Commercial Development Permits

Commercial Development/Permits

A Zoning Permit is required for the construction of any commercial building, structure, or sign and fences 8 feet or higher. Additionally, most commercial development projects require site plan approval from the Planning & Zoning Commission (PZC). Permitting for Zoning Permits is not an overnight process and may take anywhere from one to four weeks depending upon the extent of the project as other approvals may be required. If site plan approval is required by the PZC, it could take two months or more. Please plan ahead for your development project and feel free to call us with any questions.

Zoning Permit Requirements

Commercial developments on a well and/or septic sanitation system require approval from North Central District Health Department before a Zoning Permit application will be received. North Central can be reached at 121 Pearl Street, Enfield, CT 06083; (860) 745-0383. All applicants on municipal sewer must contact the WPCA at (860) 292-8264 to ensure adequate capacity. Zoning Permit applications require the following:

  1. Approval from North Central District Health Department and/or WPCA (if applicable)
  2. Approval from the Conservation/Wetlands Commission (if applicable)
  3. A complete Zoning Permit Application, including the application fee
  4. An A-2 survey (signed and sealed by an appropriate design professional) approved by the commission
  5. Bonding for erosion and sedimentation control may be required

Zoning Sign Permit Requirements

All advertising signs in commercial districts require a Zoning Sign Permit. All applications for a Zoning Sign Permit require the following:

  1. A complete Zoning Permit Application
  2. Application fee
  3. A plot plan showing the location of the sign on the property with distances from property lines
  4. A sketch of the sign that includes dimensions, color, materials, height, and wording