Legal Notices

Please Note: All Legal Notices are available at the Town Clerk's Office and warned in The Journal Inquirer Newspaper. All information posted online below are provided only as a courtesy.

10/21/2019November 5, 2019 Municipal ElectionTown Clerk
9/26/2019Notice of Registrar's Special SessionRegistrar of Voters
9/13/2019Legal Notice of PZC actions 9-10-2019Planning & Zoning
8/15/2019Legal Notice for North Road Materials, LLC PZC 9-10-2019 meetingPlanning & Zoning
7/25/2019Legal Notice For Republican Party EndorsementsTown Clerk
7/25/2019Legal Notice For Democratic Party EndorsementsTown Clerk
6/10/2019Legal Ad for 7-1-2019 ZBA meetingZBA
5/30/2019June 11, 2019 Budget ReferendumTown Clerk
4/12/2019Notice of PZC Motion 4/9/2019PZC
4/8/2019Notice of ZBA Motion 4/1/2019ZBA
3/25/2019Notice of use variance requestZoning Board of Appeals
11/01/18Notice of Personal Property Declaration Requirement 11/01/18Assessor
05/31/18Notice of Special Meeting 06/13/18Planning & Zoning
05/30/18Notice of Regular Meeting 06/12/18Planning & Zoning
05/24/18Notice of Special Meeting 05/30/18Inland Wetlands Watercourse Agency
02/13/18Notice of Regular Meeting 02/27/18Planning & Zoning
01/24/18Notice of Regular Meeting 02/07/18Inland Wetlands Watercourse Agency
12/20/16Notice of 2nd Installment of Sewer Use Charges Due 01/01/17Water Pollution Control Authority
09/17/15Notice of Regular Meeting 09/14/15Zoning Board of Appeals