of $531.91 as recommended by the Tax Collector.
Made by Mr. Crouch, seconded by Mr. Sinsigallo


MOTION: To adjourn at 8:40 p.m.
                Made by Mr. Crouch, seconded by Mr. Sinsigallo

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia D. Croxford
Recording Secretary
*Starred items will not be discussed, but will remain on agenda pending receipt of additional information