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March 25, 2009 Meeting Minutes
The Town of East Windsor and the Water Pollution Control Authority of East Windsor are Equal Opportunity Providers & Employers Complaints of Discrimination should be sent to: USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Washington, DC 202509410
Minutes of Meeting of March 25, 2009

Members Present: Paul Anderson, Tom Davis, Jim Barton, Dave Tyler and Chuck Riggott

Members Absent: Mark Livings and Ed Farrell (Alternate)

Others Present: WPCA Superintendent Kevin Leslie, WPCA Attorney Vincent Purnhagen, and
Recording Secretary Laura Michael

Time and Place
Paul Anderson, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the East Windsor Water
Pollution Control Authority Administration Building, 192 South Water St., East Windsor, CT.

I. Designate Alternate to Sit for Absent Member
Mr. Riggott sat in for absent member Mark Livings.

II. Acceptance of Minutes of February 25, 2009
Motion: To accept the minutes of February 25, 2009
In favor: Barton, Riggott, Anderson
Motion passed

III. Payment of Bills
Motion: To authorize the payment of the March 25, 2009 bill sheet in the amount of $38,517.33
Discussion: Mr. Leslie went over the Bill Sheet outlining any unusual bills.
In favor: Barton, Riggott, Anderson
Motion passed

IV. Receipt of Applications
4 Revay LLC, 4 Revay Rd
Mr. Leslie explained they are adding offices but do not know who will occupy them. The estimated
flow fits into the existing use; there would not be a connection charge at this time. The flow will be
reviewed in three years. Since there is no engineering review, only a $125 application fee was

Motion: To accept the application of 4 Revay LLC, 4 Revay Rd.
In favor: Barton, Riggott, Anderson
Motion passed

*Mr. Tyler arrived at 7:10 pm and Mr. Davis arrived at 7:12 pm
East Windsor WPCA
Minutes of Meeting 3/25/09
The Town of East Windsor and the Water Pollution Control Authority of East Windsor are Equal Opportunity Providers & Employers
Complaints of Discrimination should be sent to: USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, Washington, DC 20250-9410

V. Visitors
Attorney Wayne Gerlt
Attorney Gerlt presented plans to connect three lots in East Windsor to the South Windsor sewer
system. The sewer does not extend to the property line so others would not be able to connect. The
sewer would be entirely in private property. South Windsor will not allow the connection until East
Windsor states that they do not object to the connection. Mr. Tyler stated that there is no sewer in
that area of Town. Once you allow someone to connect to a bordering town, others will want to
connect. Mr. Tyler was also concerned with the liability to the Town of East Windsor. Mr. Anderson
agreed these were concerns. On the WPCA map, this area is outside of the sewer service area. Mr.
Anderson explained that if it is outside of the sewer service area, the regulations state that it can’ be
sewered. The WPCA does not accept applications outside of the sewer service area. Attorney Gerlt
explained that he had spoken with Bill Hogan, CT DEP and although Mr. Hogan would not like it, it is
up to East Windsor to make a decision. Attorney Purnhagen suggested designating a Board Member
to contact Bill Hogan. Mr. Tyler thought they should ask the Board of Selectmen if they have any
comments. It was decided that Mr. Anderson would send a letter and a copy of the plans to Bill
Hogan. This way there will be a written response for the file. Attorney Purnhagen will review the
letter before it is sent. Attorney Gerlt thanked the Board and left the meeting at 7:45 pm.
A discussion continued concerning the sewer service area map and developing a policy to go along
with it. The feeling was that if the current map was applied, everything else would go away. If it is
outside the sewer service area, the answer is no. There is a need for consistency. A procedure will
be developed.
Jay Ussery, JR Russo
Mr. Ussery was present to discuss the best route to take to sewer the M1 zone along the railroad
tracks. Mr. Anderson distributed an article explaining that the State is in favor of using rail lines. The
M1 area along the railroad tracks is almost all developable. There is an industrial entity interested in
this location. The sewer service area should be extended into this area. Several routes were
discussed, looking for a practical way to get there with as much gravity sewer as possible. The sewer
service area map could be amended to include the M1 area and the sewer route to support the
industrial area. The sewer route area would be a community development area. The best possible
route appears to be down Apothecaries Hall Rd, to Omelia Rd, to Cemetery Rd. The Board thanked
Mr. Ussery and he left the meeting at 8:42 pm.

VI. Approval of Applications
There were no applications to be approved.

VII. Legal
Pump Station Agreement –SJK Properties, Quarry Meadows
There was nothing new to report.
Rya Corporation
There was nothing new to report.

Attorney Purnhagen left the meeting at 8:43 pm

VIII. Unfinished Business
Modification of Sewer Service Area
There was a discussion concerning the modification of the SSA for the M1 zone and the sewer route.
They would only allow a given distance from the road. Mr. Anderson asked if they should try to
incorporate this into the map. It was the consensus to do so. Mr. Leslie suggested they get the map
out and pencil in the area and then give it to Russo’ to update. A subcommittee meeting might be

North Road Sewer Design
Mr. Leslie explained that this is 90% done, they are working on the borings and the applications and
plans were brought to Wetlands. They are in the running for stimulus money.
Newberry Road Assessments
Mr. Leslie reported that he had gotten the information from Town Assessor Carol Madore. He has the
per acre value for the conservation land. The 88 acre conservation piece could be assessed by taking
the 88 acres times per acre value and dividing it by 2. Mr. Leslie explained that there is a large lot
across from Winkler Rd that was not accounted for; it is 168 acres. He suggested a delayed
assessment, if and when it is connected. He will ask Attorney Purnhagen how to word it.

IX. New Business
Budget FY2009-10
Mr. Leslie asked the Board to take the draft budget home and look at it. He has added the nitrogen
credit into the revenue. The sewer user rate will remain the same. The final budget will be ready for
next month. Mr. Leslie will mail the final budget to the Board Members and SUC changes will be
published for public hearing in April.
Superintendent’ Report
Mr. Leslie explained that they had issues with the raw sewage wet well, there are four pumps, they
have been rebuilt and a used spare was bought. They now have a chance to buy another used spare
for $12,000, which is half the price of a new one. They would also need to purchase new cables; the
cables are $1500 each and you need 3 cables per pump. Mr. Leslie would like to purchase the used
pump with money from the sinking fund.

Motion: To purchase a spare pump and cables with money from the WPCA Sinking Fund.
Passed unanimously
Mr. Anderson reported that there would be a CCM Training Workshop on Thursday, April 16, 2009 at
6 pm held at Town Hall. Anyone interested in attending should contact Jennifer Browne at the
Selectman’ Office.

X. Adjournment
Motion: To adjourn the meeting at 9:17 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Laura Michael
Recording Secretary