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August 19, 2008 Minutes
Minutes August 19, 2008     


Ms. Menard called the meeting to order on Tuesday, August 19, 2008 at 7:30 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall, 11 Rye Street, Broad Brook


Denise Menard, First Selectman
Gil Hayes, Deputy First Selectman
Dale Nelson, Selectman
Mark Simmons, Selectman

Unable to Attend
Edward Farrell, Selectman (scheduled)


             A.  Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of July 15, 2008

MOTION: To approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of July 15, 2008 as                              submitted.
Made by Ms. Nelson, Seconded by Mr. Simmons

V.      PUBLIC PARTICIPATION – Ms. Menard welcomed comments from the public in a general nature but indicated there will be time to speak on specific agenda items later in the meeting.

William Loos, Melrose Road – He commented on the Board’s opinion of Attorney from taxes this year.  He thinks a constitution right was taken away from voters in town.  Many people spoke to him at Fireman’s carnival and even yes voters think vote was taken away from people.  Taxpayers pay salaries and if the voters want fewer services then it should be given. They wanted 4% increase. The board should not do that; it should not take the vote away from the people who have a right to vote. The budget way over $20,000.  Mr. Loos commented that the board did a disservice to the town by taking away public vote.

VI.     COMMUNICATIONS  - The following were for the Board’s information:
          A.  Invitation to Ceremony honoring East Windsor’s WWII Veterans   
           B.    Invitation to Four Town Fair
          C.  Connecticut Labor Force Data/June 2008
          D.  Notification of Appointment of Deputy Treasurer
          E.  Approval of LoCip Grant Funds

          A.  Denise Menard, First Selectman
Ms. Menard distributed her report and read it out loud for the Board and the public present. A copy of the report is attached to these minutes.

          B.  Gilbert Hayes, Deputy First Selectman

Mr. Hayes was sorry to hear Katie Bednanz was leaving and she has been doing a super job it is tough job for enforcement.  Wetlands approved Big Box project on Bridge Street.

          C.  Edward P. Farrell, Selectman – No Report

          D.  Dale Nelson, Selectman
Elderly Commission – Discussion took place regarding cell phones for people that are home but have to go outside to garden or downstairs for laundry.  So far they were able to get 15 to 18 phones set for 911.  The Commission is working on getting carrying cases to be able to carry phones around.

Ms. Nelson attended the Eagle Scout Ceremony attended and it was enjoyable.

Building Committee – She updated the board on projects regarding Handicap doors, annex storage and the boiler replacement project which is on time at the high school. They will have hot water when the kids get back to school.  The boilers will not be in full operation for heat until 9/19.  They are on time and on budget

Police commission – Two cars were ordered and should be ready in two to three weeks. They discussed shared services – there are two cars to be turned over to Board of Selectmen – one in bad shape, one in working condition.

Housing Authority – Residents booklets are being put together and about ready for printing. There is a resident service contract for employee now in there part time to assist members and guests at the housing authority.  

           E.  Mark Simmons, Selectman

He briefly detailed the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new gymnastics center – Air Time.  It was a great transformation of the building.   It is next to the high school and the cheer leaders have already been there.  There are a lot of new ideas.  They also rent out for parties.

Veterans’ Commission – They voted to pay for food and beverages for hosting of WWII Veterans – Ernie Texeria gave services for that.

BMX Skateboard Park Committee has successfully done some fundraising – orange lollipop signs around town with details.  There is one this Saturday at Sam Buca’s for $15 admission.  There will be many fundraisers for this endeavor which will keep young adults active.

MOTION: To go out of order to enter into Executive Session at 7:54 p.m. pursuant to C.G.S. Section 1-200(6)(2) Personnel Matters Session to include the Board of Selectmen as well as Kim Scavotto, Tracy Lachat and Laurie Webster.
Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Mr. Simmons

Motion:  To come out of Executive Session at 8:18 and suspend the executive session to the end of the meeting.
Made by Ms. Nelson,  Seconded by Mr. Hayes

No action taken.

MOTION: To return to agenda order
Made by Hayes, Seconded by Ms. Nelson

          A.   Resignations:
        Gary Mazzone , Public Safety Committee
MOTION:         To accept, with regret, the resignation of Gary Mazzone from the                Public Safety Committee.
Made by Ms. Nelson, Seconded by Mr. Simmons

                Denise Toce, North Central Regional Mental Health Board
MOTION: To accept, with regret, the resignation of Denise Toce from the                         North Central Regional Mental Health Board
Made by Ms. Nelson,  Seconded by Mr. Simmons

           B. Re-Appointments:
        Building Committee
        Stanley Kement, Jr. (U) as a full member to fill a 6-yr. vacancy
        to expire 8/1/2014
MOTION: To reappoint Stanley Kement, Jr. as a full member to the Building               Committee for a six year appointment to expire 8/1/2014.
Made by Ms. Nelson, Seconded by Mr. Simmons

           C. New Appointments:
        Building Committee
        Bill Grace, (R) as a full member to fill a 6-yr. vacancy to
        expire 8/1/2014
MOTION:         To appoint Bill Grace as a full member to the Building Committee                for a six year term to expire 8/1/2014.
Made by Mr. Simmons, Seconded by Mr. Hayes

           D. Board and Commission Current Vacancies (See Attached)
It was mentioned that maybe the Public Safety Committee has too large a group to get quorums. Ms. Menard was going to research this.

A.      Petition for Proposed Ordinance/Cemetery

Ms. Menard detailed the background given to the board, including the petition as submitted, answers to questions asked, rules of the Association and the St. Catherine’s Cemetery and the CCM’s information on four ways to approach cemeteries.  Also it was suggested instead of ordinance, go the way of how Ambulance was done with a contract between the Town and the Cemetery Association.   Ms. Menard stated a contract can address the petition concerns, the care and what the town is responsible for funding. She inquired of the board what direction to take.

Ms. Nelson reviewed the material and the biggest issue had to do with the markers and flags – an understandable concern.  As she looked over the Cemetery Association rules Pages 5 and 7 regarding removal she did not see anything addressed specifically to flags and markers.  

Warren Wenz, Veterans Commission detailed the trouble with cemetery association – and stated that according to State rules American Flags cannot be removed from gravestones and he understands will not happen again.   Otherwise there will be a fine for each flag removed.   Also he would like to see the Cemetery Association as part of Town of East Windsor.  They get money from the town, even though they have their own $1 million they cannot touch. They should be under the auspice of the Selectmen.

Attorney Louis Flynn contributed that this was not a Petition but call for Town Meeting.  The Town meeting was tabled pending discussion by Board.  It is not a petition asking for the board to do something – it is a call for Town Meeting.  

Ms. Menard indicated according to the comment by Attorney Flynn the next step by the Board is this should be accepted or other alternatives sought.  Ms. Nelson felt there is not enough information in the proposed ordinance.  Ms. Menard referenced the ordinances by CCM which were more encompassing.  The Board felt the ordinance presented was too general.

Attorney Flynn continued that this was modeled after the state statute.  East Windsor is bound by that – there is no ordinance in East Windsor about the fire department flags.  

Ms. Menard concerns were if there is a state statute addressing do we need an ordinance to address the additional issues?    Mr. Simmons, having been involved with the Veterans and the Cemetery.  thinks there is a need specific language to protect flags. There has been debate on this issue among the parties – there seems to be some reticence at complying with the American Flag rules.  In regards to the proposed ordinance who will collect the fine and police it?  He detailed that there are three appointed members by state statute on the Veterans Commission – a cemetery committee – their duties are to respect the cemetery and report on any issues.  Mr. Simmons indicated there has been issues with Windsorville Cemetery. These are reporting agents – they are for Veterans.  Mr. Wenz will get the state statute which covers these members to Ms. Menard.  There are three officially appointed members of the Veterans Commission who have this duty currently.  

Ms. Menard can forward the draft to the Town Attorney for his comment and when they reconvene the town meeting can have a bigger document that addresses all of it.   

Elizabeth Burnham of the East Windsor Cemetery Association spoke and expressed concern with regard to enforcement and felt it was not appropriate for three gentlemen for the Veterans to make the determination.  Anyone can go thru and do damage and it is not right if the Association is held monetarily liable every time a flag tips over. She thinks it should be a neutral party if it is to be enforced.  Mr. Hayes indicated it stated “any person” not the Association.  Mr. Simmons again stated the three members are not an enforcement body.  It was also discussed that the police department would investigate the crimes.  Ms. Burnham referenced articles she has read about theft of copper and detailed concerns with that.

Ms. Nelson felt that something needs to be done for everyone, the fireman, veterans and cemetery association – she does not feel the proposed ordinance is conclusive enough.  Mr. Simmons wants the town attorney to review with an eye toward the townside of business.
Attorney Louis Flynn, 17 Spring Street.  His comments were as follows:  The Board of Selectmen is the Executive board, the Town meeting is legislative branch. Why this went to Legislative Branch is because the prior Board of Selectmen wanted to broker a deal.  No deal got brokered – they submitted the ordinance to the Town clerk to pass on to First Selectmen and it was supposed to go to Town Attorney before town meeting.  A motion was made by to put this into abeyance until it got under control.  That was done.  Markers were placed and no one messed with them.  Still no contact between Cemetery Association and Fire Department at all.  Go back to State Statute – Veterans are represented.  The American Flag and Markers got tossed.  He read from the statute directly.  The Fire Department is here killing themselves over 32 flags and markers that the Fire Department does themselves.  The Fire Department is going around and around – there were even people at town meeting crying about the issue.  Should it be referred to Town Counsel?  No – broker a meeting, knock out an agreement, make a whole new deal.  This will take twelve years from next Sunday.  The charter states Cemetery Association handle the cemetery.  State statute states no matter who running the show you  cannot throw away flags.  All the Fire Department want is to honor the 32 flags and markers for volunteer firemen.  All of a sudden is the world going to come to an end.  Mr. Flynn further stated when he read comments about the meeting on the 29th of May newspaper article he was offended.   He felt the Judge in Enfield would come down and levy the fine.  Once an ordinance is in place it is a law and if you are arrested for breaking ordinance then the Judge handles it. The money comes back to the Town in the general fund.  Attorney Flynn stated it is as practical a situation as it is for the Veterans. It is the same deal.  It is 32 flags – permanent removal of these flags, not temporary removal for weed whacking.  Either an agreement needs to be done with Cemetery and Fire Department as sensible people should do or the issue should be resolved.  He did not intend to be crude, but it is slow moving, it is a touchy item.  These are tasteful items that is perpetuation of a small town custom – everyone is agreed.   He does not see the need to run up an attorneys bill for this.  

Ms. Menard indicated that there is a state statute for American Flag – and how much did that protect everyone before when they were taken out?   She wants to do something that sticks.  Is there an agreement – there was an agreement with Mr. Burnham at the town meeting and nothing not been touched since then.  If the Board feels the ordinance addresses the issues that have to do with maintenance, fees and many items that have come forward – is it addressed now with small fix?  Ms. Menard stating going to the Town Attorney is not an insult to those who created the ordinance, it has to be made legal with the town.  

Karen Boutin, 159 Windsorville Road – She made comment on the police responding to the cemetery and she stated they have called before on dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATV’s and the police will not come as if the riders are chased and get hurt the person who chased them are liable. So the police are not going to take care of this item.

Mr. Hayes disagreed he felt the police could do it, although they are thinly spread, but if are caught it’s the perpetrator, not the Association, who will go before the Judge.  So far Mr. Burnham has kept his word and kept an eye on the maintenance person.  

Attorney Flynn indicated that yes the police should be notified, they have a job to do.  American flags desecrated too, that is a crime and should have been followed thru.  He also conceded that Mr. Burnham has kept his word.  Attorney Flynn suggestion that someone on the board broker a meeting of the cemetery association and fire department and try to end up with a simple written agreement.  Then that would solve the problem once there is an agreement. If not then its back to push to shove.  If the original idea to sit down with all, even including the Veterans, all parties agree and end of story – no need to go further, no need to spend money on town attorney and town meeting.  If the Board later changes the arrangement with Association or fund things differently that is for another day, but that seems to be the smartest and easiest less inflammatory move to do.  No one will squeal if this is tabled thirty days and hash out an agreement.

Mr. Simmons agrees to the agreement covering veterans and fire department, however, what if someone comes down the road and asks about police officers or prison guards.  Attorney Flynn understands but this immediate issues was a reaction to an occurrence as opposed to all problems with uniform services in the future.

Ms. Menard Rules and Regulations of Association do not speak to the flags or markers.  If the Association was asked to amend rules would that be a possibility?  Dan Burnham, present in the audience, was open to that – has tried to have meetings but Mr. Wenz and the Veterans with no success.   Mr. Burnham stated the budget got cut and adjustments were made.  He stated he is open to all suggestions but to beat him over the head at all meetings is not good for him.   Elizabeth Burnham added a comment to Mr. Flynn’s stating the flags were desecrated and thrown into a ditch. She firmly stated that at no time ever,  from beginning to end, did any member of East Windsor Cemetery Association or landscape company – ever desecrate, destroy or throw over the bank.   The Association would never do that.   A lot has been said that is not true.

Jim Barton, 108 Main Street.  Chief Barton believes they are trying to expand on Statute that expand on veterans.  The Department sent a letter to Mr. Burnham and received a letter back that says he is not going to meet with fire department. That is where this went wrong.  At that point all could have sat down to make adjustments.

A meeting with Jim Barton, Dan Burnham, Mark Simmons will take place next week 28th at 6:00 p.m. in the First Selectman’s Office.  All parties were present at the meeting and agreed this date and time would work.

Tony DeMastroantonio, 130 Bridge Street – He stated he was the one that started because he noticed American flag and markers missing – 8 markers $45 a piece never got reimbursed for and the Department never received an apology. There were flags over the bank.  If it was not for the veterans we would not be here – even fire fighters try to help people.  He has 46 years in fire department and first time to see this over the bank with firemen flag and markets destroyed.  It is a shame happened.  

Mr. Wenz stated it was not done by Cemetery Association personally but by the gentleman they hired.

Mr. Loos indicated that at the town meeting adjourned to another town meeting. The citizens have a right to vote how they want it to be.  He asked that night that this be done by June – here it is Summer almost over – now another meeting, another committee.  Have Town Meeting and vote on it – state statute there, one line to add fire department, in ten years police department can add. He says have the town meeting.  St. Catherine’s has its own rules, but they are not party to these rules.  

Ms. Nelson feels the people involved in issue can best solve the issue – if Veterans, Fire Department and Cemetery can work together that is the best way to go.   

Rand Stanley, 87 Rye Street – Salient point in regards to underlying cause comes back to voters – consequently ask Board of Finance and Board of Selectmen look at that for driving issue, the budget cuts that resulted in these issues. Ask voters to also contribute to the budgeting the town agencies at the pleasure of all peoples who have an issue with flag, marker or monument.

Ms. Menard work toward recommended change to regulations. Then reconvene town meeting and present what is the recommended alternative and can be put to vote there is an alternate resolution.  Attorney Flynn indicated once the Association can ratify the Agreement it should be a non-issue.

MOTION: To table this item to the next meeting
Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Ms. Nelson

MOTION: To recess for five minutes at 9:18 p.m.
Made by Ms. Nelson, seconded by Mr. Simmons

Reconvened at 9:23 p.m.

          B.   Park Hill – Payment in Lieu of Taxes

Steve Knibloe and Karen Boutin came before the Board.  Ms. Menard went through the June 30 letter, which was during the budget session, and they were called and asked to wait until the budget session was complete.  

Disabled bussing.  Ms. Boutin indicated town there are disabled and mentally challenged people that have no transportation as the transportation is for the elderly.  Ms. Menard detailed Laura Clynch’s August 18, 2008 E-mail which detailed the services to elderly and SSDI candidates and that services are not provided for transportation to employment and a survey was done of surrounding towns confirming those towns do not have services either.  The reason for the lack of services are not due to lack of concern, but lack of budget.  Mr. Hayes indicated if there is a bus line then Greater Hartford Transit District will follow.  Mr. Hayes and Ms. Menard have asked and researched help for this segment of population – they cannot barely fund programs they have now.   Ms. Boutin will research how Tolland is getting involved with the transit authority.   There was concerns that the Town was not complying with ADA, Ms. Menard tried to contact the gentleman that Ms. Boutin stated she needed to be in contact with, but never received a communication. For now it is off the agenda – it is not that they do not want to help that segment of population, it is a lack of funding.   

P.I.L.O.T (Payment in Lieu of Taxes)
Agreement because Housing Authority pays a PILOT, not full value of taxable property, it is 10% of gross income less utilities – which  has averaged past year $24,000, this year gone down to $22,000.  Ms. Menard has history back to 1999 and read the amounts it has historically been.  The town paid $19,380.00 in sewer bills for the Housing Authority.

Mr. Knibloe stated the Pilot paid in area of 10% less utilities, averaging about $24K. The problems now is the state (in their wisdom) has said they have to take in younger disabled.  They bring in younger disabled per State dictate and problem is that income is much less and stay is much longer.  PILOT payment to town is based on amount of rents collected. They receive no outside subsidy from local, state or federal.  Every year they end up in $15k or $16K deficit.  Mr. Knibloe stated now it is looking to be precarious on whether to continue to operate all the units.  Some towns have actually shut down units as could not afford to keep them running- this Authority does not want to do that. They do all they can for tenants.  They are in desperate need of housing for the elderly.  In talking with CHFA (who  get orders from as State financed housing in 70’s and sold whole thing to CHFA) they said 10% is highest a town can go by state statute, but also say that 10% is very high in regard to other housing authority – which average from 5% to 8%.  As town knows with budget problems and trying to keep afloat they are looking to Town of East Windsor

Mr. Knibloe stated the Corporate housing agreement for elderly signed with town supposed to get all benefits that all entities in town get, municipal services and he read directly what this encompassed – according to 1982 corporate agreement.  Mr. Knibloe stated he has been there for 14 years and he has gone back 20 years and the Town has never paid for rubbish removal.  Ms. Menard stated that not all residents get rubbish removal.  Mr. Knibloe stated it is in dumpsters – Ms. Menard states that the rubbish removal are not dumpsters.  Does he want that deducted from PIOLOT payment?
Ms. Menard referenced the $69,000 from Hamilton Standard to get invested from Millbrook.  Ms. Menard indicated there is a big chunk of money that is gone.  Ms. Menard asked for copy of audit to be sure that if there are significant problems with day to day problems – she came across the $69K in 05 and 06 that was put into Millbrook with Housing Authority funds.  If the Authority is hurting it should go back to Hamilton to ask for funds rather than from the town.  At this point in the meeting Mr. Knibloe stood up to leave as he felt that this board has no concern for elderly housing and disabled.  Ms. Menard felt that was a fair question.  Mr. Knibloe stated that was done for the seniors and noted the town lost money also.  Ms. Menard cannot speak for previous administration.  Ms. Boutin stated the Town also sunk money into the project and has the town recouped its money?

Ms. Menard read from the audit the recorded loss.  Mr. Knibloe state retained earnings are spent trying to keep Park Hill running. Mr. Knibloe stood up again to leave as he felt he was being accused of spending money frivolously.   Every year the Housing Authority uses its reserves money. To replace roofs he has to get a loan.  He stated there is no grant money as it is an emergency situation. Ms. Boutin stated there is water problems as well.

Mr. Knibloe referenced the project referred to by Ms. Menard was for the housing for the elderly – both the Town and the Authority “got screwed”.  Promises were made, things said, monies spent and it was left.  Ms. Boutin said that previous owner of the restaurant also lost money on the project.

Mr. Knibloe in any respect looking to reduce PILOT payment in something less than 10% to continue to operate program as have.  Mr. Knibloe stated that there is no grants for the roofs available.  He has to get a loan.  Ms. Menard asked about Economic Development grants – Mr. Knibloe stated that a letter came out to the Authority from Rick Robbins that there is no grants available to Housing Authorities. The last grant received was for the addition to the Hall and facilities in times of emergency.  

Ms. Menard asked if it is correct that the last audit was 2006?   Mr. Knibloe indicated an audit is done every two years – currently the 2008 is being done.  Ms. Menard asked for 2007 and 2008 financial statements which have income and expenses, including Millpond Association monies.  Mr. Knibloe stated she has the audit, but Ms. Menard pointed out it is for 2006.  Mr. Knibloe stated it is the same all the time. Ms. Boutin indicated that the younger people are providing less income.  The audit is currently being compiled per Mr. Knibloe.  Mr. Knibloe stated he could get the year budget, what was expended and what income is.  They do a zero based budget – because use income have to wait for all people to recertified to realize monies to build budget.  Mr. Knibloe budges on what they have period, on % increase.  In fact the projections of budget can drop.  

Formula -  PILOT rent minus utilities and 10% paid.  Mr. Knibloe indicated the initial agreement was 5% in the 70’s.  Utilities are lights, water and propane gas for generators.  Tenants are all 100% electric and they pay.  CL&P is trying to help the apartments be more efficient.  Mr. Knibloe the fact remains he is working at a deficit and it is never known how much deficit will be until end of year.  Mr. Hayes when is 10% calculated?  Per Mr. Knibloe it is paid on a fiscal year.

Ms. Menard asked if the rents at Millpond go up then their share goes up. Mr. Knibloe that is $3,000 to $3,200 a month. Ms. Boutin stated Millpond is getting more section eight as well so that number goes down.  At Mill Pond the low income has to be filled before they can get market rate 40% of units are low income, if only 30% are filled, they cannot get market rent until

Ms. Menard provided to the Board the Millpond Agreement with the Housing Authority.  Her recommendation is this be tabled.  Ms. Menard has asked the June July fiscal year calendar provide the board with financial information for 2007 and 2008.

Ms. Menard will research with CCM, aside from other PILOT programs, what do about the trash pick up and snow plowing for more than pass through, which is a problem due to the street size.

Ms. Menard indicated that once the Housing Authority gets the Town the financial information this will be addressed on the agenda.
Motion: To table this item pending receipt of 2007 and 2008 financial information from the Housing Authority as requested.
Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Ms. Nelson

           C.   *American Heritage River/Proposed Program  
         D.  *Discussion of Board/Commission Volunteer Recognition Program
         E.  *Discussion of Personnel Policies

        A.  Five Corner Cupboard/Space Issues

Sue Stathers and Dee Stathers residents of the Town came before the Board to discuss this issue.  Ms. Stathers read a prepared statement about the 35 year service at the church and the nearly 300 on average a month who are fed.  As a result of increase in need for services they have outgrown the church they currently reside in.   As they are not a town agency they sometimes miss out on business donations.  It was stated that the rooms at the Annex are ideal and the volunteers are willing to operate it so there is no added budget expenses.  Dee Stathers indicated the church covers the expense of the insurance only.  This endeavor is funded by the townspeople, close to $3,000 a month – it is well care for service.  They do not need money, they need space to continue this endeavor – they have outgrown the church.  There are many elderly volunteers that cannot go up and down the stairs at the church.  

Ms. Menard gave the Board copies of the Food Pantry articles in the newspaper and a copy of the Building Committee minutes from June 9 regarding the suitability of the Annex.  Ms. Menard went to that meeting on behalf of the Food Pantry on use of space.  Ms. Menard has met with this group and has visited the site – and they are in need of space.  She originally asked if the Pantry is trying to hand this function over to the Town.  It was emphatically stated it was the church’s mission – Ms. S. Stathers stated it is her personal mission to see this continue.  The volunteers are from all over town.  Ms. Menard stated the problem is it cannot be at the Annex. The Annex is not in repair to the point of having public in and out of there – granted there are volunteers that would help, but Ms. Menard has been told by Building Committee and Building Inspector it is not space to be used for more than storage.  The Building Committee suggested checking with another church to see if there is another facility to help continue the valuable work.  It cannot be the Annex.  There is also a copy of a letter from the Building Official confirming that the Annex is not a usable space for this endeavor.  

Ms. Stathers indicated where they have gone for help.  Ms. Stathers indicated that they do not pay rent at all or utilities.  The Board suggested the Victory Outreach Ministries or Grace Church and reality that might be more suitable and this would also assist with the privacy of clientele.   Ms. Menard indicated he Town could not insure this franchise.   The Annex is used for storage by town agencies now and it is limited and seldom used.

If cannot have the Annex, if moved anywhere besides where now can they get any help from town, monetary or anything.  The people served are from the whole town – not just the church.  Ms. S. Stathers stated that she does not want to leave the church and then be out of luck.  The Board suggested that they investigate other church avenues.  Ms. S. Stathers indicated the church has graciously let them stay there for 35 years and they take up a lot of space in church.  

Eileen Vendetti - If all the churches say no, then what?  There has to be a town building to be used for this service – there has to be.  

Rene Thibodeau – The St. Catherine’s corner house was discussed but it is out in the open so anyone for assistance are going to feel like they are on display – does not think it would be a desirable place for a food pantry.  Regarding the Annex there are loans out there and that building is deteriorating and Town has let it deteriorate, right now filled up with stuff to be thrown out.  Two good rooms over there and structurally believe the building is still safe.  New windows, doors, stairs, ramps, and lighting fixtures.  Ms. Menard made it clear it is not from just the building official, it is also the fire marshall and the building committee.   To do what needs to be done with Annex will be next year budget and a whole host of significant monies – this is an immediate issue that needs a quick fix.  

The Pantry volunteers will follow up with Victory Outreach and Grace Church to get more information on possible assistance.

MOTION: To take item 10E out of order dog park
Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Ms. Nelson

Request from Dog Park Committee/fundraiser at EW Park

Melissa Green, Director of Parks and Recreation indicated after research it is not a town ordinance that dogs are not allowed in town parks, it is a Park and Rec Commission rule.  Out of courtesy of using a town facility she wanted to stay on the agenda for fund raiser to make sure all done correctly.  The Commission would like to hold Dog Park fundraiser at East Windsor Park on October 4 with vendors and activities.  North Central has approved a dog swim.  Patrons not allowed in water with canine and there will be life guards on duty.  Other towns are doing the same this is modeled after other towns.  She is looking for a blessing of board to have event.  They do not close the park until end of October due to Halloween event and this is an introduction to see if this can be a starter program to bring back Fall Festival.    There will be a fenced in area for dogs on beach.  Ms. Green indicated this Committee is doing well raising money – bricks are $40, probably make $12 a brick, about five orders a day. There was a recent $500 donation in memory of young girl in E.W. and mailings have gone to dog owners.  She further detailed fundraising efforts to date.  Ms. Green stated the Pond will be drained after event and dredged before next year before swimming begin.  It was the consensus of the Board to have this event.

Return to agenda order

B.      Review of Recommended Pay raises and Possible Action

Ms. Menard stated that Ms. Green pointed out that during budget process recommended 3 1/2 % increase of groundskeeper salary.  Ms. Menard did not know what the next step was to put it in place or ask the Board of Finance what it intended.  Ms. Green stated that for the last seventeen years the groundskeeper has modeled after the Public Works contracts. Ms. Green felt it was unfair to not keep in tune.  It was untouched by the Board of Finance and the dollar amount is there but the Board of Selectmen set the salaries.  

MOTION:         To correct the salary of the head’s groundkeeper of the Parks and Recreation Department  to 3 ½ % increase retroactive to July 1, 2008, as was budgeted.
Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded Mr. Simmons

The second issue was part time personnel at Sr. Center.  Ms. Menard indicated the list of salaries to approve was created and distributed to the Treasurer and approved.  The part time position was there for a while,  but the other position just started and is brand new and is a back up driver.  There were concerns if increases were budgeted into the part time budget line.  This item will be tabled to the next meeting until that information can be gained.  Ms. Burns will get the information to Ms. Menard.

MOTION: To table the senior center portion of this agenda item pending further information.
Ms. Nelson, Mr. Simmons.

C.      Purchase of GHTD Vans

Ms. Menard indicated Greater Hartford Transit is no longer in the business of leasing these vans.  Last year money was budgeted to purchase a van outright at $3500. These are a bargain at $2,000 each – they are relied on heavily as vans for back up when van out of service.   The Transportation Director indicated they are used a lot.  The money is in place.

MOTION: To purchase by the town of East Windsor two vans (vin #) total cost of $4,000 from Greater Hartford Transit District.
Made by Ms. Nelson, Seconded by Simmons

Discussion:  Mr. Hayes asked if  they are in good shape.  Ms. Burns stated one is in good shape, one has some work to be done and is reasonable to repair.  Ms. Menard also indicated that the Chief and Captain mentioned possibly in future, rotating with police vehicle, may use a police vehicle for seniors as sometimes vans are not full.


D.      Discussion of Capital Improvement Planning Committee (to be appointed at 9/2 mtg.)

Ms. Menard indicated appointments will be made at September 2 meeting.  She provided the Board with a copy of the Charter and read the make up of the Committee.   Ms. Menard thought six rather than nine would be sufficient for this Committee. She indicated someone from the Building Committee might be a good choice and also maybe the building inspector This will be addressed at the next meeting.  

E.      Request from Dog Park Committee/fundraiser at EW Park  -
addressed above out of order

F.      Approval of Tax Refunds
MOTION: To approve the tax refunds in the amount of $832.94 as recommended by the Tax Collector.
Made by Ms. Nelson, Seconded by Mr. Simmons


Ms. Menard has added this item to the regular agenda.  She will bring the Board up to date on where the budget stands, including but not limited to Board of finance action or items of interest.

The Consultant to the Treasurer’s Office, Linda R. Savitksy, is on Board and will provide her report to the Board of Selectmen for their meeting for information.

         A.  Pursuant to C.G.S. Section 1-200 (6)(a)
Personnel Matters
*also see previous notation where this item was initially taken out of order then suspended.
MOTION:  To reenter into Executive Session Pursuant to C.G.S. Section 1-200(6)(2) Personnel Matters at 10:47 p.m. to include the Board of Selectmen only.
Made by Ms.  Nelson, Seconded by Mr. Hayes

MOTION: To come out of Executive Session at 11:47 p.m.
Made by Ms. Nelson, seconded by Mr. Simmons

No action.


MOTION: To adjourn at 11:47 p.m.
Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Mr. Simmons

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia D. Croxford
Recording Secretary

*Starred items will not be discussed, but will remain on agenda pending receipt of additional information.

Attachments are not available on the electronic version of this document.  Attachments to these minutes are part of the Town Clerk’s file.