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June 27, 2007 Amended Meeting Minutes

Amended Minutes of Meeting of June 27, 2007

Members Present:        Paul Anderson, Mark Livings, and Jim Barton (Alternate)

Members Absent: Tom Davis, Reggie Bancroft, Dave Tyler, and Ed Farrell (Alternate)

Others Present: WPCA Superintendent Kevin Leslie, WPCA Attorney Vincent Purnhagen, and Recording Secretary Laura Michael

Time and Place
Paul Anderson, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the East Windsor Town Hall Annex, 25 School Street.  

I.  Designate Alternate to Sit for Absent Member
Jim Barton was designated to sit in for Tom Davis.

II. Acceptance of Minutes of May 30, 2007

Motion: To accept the minutes of May 30, 2007.
                In Favor: Barton and Anderson
                Abstained: Livings
                Motion carries
III. Payment of Bills

Motion: To authorize the payment of the June 27, 2007 bill sheet in the amount of $51,121.19    
        Discussion:  Mr. Leslie went over the bill sheet outlining any unusual bills.  There was a bill from Blake Equipment for a pump at the Perri Lane Pump Station; it was decided that the money would be transferred from the Perri Lane Account.  Mr. Anderson asked if the litigation bill from Cummings, Lanza and Purnhagen was an interim bill.  Mr. Leslie replied that was what was billed through the date of the invoice.  Mr. Anderson suggested keeping track of the costs.
        Passed unanimously

IV. Visitors   - no visitors were expected

V.  Receipt of Applications – there were no new applications
VI. Approval of Applications
EW LTD Partnership, 96 Newberry Rd, 6-Lot Industrial Subdivision
Mr. Leslie reported that the application had been received at the May meeting and it was ready to be approved.

Motion: To approve the application of EW LTD Partnership, 96 Newberry Rd, 6-Lot Industrial Subdivision, Assessor’s Map 15, Block 19, Lot 12 with a revision date of March 30, 2007 as shown on the map prepared by JR Russo and Associates of East Windsor.
        Passed unanimously

VII. Unfinished Business
Newberry Rd Assessments
Mr. Leslie reported that the subcommittee had met again and agreed how to and how much to assess.  Properties that connected or could connect to the sewer prior to the pump station construction would not receive an assessment.  Properties that connected or could connect after the construction of the pump station will receive assessments.  There was a discussion concerning some properties that could connect although the sewer is not directly in front of their property.  

*Attorney Purnhagen arrived at 7:29 pm and remained until adjournment

Motion: To suspend the regular meeting for the purpose of holding the Public Hearing scheduled at 7:30 p.m.
        Passed unanimously

VIII. Public Hearing Scheduled at 7:30 p.m.

Motion: To open the public hearing on proposed revision to sewer user charges, as set forth in the legal notice published in the Journal Inquirer on June 15, 2007.
                Passed unanimously

Motion: To dispense with reading of individual changes.
                Passed unanimously

                     There were no interested parties present for the public hearing on proposed revisions to the sewer user charges.  Mr. Anderson read the first paragraphs and the ending of the legal notice as published in the Journal Inquirer on June 15, 2007.
Motion:         To close the public hearing on proposed revisions to the sewer user charges.
                Passed unanimously
Motion: To resume the regular meeting.
                Passed unanimously

IX. Legal
Pump Station Agreement – Chapman Properties, Mansions at Canyon Ridge
Attorney Purnhagen reported that he received information from Mr. Leslie and this information was incorporated into the agreement.  The agreement has been sent to Chapman’s attorney.  There has not been any response yet.  Mr. Leslie explained that he spoke with Mr. Anderson, Mr. Davis and Mr. Farrell about a list of spare parts that he wanted.  The agreement will include the cost of laterals, O&M, and replacement minus the cost of the spare parts.
Pump Station Agreement – SJK Properties, Quarry Meadows
This item will be kept on the agenda.

X. Action on FY2007-08 Sewer User Charge and Budget

Motion: To adopt the proposed revisions to the sewer user charges and to impose a rate of $226.
                Passed unanimously

Motion: To adopt the proposed adopt the proposed budget for FY2007-08 in the amount of $1,083,938.
                Discussion:  Mr. Leslie reported that he met with the subcommittee last month.  The rate will remain at $226.  Sewer user charges will be based on 60,000 gallons of water usage; moving toward a more realistic number.  This will only affect commercial users.  Mr. Leslie explained that the increase in supplies and chemicals is due to mandates from the State; there has been a drastic increase in the cost of hypochlorite and polymer.  Mr. Anderson explained that he has looked at the sewer use rates of surrounding towns and most are higher.
                Passed unanimously

XI. Unfinished Business - continued
                       Prospect Hill Rd Assessments
This will be addressed after the Newberry Rd Assessments are completed.

Modification of Sewer Service Area
                        Mr. Leslie reported that the drafts and referrals were sent out.  A response was requested by July 15th.  A memo from North Central Health is still needed.  

XII. New Business
Superintendent’s Report
Mr. Leslie explained that he has the GIS software and it has been installed.  The WPCA has the computer, the software, SSA map draft, the Town Data Base and the Assessment layer.  About 25% of the blueprints have been scanned.  The cost to complete will work out with the money left in the account.  Mr. Leslie explained that Ed Alibozek is good with computers, he has been taking GIS classes and he will continue to take more.

The storm water plan the DEP requires has been completed.

Investment Account Transfer

Motion: Transfer $17,400 from the Contingency Fund to the Sinking Fund.
                Passed unanimously

Motion: Transfer $3,000 from Pump Station Replacement to the WPCA Pump Station Investment Account.
                Passed unanimously

Motion: Transfer $5,000 from Major Sewer Line Repair to Town Sewer Line Repair.
                Passed unanimously

                       Mr. Leslie explained that the State requires the WPCA to have a Sinking Fund.  The money in the Digester Account should be moved to the Sinking Fund Account, since the WPCA does not have digesters anymore.  The money from the Jet Truck Account should be moved to the Vehicle Account, since the Town is purchasing a jet truck.

                    Motion:     Transfer the balance of the WPCA Jet Truck Investment Account to the WPCA Vehicle Account.
                        Passed unanimously

                       Motion:  Transfer the balance of the WPCA Digester Account to the WPCA Sinking Fund.
                        Passed unanimously
                Mr. Leslie explained that the WPCA would like to purchase a new work truck with a hoist.  This would eliminate the cost of hiring someone to come in to pull pumps.  He has received an estimate for $42,000.  This truck would be kept parked except for use for sewer repairs.

        Motion: To authorize the purchase of a WPCA work truck up to $45,000.
                        Passed unanimously

        Mr. Anderson asked that an update of investment account balances be provided after the transfers had been made.

        Discussion of Election of Officers for July
Mr. Anderson reported that the Election of Officers would be on the July agenda.

XIII. Adjournment

Motion: To adjourn the meeting at the meeting at 8:31 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Michael   
Recording Secretary