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September 16, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Ms. Menard called the meeting to order on Tuesday, September, 16, 2008 after the Town Meeting at 7:43 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall

Denise Menard, First Selectman
Gilbert Hayes, Deputy First Selectman
Dale Nelson, Selectman
Mark Simmons, Selectman

Unable to attend:
Edward Farrell, Selectman (scheduled absence)


MOTION: To add the following agenda item:  XII Executive Session
A.      Pursuant to C.G.S. Section 1-200 (6)(a)  Personnel Matter
Made by Mr. Simmons, Seconded by Mr. Hayes

             A.  Approval of Regular Meeting Minutes of September 2, 2008
MOTION:  To approve the regular meeting minutes of September 2, 2008 as presented.
Made by Ms. Nelson, Seconded by Mr. Simmons


Gerald Wilcox, Owner of Wilcox Excavating, 50 Newberry Road, East Windsor (resides in South Windsor).

Mr. Wilcox started by thanking Mr. Hayes for inviting him to the meeting tonight.  His concerns involve an extensive process in trying to access to a piece of property on Winkler Road.  He feels that he has followed the process that the Town allowed within six months ago – in February – on a farmer named Deerborn on Newberry Road, he handled his process of getting a 500’ dam in, which he put in illegal, and the town asked him to remove and he has still not done so.  That is a major issue, but that is not what he is here for tonight.  He gave a letter certified to Commission about it and is awaiting for a response.

Mr. Wilcox’s main concern is that has letter from DEP for driveway on Lot 4 and 5 on Winkler Road. It is agriculture land. He is entitled to a driveway to the back part. He pointed out to them (Inland Wetland Commission) that the DEP has a permit under Connecticut statute and he did not need permit at the Town level.  This was brought to the Commission three or four weeks ago – they are stubborn and that they want him to have a permit.  But he was going to go along with it, when it was unnecessary.  Prior to the meeting he met with the Planner and former Wetland officer to see what needed to be done – he did it.  The day of the meeting he received a letter at 4:28 p.m. (in the eleventh hour) stating many other things had to be done. He came to Wetlands meeting and was treated rudely and he got very excited at the meeting.  He did not feel he deserved to be treated that way, he was cut off when he was speaking, also he was ridiculed that he was unprepared.  Now there is a note that he needs a certified engineer plan.  His point to Selectmen is that he is not being treated fairly compared to Newberry Road farmer who had a surveyor who signed plans.  This situation is the same thing that Mr. Wilcox has and a signed plan should suffice.  Now he is expected to do water calculations, certified drawings, they want to take part of land not wetlands and he only has 3 ¼ acres. He feels he is being treated unfairly and he does not feel he needs a permit; it does not call for it. He asks the Selectmen to look into it before the next Inland Wetland meeting the first of October.  It is raining and he cannot get back on the property and he pays taxes on this property.  He has been in town for years and he has paid his taxes.  He is a developer and does million of dollar jobs, he is licensed for work.  This is what he does for a living – roads and drainage – he has his licenses.  He is asking for Selectmen to look at this and give him some help.  

Ms. Menard asked that Mr. Wilcox let Laurie Whitten know that Ms. Menard, Laurie Whitten and Mr. Wilcox need to meet.  Ms. Menard indicated the Selectmen cannot get into the jobs of other commissions.  Ms. Menard stated she can sit with he and Laurie Whitten to figure out what is going on.

Mr. Wilcox further stated the issue at 50 Newberry Road on property Nobel bought. They told him to move dam, he has not done it and he has had six months to do it.  Something is going to happen – the Town owes it to Wilcox to see he is protected. He is doing what he wants to without any repercussions.  Mr. Wilcox has to go thru the appropriate avenues for his property, so should this property owner.   He would appreciate if something can be done this week.  Ms. Menard stated she is available Thursday afternoon and around 9:00 a.m. Friday morning.  Mr. Wilcox thanked her and he understood.

VI.     COMMUNICATIONS – The following were for the Board’s information:
         A.  Connecticut Labor Force Data/July 2008
         B.  East Windsor Walk to School Day
         C.  CRRA Rebate Check
         D.  OPM/Estimates of State Formula Aid to Municipalities
         E.  Thank You Letter to the Public Works Department
         F.  CCM Convention & Exposition 2008

          A.  Denise Menard, First Selectman

Housing Authority – They have changed their plan and they may want the Town to pay for their sewers and not get any pilot money – as it is cheaper for them. They plan to come back to discuss trash pick up for Park Hill facility as well.  The research on PILOT was done and they asked to research what Housing Authorities do for trash. Ms. Menard felt they were better suited to do the research and they will do so.   It is likely the Housing Authority will be back before the Board on a different issue.
           B.  Gilbert Hayes, Deputy First Selectman

Inland Wetland Commission – As the Board heard during public participation there is an issue.  The one thing he Mr. Hayes noted is it is a matter of interpretation that the Commission was strongly against. Mr. Hayes had some concerns with equal treatment.  Ms. Menard suggested Mr. Hayes be in attendance at the meeting with Mr. Wilcox and town staff.

Mr. Hayes suggested a response to Public Participation from the prior week when there is a concerned citizen with a claim of being treated unfairly.  Ms. Menard may add this part to her report.

Mr. Hayes was invited to the Connecticut Commission on Public Transportation which was held in Middletown.  He presented the problem of transportation in East Windsor for people under 60 disabled or otherwise.  He indicated if they could just get a commuter bus and there is a parking lot – one bus in and out, it would enable Hartford Transit District to come into town. They gave him some contact information at Connecticut Transit and Mr. Hayes will be meeting with him on October 15.  Also Millpond is 90% occupancy full – 340 units; Park Hill has 105 residents so the transportation piece would be important there.  Also Open Forum in Hartford October 1 – Mayor Perez for transportation hearing that he will attend to keep pushing for a bus in East Windsor.  

           C.  Edward P. Farrell, Selectman – No report.

          D.  Dale Nelson, Selectman

Building Committee:  Boiler Project should be complete and it looks like they are on the money for expenses.  

Police Commission: As a resident Ms. Nelson is disappointed the Hartford Courant did not show up at WWII Veteran Ceremony, but the Courant showed up to this meeting as a police officer filed fifth or sixth grievance. Ms. Nelson was disappointed in that.  The grievance is all public record if the Board wants information but she did not feel this was appropriate forum to discuss this.

Linda Savitsky is great in the Treasurer’s office and the shared service portion of that project was great.  The position has been posted on the Government Financial Officer’s Association for Connecticut and Massachusetts.  It will also be in the newspaper and there will be an ad, which was costly, as well as on   

Senior Center Community Conversations – Ms. Menard and Ms. Nelson attended and were very pleased with the outcome.  The Seniors are excited about the Wii tournament this coming weekend.  There were 10 people present and there was a good exchange. The budget process came up and good information was distributed.   Ms. Menard highlighted the future Community Conversations involving the Town Staff before this group to share information and make the Town faces familiar.  The mention of video broadcasting the meetings was discussed as often seniors do not drive at night or it is too late to watch.  This might be a shared services item of interest.

          E.  Mark Simmons, Selectman

Parks and Recreation:  Melissa Green does a tremendous job. The newsletter portrays the diversity of activities.  They got beat up in the budget and they keep on going.  Melissa Green responds to the entire community and she is an asset to the Town.  At the last meeting the Groundskeeper was discussing his duties. Even though Summer winding down, there is soccer to consider and he is inundated with requests, especially from the soccer folks.  The plan is to provide materials to the people and have them lime the fields themselves.  Ms. Menard also indicated the future may involve that shared with the public works department which should alleviate some issues.  There is a fundraiser for the BMX Skate park Committee and he relayed the upcoming fundraising event.  The Dog Park is having a Barktoberfest for a fundraiser.  

Veterans Commission:  They discussed the signed agreement with the Cemetery Association.  

        As an aside:  Ms. Menard did check the minutes for Town Meeting and it was an adjourned Town Meeting, not postponed or tabled – the issue is complete.

They have a new project they are undertaking involving a memorial naming all East Windsor Veterans. The Road Race is being planned as well.  He outlined the many beneficial things this group has done.  

          A.   Resignations:     None
          B. Re-Appointments:  None
          C. New Appointments:  None
          D. Board and Commission Current Vacancies (See Attached)

           A.  American Heritage River/Proposed Program  

Ms. Menard stated there is no action necessary but she wanted the board to know that this commission met with Inland Wetland, DEP and they have permission to do what they need to do.  Ms. Menard referred the Board to the September 10, 2008 memo from the Town Planner Subject “Scantic River from Enfield to South Windsor Town Lines Jurisdictional Ruling.”  The Board agreed this item can be taken off the agenda as it is resolved.

         B.  Amendment to the August 19, 2008 Board of Selectmen’s Minutes       regarding the Purchase of the GHTV Vans

AMENDED MOTION (formerly made at August 19, 2008 Board of Selectmen meeting)  To purchase by the Town of East Windsor two vans for a total cost of $5500.00 from the Greater Hartford Transit District.
Made by Mr. Hayes, Seconded by Ms. Nelson

Discussion:  The August 19, 2008 minutes where this was discussed were approved incorrectly.  The following corrects the information in the August 19, 2008 minutes.  Last year money was budgeted to purchase a van outright at $40,215.00.  The purchase of the GHTV vans is a bargain:


         C.  *Discussion of Board/Commission Volunteer Recognition Program
         D.  *Discussion of Personnel Policies

        A.  Resolution to authorize the First Selectman to sign the State of            Connecticut Department of Social Services Human Service Contract

MOTION: To adopt the following State of Connecticut, Department of Social Services, Human Service Contract Resolution :  

        Resolved that DENISE MENARD, FIRST SELECTMAN, TOWN OF EAST WINDSOR, is hereby authorized to make, execute an approve on behalf of this corporation, any and all contracts and amendments and to execute and approve on behalf of this company, other instruments, a part of or incident to such contracts and amendments effective until otherwise ordered by the governing body.

Made by Ms. Nelson, Seconded by Mr. Simmons

        B.  Department of Emergency Management & Homeland Security Resolution

MOTION:   To authorize the First Selectmen to sign and date the Memorandum of Agreement, as presented, and to approve the Authorizing Resolution as follows:  

        Resolved, that the First Selectman may enter into with and deliver to the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Management and Homeland Security any and all documents which it deems to be necessary or appropriate; and
        FURTHER RESOLVED, that Denise Menard, as First Selectman of the Town of East Windsor is authorized and directed to execute and deliver any and all documents on behalf of the Board of Selectmen and to do and perform all acts and things which she deems to be necessary or appropriate to carry out the terms of such documents, including but not limited to, executing and delivering all agreements and documents contemplated by such documents.
Made by Mr. Hayes, Seconded by Mr. Simmons

        C.  Charter Revision Request

Ms. Menard referred to the back up information provided to the Board for this request.  She will draft the Ordinance to establish a smaller EDC and the same for various other Commissions or Committees as requested.  This new ordinance with smaller member numbers will address the inability to fill in all the vacancies and therefore present problems with quorums.    She felt it is cleaner to rescind the current ordinance and present a new ordinance establishing these items with smaller committee members.  Also there will be one suggested splitting the Inland Wetland and Conservation Committee.  Ms. Menard will begin to draft these new ordinances in an effort to resolve these issues.   These ordinances will be before Town Meeting.

        D.  Discussion of Public Safety Committee       

Ms. Menard detailed that there are constant phone calls regarding the inability to conduct business as there are too many people on this Committee and no quorum is met.  Ms. Menard presented the Board with the April 16, 2002 minutes establishing this Committee and their charge.  It has been suggested that there be less members on this Committee.  Ms. Menard suggested one emergency management person, one representative from each fire department.; one from the police department; one from the ambulance and two at large members – it would be seven rather than twelve and there is a representative from each public safety agency.  Ms. Menard stated this committee would have to go to the Board of Selectmen or Finance for any funding anyway.  The Board concurred with this idea and Ms. Menard will work on this as well.

        E.      Approval of Tax Refunds

MOTION:  To approve the tax refunds in the amount of $755.88 as recommended by the Tax Collector
Made by Ms. Nelson, seconded by Mr. Simmons

        A.  Board of Finance Concerns

In discussing some items from the last meeting that were discussed Ms. Menard had some ideas.  There were two items that were financial questions for the Broad Brook Library and Cemetery Association that were a BOF concern.  She relayed to the Board a memo she drafted to the Board of Finance stating that the financial matters are better under the auspice of the Board of Finance and the governing issues be under the Board of Selectmen.   The contract issue was an isolated incident, something addressed by the First Selectmen and the Treasurer.  The mileage is policy making, which will be addressed by the board of Selectmen.  Ms. Menard will complete the memo with the Board’s blessing.

B.      Annual Report Update

The Selectmen’s office is assisting with the annual report and it is a work in progress.  Al Floyd is the BOF representative.   A joint letter has gone out for the annual report requests and that has gone out and information is being received electronically.  Ms. Menard and Mr. Floyd will review the information and after its review it will go to Judy Rajala, who was hired last year, to piece this together.  Once the audit is done by the BOF – it is an electronic document that goes to Ms. Rajala and the Boards will work jointly to make sure the project is done.

        C.  Budget Process Discussion   

The calendar was presented and Ms. Menard wanted to push the Joint meeting moved up to October, rather than December, which will provide more room and time for goals and budget discussions.   Ms. Nelson also felt that some of the meetings could be scheduled better to avoid short meetings and then marathon meetings.   Ms. Menard presented the idea of Saturday presentations from 10:00 to 2:00 rather than late night meetings.  

XII. Executive Session *(Added agenda item)
A.      Pursuant to C.G.S. Section 1-200 (6)(a)  Personnel Matter

MOTION:  To enter into Executive Session at 9:15 p.m. pursuant to C.G.S. Section 1-1-200 (6)(a) Personnel Matter
Made by Mr. Simmons
Seconded by Ms. Nelson

MOTION:  To come out of Executive Session at 9:50 p.m.
Made by Ms. Nelson, Seconded by Mr. Hayes

        No action taken.


MOTION:  To adjourn at 9:52 a.m.
Made by Mr. Hayes, seconded by Mr. Simmons.

Respectfully submitted,

Cynthia D. Croxford
Recording Secretary
*Starred items will not be discussed, but will remain on agenda pending receipt of additional information.