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November 18, 2008 Attachment A
       Town of East Windsor     
     Engineering & Public Works
    11 Rye Street, P.O. Box 389, Broad Brook 06016

Leonard J. Norton, P.E. - Director of Public Works/Town Engineer- Phone (860) 292-7073, Fax (860) 292-7072       

November 18, 2008
Excavation Permit Requirements

Anyone who performs excavation activities within a Town of East Windsor roadway or right-of-way is required to obtain an excavation permit from the Public Works Department.  Below are the requirements for applying for an excavation permit.

1.      Insurance Certificate

No permit for excavation in any highway shall be granted until the applicant files with the Department of Public Works a Certificate of Insurance evidencing comprehensive broad form liability insurance including but not limited to contractual, premises and operations, product/completed operations, independent contractors, broad form property damage and bodily injury liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00 combined single limits.  Special Risk Insurance covering underground explosion and collapse hazard in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00, automobile liability insurance in the minimum amount of $1,000,000.00 combined single limit.  Workers’ Compensation Insurance to meet the minimum statutory requirements and Employer’s Liability Insurance in the minimum amounts of $100,000.00 each accident; $100,000.00 disease – each employee; and $500,000.00 disease – policy limit.  With the exception of Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance, said Certificate of Insurance shall name the Town of East Windsor, its officers, agents, servants, and employees as additional insureds.

2.      Permit Bond

The applicant shall further file with the Department of Public Works a permit bond in the amount of ten-thousand dollars ($10,000.00) for five (5) minor excavations which excavations shall be limited to utility lateral connections.  Said bond shall expire upon the date indicated on the bond document or upon five (5) minor excavations being completed, whichever occurs sooner.  For any extension of a utility into an existing accepted town street, the Director of Public Works or his duly authorized designee is authorized to set the amount of the permit bond, which bond shall be based upon the estimated amount of the proposed excavations.  The permit bond shall be conditioned upon the applicant filling all excavation and restoring the highway in the manner acceptable to the Director of Public Works.

3.      Indemnification Agreement

The applicant shall further execute a hold harmless and indemnification agreement indemnifying the Town of East Windsor, its officers, agents, servants, and employees from any and all liability (including death), damages and costs that result by reason of or in connection with the negligence of the applicant, his/her or its subcontractors, independent contractors, officers, servants, employees, or agents, in the excavation and/or restoration of said highway.

4.      Document Filing Period

All such bonds and insurance coverages required by this section shall be in force during the period the permit is in effect.  Any renewals shall be filed with the Department of Public Works.

5.      Call-Before-You-Dig

By State Statute, an active Call-Before-You-Dig Location Request Number is required before a municipality can issue an excavation permit.  A Location Request Number can be obtained by calling the Call-Before-You-Dig central clearinghouse at                         1-800-922-4455.  You will be requested to give the clearinghouse information about the exact location of the proposed excavation site.

6.      Permit Fee

The fee for an Excavation Permit is $20.00 per excavation site.  Cash or check, made out to the Town of East Windsor is acceptable.  Registered public utilities and excavations pertaining to the Town of East Windsor projects have this fee waived upon prior approval.

7.      Inspections and When/Where to Apply for a Permit

Contact the Director of Public Works at (860) 292-7073 for information and/or inspections required in conjunction with an Excavation Permit.  The application for an Excavation Permit will be made at the office of the Director of Public Works/Town Engineer, Town Garage, Woolam Road, East Windsor, CT.

8.      Notification Regarding Road Closure

The applicant shall notify the Police Department, Board of Education, Fire Department and the Office of the First Selectmen of any road closures, including date and time.

9.      Pavement Repair

Temporary Patch Treatment
Pavement: Temporary hot mix bituminous concrete pavement shall be placed with a minimum thickness of 2 inches within 24 hours of the excavation.  No excavation will be allowed on Friday unless it is to be paved by the end of the workday.  No cold patch will be allowed for temporary repair, except when plants are closed.
·       Subbase:  the excavated materials will be acceptable for use as Subbase material, if approved by the Town’s inspector.  If the material is unacceptable, the trench shall be filled with gravel and then 10 inches of processed aggregate stone base compacted in 2 equal lifts will be required.  
·       No permits will be issued during periods that the bituminous batch plants are closed except for emergency repairs.
·       Steel plates to temporarily, cover excavations, may be used if approved by the Town’s inspector.  Plates must be anchored securely to the surrounding pavement and ramped with bituminous concrete.  No plates will be allowed between November 15 and April 1.

Permanent Patch
The temporary patch shall be removed, the existing pavement cut back (saw cut is required) a minimum of 12 inches or as directed from the trench to make a neat clean square joint which will overlap the original subgrade.
A minimum uniform 4-inch depth shall be excavated; care must be taken to remove all large stones and unsuitable materials.  The area shall be thoroughly compacted.  An Asphaltic emulsion, conforming to requirements of AASHTO M140, grade MS-2, shall be applied in the following method:
A.      The emulsion shall be applied to the clean, dry edges of the existing pavement prior to the placing of the first course of bituminous concrete.
B.      After first course of bituminous concrete has been placed and compacted, another application of emulsion shall be applied to the edges of the patch and the existing pavement.  This step shall be repeated for each lift required to bring the patch up to the level of the existing pavement.
C.      A final application of emulsion shall be applied to the joint between the patch and the existing pavement surface.  The emulsion shall be applied on the pavement surface.  The emulsion shall be applied so that approximately 2 inches and 4 inches are on the existing pavement and patch respectively.
A hot bituminous concrete mix (Class II – DOT specs.) shall be placed in 2 inch (rolled) lifts.  The final lift shall be even with the existing pavement and cross rolled in addition to normal rolling.
The 4 inch depth is the minimum depth, if the original pavement is thicker than 4 inches, the minimum depth shall be increased to the depth of the existing pavement.

10.       Penalty

Failure of the permittee to comply with the above regulations will make the applicant subject to the suspension of any further permits in the Town of East Windsor.  If the completed work is unsatisfactory to the Town Engineer, the contractor shall be notified by first class mail, allowing 5 days to correct such pavement cut.  If the pavement cut is not repaired, the Town of East Windsor will make the necessary repairs and will bill the contractor for the cost of the same.

11.       Additional Information

A map identifying the location of the project shall be submitted with the application.  
Please contact the Public Works/Engineering Department at (860) 292-7073 for questions pertaining to the excavation permit.

Leonard J. Norton, P.E.; Director of Public Works/Town Engineer


Application for Permit to Make Excavation in Street

DATE: _________________

The undersigned hereby applies for permission to make excavation in:

        Street at ______________________________________________________________
For the Purpose of ______________________________________________________

The undersigned agrees to conform to all Ordinances, Rules and Regulations concerning excavations in any street or highway in the Town of East Windsor and to execute work under the supervision of the Department of Public Works and to become responsible to the Town of East Windsor for any and all damages that may result to any person or property for which the Town of East Windsor would be liable, by reason of the construction or existence of said excavation; also, if from any cause the Department of Public Works, or its agents, deemed it necessary to do any work in restoring the filling, street surface or any portion of the excavation, at any time, before repaving is finally done and accepted, to pay the cost of such work within thirty days.

PERMIT NUMBER: _______________________________

APPLICANT: ____________________________________