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May 31, 2006 Minutes

Minutes of Meeting of May 31, 2006

Members Present:        Paul Anderson, Tom Davis, Mark Livings, Reggie Bancroft, Jim Barton (Alternate) and Ed Farrell (Alternate)

Members Absent: Dave Tyler

Others Present: WPCA Superintendent Kevin Leslie, WPCA Attorney Vincent Purnhagen, Mark Kement, Skip Kement, Ray Bahr, Jay Ussery, Attorney Capossela, Sumner Chapman and Recording Secretary Laura Michael.
Time and Place
Paul Anderson, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the East Windsor WPCA Administration Building.  

I.  Designate Alternate to Sit for Absent Member
Jim Barton was designated to sit in for absent member Dave Tyler.

II.  Acceptance of Minutes of April 26, 2006

Motion: To accept the minutes of April 26, 2006.
                In favor: Farrell, Davis and Anderson
                Abstained: Bancroft, Livings and Barton
                Motion carried.

III.  Payment of Bills

Motion: To authorize the payment of the May 31, 2006 bill sheet in the amount of $34,073.16.
                Discussion:  Mr. Leslie went over the bill sheet outlining any unusual bills.  
                Passed unanimously.

Attorney Purnhagen arrived at 7:06 pm and remained until adjournment.
IV.  Visitors
Mark Kement – Low-Pressure Force Main or Municipal Pump Station
Mark Kement introduced himself, Skip Kement, SJK Properties, and Ray Bahr, Water & Waste Equipment, to the board.  He explained that he was looking for the direction to take, design of either a traditional, municipal pump station or a low-pressure force main, to complete their application.  A lengthy discussion took place with the pros and cons of each being outlined.  Mr. Leslie stated that Ray Bahr gave a compelling argument for the low-pressure force main systems at the April meeting.

After the discussion, it was felt that a preference could not be given for either option.  It would be up to the applicant to decide which way to go.  Mark Kement thanked the board for their time and input.

Motion: To suspend the regular meeting for the purpose of holding the public hearing
                scheduled at 7:30 p.m.
                Passed unanimously.

V.  Public Hearing Scheduled at 7:30 p.m.

Motion: To open the public hearing as published on proposed revision to sewer user charges, as set forth in the legal notice published in the Journal Inquirer on May 20, 2006.
                Passed unanimously.

Motion: To dispense the reading of individual revisions as itemized in the legal notice published in the Journal Inquirer on May 20, 2006.

There were no interested parties present for the public hearing on proposed revisions to the
sewer user charges.  Mr. Anderson read the first paragraphs and the ending of the legal notice as published in the Journal Inquirer on May 20, 2006.

Motion: To close the public hearing on proposed revisions to the sewer user charges.
                Passed unanimously.

Motion: To resume the regular meeting.
                Passed unanimously.

VI.  Receipt of Applications
Chapman Properties LLC, Mansions on the Scantic, North Rd
Mr. Leslie reported that the application had been submitted and forwarded to Town Engineer Len Norton.  Mr. Norton’s comments were forwarded to the Project Engineer.  Mr. Leslie is waiting for resubmission with answers to Mr. Norton’s comments.

Motion: To receive the application of Chapman Properties LLC, Mansions on the Scantic,
                North Rd.
                Passed unanimously.

VII.  Approval of Applications
SJK Properties, Quarry Meadow, Depot St

Motion: To continue the application of SJK Properties, Quarry Meadow, Depot St.
        Passed unanimously.

Reggie Bancroft left the meeting at 8:20 p.m. and Ed Farrell was designated a voting

VIII.  Legal
Discussion of Force Main Policy  
Attorney Purnhagen reported that board has a copy of the draft force main policy.  Mr. Barton
                   suggested setting up a special meeting to discuss the policy.  A meeting was scheduled for June 21, 2006 at 6:30 p.m.

IX.  Action on FY2006-07 Sewer User Charge and Budget

Motion: To adopt the proposed revision to the sewer user charge in accordance with the legal notice published in the Journal Inquirer on May 20, 2006, and as submitted in the public hearing.
        Passed unanimously.
Motion: To impose a rate of $226 per sewer user unit, based on 4537 sewer user units, for a total budget of $1,030,411 for the FY2006-07.
                Passed Unanimously.     

Motion: To adopt the East Windsor WPCA FY2006-07 Budget as presented in the total amount of $1,030,411.
                Passed unanimously.

X.  Unfinished Business

Newberry Rd Assessment Subcommittee
           Mr. Leslie explained that since the Town Assessor could not provide the information, the WPCA would have to obtain the information on these properties themselves.  After the information has been obtained, a meeting will be set up with committee members, Reggie Bancroft, Mark Livings and Paul Anderson.

Contract Negotiation Subcommittee
        Mr. Leslie reported that the committee met before this meeting tonight and will meet again on June 21, 2006.
Newberry Rd Assessments
Mr. Leslie explained that once the information has been obtained, they could formulate the assessments.

Prospect Hill Rd Assessments
Mr. Leslie stated that they would wait and clean these up after the Newberry Rd assessments.

Establishment of Sewer Service Area/Sewer Avoidance Area
Mr. Leslie showed the board the map that he is working on; he has started marking the sewer lines on the map.  Once the sewer service area has been marked, the map will be submitted to the DEP for their ok and then submitted to OPM for their approval.  Mr. Leslie explained that our map and their map will need to be in agreement or it could cause problems with state funding in the future. Mr. Anderson feels, and the board was in agreement, that the term “sewer avoidance area” should not be used.  There will be a sewer service area and a conservation area in town.  

XI.  New Business
Superintendent’s Report
Mr. Leslie explained that he had a visit from Frank Smith concerning Bishop Saunders project. Mr. Smith was upset that a developer was trying to undercut the project.  The application for the project has been approved, but didn’t contain pump station details.  Mr. Smith feels that the pump station should be built to town specification in case the town ends up owning the pump station.  Mr. Leslie was informing the board of this problem, as this problem could come up at a future meeting and the developer is a board member.

Mr. Leslie reported that there was enough money to pay this month’s bill, but that may not be the case next month.

XII.  Adjournment

Motion: To adjourn the meeting at 8:54 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Michael   
Recording Secretary