Income and Expense Report

Owners of commercial real estate or rental real property are required to file Income & Expense forms for the past calendar year.

The deadline to file the forms with the Assessor’s Office is June 1. An extension of time may be granted upon request to the assessor before the June 1 deadline.

Please note that it is the property owner’s responsibility to file, even if a form is not received in the mail.  Forms are available online on the Town website, under the assessor’s tab or at the assessor’s office. Contact the assessor’s office with any questions.

State statute provides that a penalty equal to 10% of the property assessment will be added to any account that does not provide a required form.


**Connecticut General Statutes, Section 12-63c requires all owners of rental property to annually submit or make available to the Assessor not later than the first day of June, on a form provided by the Assessor, the best available information disclosing the actual rental and rental-related income and operating expenses applicable to such property. Any information related to the actual rental and rental-related income and operating expenses will remain confidential, shall not be a public record, and is not subject to the provisions of Connecticut General Statute 1-210 (Freedom of Information Act).