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April 30, 2008 Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meeting of April 30, 2008

Members Present:        Paul Anderson, Tom Davis, Dave Tyler, Jim Barton (Alternate) and Ed Farrell (Alternate)

Members Absent: Mark Livings

Others Present: WPCA Superintendent Kevin Leslie, WPCA Attorney Vincent Purnhagen, Jay Ussery, JR Russo, Ken Crouch, from the American Legion and Recording Secretary Laura Michael

Time and Place
Paul Anderson, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. at the East Windsor Water Pollution Control Authority Administration Bldg., 192 South Water St., East Windsor, CT.  At this time, Mr. Anderson informed Board Members that Mr. Bancroft had passed away and asked to observe a moment of silence in his memory.  Mr. Anderson stated that Mr. Bancroft will be missed and that he was a contributing member of the Town.

I.  Designate Alternate to Sit for Absent Member
Mr. Farrell sat in for Mr. Livings and Mr. Barton sat in for Mr. Bancroft.

II. Acceptance of Minutes of March 26, 2008

Motion:         To accept the minutes of March 26, 2008.
                Abstained: Farrell
III. Payment of Bills

Motion: To authorize the payment of the April 30, 2008 bill sheet in the amount of $49,403.60.
        Discussion:  Mr. Leslie went over the bill sheet outlining any unusual bills.  There was an additional bill, not listed on the bill sheet, from Cota Construction for work at 49 Pleasant St.
        Passed unanimously

IV. Visitors
Ken Crouch, American Legion, 7 Gardner St
Mr. Crouch introduced himself to the Board and reported that Mr. Barton had spoken to him about the outstanding sewer use bill for the American Legion building at 7 Gardner St.  Mr. Crouch explained that their past commander had cancer and they have been having financial trouble.  Mr. Crouch asked if the WPCA would help by giving them a break so they could get back on track again.  They have fund raisers planned, but this sewer bill is a burden.  The building has not been in use, only once in February, on Memorial Day and for a brief meeting.  Mr. Anderson explained that the sewer use charge is a tax and can’t be abated.  Mr. Leslie reported that he checked the water usage and spoke with Attorney Purnhagen.  The sewer use bill is based upon water use and they have been charged a 1 unit minimum. The water usage for the year ending December 2005 was 57,000 gallons, for the year ending December 2006 was 49,000 and for the year ending 2007 was 8,000 gallons.  Mr. Crouch reported that they had a leaky toilet repaired.  Mr. Anderson stated that this is a dilemma, in the eyes of the legislature this charge is a tax and can’t be abated, but interest and penalties can be waived.  The principal amount of the sewer use charge is $339, the interest is $51.00 and the lien fee is $24.00.  Mr. Tyler suggested putting the American Legion on a payment schedule, spreading the $339 over 3 or 4 years and waiving the interest.  There was a discussion concerning suspending the sewer use bill for the upcoming year, but the water would need to be shut off to the building and the building would not be usable.  Mr. Anderson thought that could be setting a dangerous precedence. Mr. Tyler stated that the American Legion is a civic organization and they are providing a service to the Town.  They would not be setting precedence for others.  Mr. Farrell asked about their fund raising; Mr. Crouch replied that they would be selling poppies in May.  Mr. Crouch felt they could pay $200 within the next couple of weeks and the balance soon after.  There was a discussion concerning the terms of waiving the interest and lien fee.

Motion: To waive the existing interest and lien fee for the American Legion, 7 Gardner Street and not charge interest on the July 2008 sewer use bill until November 2008.
        Passed unanimously

Mr. Crouch thanked the Board and left the meeting at this time.

*Attorney Purnhagen arrived at 7:30 p.m.

        Motion: To suspend the regular meeting for the purpose of holding the public hearing scheduled for 7:30 p.m.
                Passed unanimously

V. Public Hearing Scheduled at 7:30 p.m.

       Motion:         To open the public hearing for Incola Partners LLC, 22A-D Folkstone Rd.
                Passed unanimously
There was no one present for Incola Partners LLC, 22A-D Folkstone Rd.  Mr. Leslie explained that these are 4 new condo units and none of the FCC has been paid.

Motion: To close the public hearing for Incola Partners LLC, 22A-D Folkstone Rd.
        Passed unanimously

Motion: To resume the regular meeting.
        Passed unanimously

VI. Receipt of Applications
Central Truck Sales & Service Inc., 272 South Main St
Mr. Leslie reported that no new information has been received.

Nutmeg Credit Union, 137D Prospect Hill Rd
Mr. Leslie explained that Nutmeg Credit Union will occupy a unit in the plaza on Prospect Hill Road where Starbuck’s is located.  He has received their flow data which is less than one unit per year.  Starbuck’s has paid for 7 units and is currently using 4 units; there would not be a connection charge.

Motion: To accept the application of Nutmeg Credit Union, 137D Prospect Hill Road.
                Passed unanimously

Hong Wang, Chinese Restaurant, 110A Main St BB
Mr. Leslie explained that the restaurant will occupy a unit at 110 Main St in Broad Brook at the Town Centre Shops.  There flow data was received, it’s slightly over 1 unit; there will not be an additional connection charge.

Motion: To accept the application of Hong Wang, Chinese Restaurant, 110A Main St BB.
                Passed unanimously

Southern Auto Sales Inc., 161 South Main St – East Lot Car Wash
Mr. Ussery presented Southern Auto’s plans to build a new 2 bay/2 lane car wash.  This will be used to take some of the cars from the existing car wash and some new washes.  Mr. Ussery explained their dilemma; they are 2000’ from the front sewer and 1600’ from a manhole.  They would like to pump up to Phelps Rd and tie into the manhole with a force main.  Mr. Anderson explained that the WPCA will not accept a force main in a public right of way.  The WPCA doesn’t want to own force mains; only gravity will connect to sewer.  There was a discussion concerning alternate plans.  Mr. Ussery stated that he would provide revised plans. He explained that he has applied for building permits and has contacted the DOT; will the WPCA give an ok to the Building Department for the building permit?  Mr. Leslie explained that an ok could be given stating that plans had been received and are under review.

Motion: To accept the application of Southern Auto Sales, Inc., 161 South Main St – East Lot Car Wash.
        Passed unanimously

Mr. Ussery thanked the Board and left the meeting at this time.

VII. Approval of Applications
        There were no applications to be approved.

        VIII. Legal
FCC Regulations
Attorney Purnhagen reported that he could see the changes made referenced in the minutes during 1998, but he doesn’t understand the missing paragraphs in the 2001 Restated and Amended Regulations.  The minutes prior to September 26, 2001 will be looked at again.  

Pump Station Agreement – SJK Properties, Quarry Meadows
        Attorney Purnhagen had nothing to report as there is no Pump Station Agreement at this point.  Mr. Leslie reported that they have hired an engineer for the Pump Station.

Rya Corporation
        There was nothing to report.

        IX. Action of Facility Connection Charges

Motion: To impose the Facility Connection Charges as published for Incola Partners LLC, 22A-D Folkstone Rd.
        Passed unanimously

        X. Unfinished Business
Newberry Rd Assessments
                        Mr. Leslie reported that barring verification, the assessments were pretty accurate.  It was decided that 50% of the cost of the project would be charged back.  The assessments would be charged over 10 years without interest, since the Town didn’t pay interest on the money.   One-third of the charge for front footage, one-third for assessed value and one-third for the number of approved or existing building units.  Mr. Leslie explained that the next step would be to put the assessment into policy, adopt the policy, notify the property owners and to impose the assessments.

        Attorney Purnhagen left the meeting at 8:12 p.m.

        Prospect Hill Rd Assessments
        These will follow the Newberry Road Assessments.

Modification of Sewer Service Area
 Mr. Leslie reported they were waiting for P&Z’s comments which are due in June.  Mr. Anderson would like to get the Sewer Service Area finalized before 1 year.  Mr. Tyler thought the Town should vote if they want their property in the sewer service area.  He felt the answer would be yes.  Mr. Davis explained that when the plant was built in 1992/93 there was a Town Meeting and the people of the Town wanted property east of the Scantic River in the Sewer Service Area and property west of the Scantic River out of the Sewer Service Area.  Mr. Anderson stated that the SSA Map would not be a concrete plan; it could be revised.  They need to have a plan on the books.

        XI. New Business
        Superintendent’s Report
        Mr. Leslie handed out a revised budget sheet.  The public hearing would be held in May.

                XII. Adjournment

Motion: To adjourn the meeting at the meeting at 8:34 p.m.              
Respectfully submitted,

Laura Michael   
Recording Secretary