Our Commitment & Safety Policy

Our Commitment

Our commitment to your personal safety and the safety of our vehicles are our number one priority.

In compliance with State, Federal, Greater Hartford Transit District, and Town regulations, the Department of Motor Vehicles inspects our vehicles yearly to ensure that they are in safe working order.

Safety Policies

To ensure the safety of everyone, we require the following safety measures be adhered to:

  1. Due to confined space on the vehicles and in consideration for clients with allergies and or breathing ailments, we ask that you refrain from using perfumed products.
  2. Any person who is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, who uses inappropriate language, behaves inappropriately, or who does not maintain bodily hygiene, will be denied ridership.
  3. No smoking on the vehicles.
  4. Driveways and walkways must be cleared of any debris including low branches, snow and shrubs.
  5. To prevent overcrowding on the vehicles, please limit your shopping to three bags. The driver is not required to carry bags.
  6. For your safety, the state of Connecticut requires all riders to utilize the safety belts provided on each vehicle. Please do not attempt to change seats while the vehicle is in motion.

Failure to comply with the policies stated would result in discontinued service.